5 Reasons to Purchase the Canon Rebel EOS TI

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The SLR camera market is saturated with multiple companies and multiple brands. There are plenty of SLR cameras that claim to give you the best quality pictures, making it difficult to choose between them.

Becuse of different specifications, these cameras can be enough to make the decision even more difficult. There are plenty of aspects of an SLR camera to take into account when choosing your camera. You want to know that the camera you choose has a great shutter speed, a good focus, and a professional finish. While many cameras claim to provide you with these benefits, few deliver.

A Canon Rebel EOS TI is one of the most well known SLR cameras on the market. Known for it’s reasonable price and quality photography capabilities, the EOS TI provides plenty of redeeming features for the consumer. These are the five major reasons for you to purchase the EOS TI.

Fast Autofocus

Your Canon Rebel TI is known for having an incredibly fast autofocus. This autofocus is important for those who are looking for entry-level photography. The autofocus allows new and experienced photographers to quickly achieve the focus necessary for the perfect shot.

Light Weight

A Canon Rebel TI is known for being lightweight. This lightweight feel is perfect for those who are looking for a simple DLSR. This lightweight makes it easy to carry around, perfect for the avid photographer who is simply looking for more professional photographs.


Creation of the Rebel TI was undertaken with the average camera user in mind. The Canon team worked to give the EOS TI the right ergonomic design. This design makes it simple and easy for many to use the camera. The design makes it easier for consumers to hold the camera, making for better pictures.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen on the back of the different Canon Rebel cameras is known for clarity, size, and placement. The screen makes it easier for non-professional photographers to take better pictures. It also provides all photographers with the ability to see their pictures in real-time, making it easy to tweak settings to capture the perfect picture.


Overall the price of the Canon EOS TI is known for being low, making it perfect for those who are looking for their first DSLR camera. The low entry-level prices make it the perfect choice for those looking for a cheaper and more affordable camera.

It is important to compare the Canon Rebel EOS TI with other leading SLR cameras on the market. While the Rebel EOS TI may not be the perfect camera, it provides the consumer with plenty of quality features. If you are looking for a camera that provides you with incredible photos and a great user experience, this Canon Rebel is right for you. It easily provides you with these features at a reasonable price, making it the simple choice for any amateur photographer.

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