10 Mysterious Extinct Human Species

Hybrid Liberarine Progress 10 mysterious and extinct human species The modern human being, or Homo Sabian (Homo sapiens) is the only one of its kind on earth But many other species of ancient man have lived on earth, until modern times 10 Heidelberg Also known as Heidelbergensis, he lived in Africa Europe and West Asia 600 thousand years ago It can be a direct progenitor of Neanderthal It is the well-known human species that lived in Europe until 40 thousand years ago Heidelberg was about 1.8 meters long He was much muscular, more than our ancestors belonging to the Homo Sabian family But he was far from the stupid monster, in fact his brain was great Much larger than modern humans can have acquired some form of simple language This clever and clever type, has recently discovered that it was used The spear-shaped stone before modern man … Not only did he use the stone, he used glass volcanic stones They are stiffer than ordinary stones in the sculpture process Traces of pieces found on elephants, rhinos and horses It turned out that they killed animals weighing more than 700 kg But fossils are increasingly showing burns to humans, revealing that this species was a cannibal nine Human Java Eugene Dubois was a “Dutch scientist specializing in fossils and humans” Known around the world for research that is still widely debated for now Many are convinced that man has evolved in Africa Because big monkeys lived there Dubois believes that man descended from the Gibbons monkey Asia was the cradle of humanity At the beginning of 1890 his team discovered teeth A skull and femur in East Java Due to an unknown human species of the Homo group It was at that time the oldest remains of human ancestors discovered Later a human being became controversial It is classified as an ancestor of man Ergitis, an extinct species of human ancestors Others said it was the missing link between man and man Which is now called “man who can walk upright” eight Homo Rodolphinsis He was known only for some fossilized bones found in Kenya in 1972 and 2012 Homo rudolfensis sparked controversy About whether it should be classified in Homo type or Osteopathicus Despite its ancient characteristics, his brain was remarkably large It was two sizes larger than the modern type of Homo It is likely that the human Habelis and the human Ergts have lived together and are likely to fight The reconstruction process showed that homo rudolfensis has a distinctive appearance This type of ancestors of modern man has a large skull and a long, wide and flat face It may be like them, one of the modern species of Homo Able to use stones, which may have developed a language to speak Seven Human being Boscup In 1910 two farmers accidentally found Fossilized skull pieces near the city of Buskop in South Africa The modern human brain is about 1,400 cubic centimeters An estimated fossilized skull is 1,980 cubic centimeters Other samples of stores in South Africa were categorized with this type Which is known as Homo Cabinses or Buscop Man Some scientists are fully convinced that South Africa was stable Of a mysterious human species with a large brain and a small face These studies came under heavy criticism during the 1950s and today a Boscob man is seen As a close species of modern humans and a species of Homo Sabian varieties Yet the subject of human ancestors remains controversial, as in 2008 “The Big Brain – The Origins and Future of Human Intelligence” The book discussed the fossils of a human being Which concluded that the head of the human being was 30 percent larger than ours It shows a great brain introduction and therefore high intelligence five Denisovans Fossils of human Denisova found in 2008 In a distant cave of Denisova in the Siberian Altay Mountains No one knows the shape of Denisovans, because a few fossils enabled him to find it But embryologists have arranged his entire genetic map with a high degree of accuracy Interestingly, genes have recently revealed that it contains unusual parts Of DNA that has not yet been able to determine its human type It is assumed that his skin is dark, which is brown eyes and hair Unlike his relatives of Neanderthal He was also thought to have disappeared completely, unlike Neanderthal Whose genes lived in modern humans through heredity But recent studies have shown that the Tibetan people actually inherited the genes of Denisovans According to the researchers, the legacy of these species has long since disappeared This explains the ability of Tibetans to cope in the highlands six Human Damanisi Homo goricus caused great controversy among the homo species Judging from the skulls and jaws of fossil found in Damnisi, Georgia The skull was a very small brain, about a third of the size of the brains of modern humans As well as other expected qualities indicate less growth of prehistoric man The five skulls were debated in 1991 It seems to be in the intermediate stage between Homo erectus and skilled man Some assume that it is a subtype of Homo erectus called Homo erectus georgicis Others see them as separate species It also negated the idea that we need big brains to use complex tools To attack large prey or to migrate to distant continents four Binghu It was brought from the seabed by fishermen near Penghu Island in 2008, on the western side of Taiwan An ancient human jaw named Penghu 1 as well as a group of elephants fossils The mandible is noticeably thick With giant teeth, scientists were puzzled in many ways Belongs to an unknown species not much like Homo erectus Despite its large mass, Homo has been named Tsychangensis Researchers are very tired to determine the age of the fossil jaw But they insisted it was not like Man who lived in the area But the jaw shows a striking resemblance With some gigantubithecus black decoder pieces The largest species of monkeys throughout history three The people of the Red Deer Caves Unidentified bones were found at the age of 14 thousand years In the caves of Maludong and Cindy, China Their age amazed archaeologists and historians As the last living of prehistoric primitive man It was supposed that he disappeared about forty thousand years ago But the facts show a large deer Choit in Maludong This is the meaning of ‘Red Deer Caves’, the name given to this unknown species It wasn’t the people of the Red Deer The only newly discovered people of prehistoric man But it also had a distinctive appearance and no resemblance to human Sabian It is now believed that this species is separate from man and has become extinct without leaving a footprint in modern man two Human being Nalidi One of the most fascinating and exciting discoveries of 2013 Found in a cave in South Africa In the high-star cave, the cave finders were found An entrance to a room named Denaliidi Room Located at a depth of 30 meters below the surface, in the room scattered thousands of bones that have the same characteristics Skeletal analysis showed that she had the characteristics of her ancestors of Australopithecen With modern characteristics of the latest hominins Despite some primitive characteristics Nalidi shows modern qualities, enough to justify his kinship But this mysterious species still puzzles scientists, who have no idea About how they got to this isolated place and their age One The Hobbit In 2004, a team of researchers announced a stunning discovery on the remote island of Flores Years ago, he was on the Indonesian island of Abu Gogo They are described as small in size and dense hair from cave dwellers Even the tools used by human ancestors are as small as their bodies and minds Found in the caves of Liang Boa Homo Flores is known as the hobbit The length of this species was 1.1 meters and its feet are huge It is believed that this creature developed a small size to adapt to his island in terms of scarcity of resources Many features of this type were primitive Most of the hobbit is similar in its primitive properties to Australopithecines more than modern humans Although he walks straight and uses multiple tools Although evidence suggests that he was able to catch and use fire


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