A Day In The Life… Of A 10-Year-Old In Norman Times – Hands on History – BBC

Oops sorry each person sleeps darker than common occasions the shirt gets washed every Monday the tunic arista does it pon just a little little bit i am a page this is not my residence I used to be despatched here three years ago once I was once seven to be taught to be a knight breakfast is bread and beer yes beer children are simplest allowed one pot so that is all right you would not need to drink the water within the moat it’s going to glide we don’t be trained to learn and write we be taught the three H’s Hawking heraldry and horsemanship quickly i will be a squire then a knight on the line and triumph over land I just have got to be taught weapons first but i’ll be splendid of that how yes received him pages additionally a crisis that implies i’m having a excellent time however I do omit mum cooking the words are reading the entire guys have got to go and shield our lands a ladies Ulster’s and pages keep in the back of at some point i’ll be a knight yeah oops sorry the yield of battles castles and knights in shining armor find out more about what it takes to be a Norman a BBC obtained Cody okay cut down historical past


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