A Timeline of Ice and Fire (Complete: Prehistory – 300 AC)

Earlier than the Migration of guys into the continent,Westeros was house to the giant Race and youngsters of the wooded area who worshipped the historical Godsand as a part of their religion carved faces into Weirwood bushes. In Essos, legends say the town of Asshai,and Empire of the Golden daybreak held existed in the far east, while the Fisher Queens ruledcities along the Silver Sea west of the bone mountains whose descendants grew to become the TallMen of the dominion of Sarnor. Also the Qaathi persons reigned in these timesfounding more than a few city states in what would later come to be the pink waste. Of those cities simplest Qarth survived. The summer Isles also have evidence of civilizationat this time, with its inhabitants believing that the islands were on my own in the world,surrounded by endless ocean. In 12000BC the first men Migrated throughthe Arm of Dorne and went to warfare with the children of the woodland.In a futile try and continue their place of origin,experiences say the children performed a magical ritual, probably through a blood sacrifice,calling down the hammer of the waters to shatter the land bridge connecting Westeros to Essos. They later tried the ritual once more at theNeck of the continent, failing to entirely to flood the field, and instead created marshlands. After 2000 years of struggle, peace was once at lastachieved although the % on the Isle of faces, which partitioned the land, with the Childrentaking the Deep Woods and guys taking coastlands, excessive plains, vibrant meadows, mountains andbogs. The primary guys additionally agreed to discontinue destroyingthe sacred wierwoods, and within the a long time of friendship that followed, they even adoptedthe religion of the youngsters, coming to worship the historical Gods.Following the p.C., Westeros entered the Ageof Heroes And for approximately 4000 years, the FirstMen flourished, founding many kingdoms and noble houses. For the duration of this time apartment Stark, Lannister, Gardiner,and Durrandon have been based. While on the Iron Islands, the legendary Greyking dominated following the religion of the Drowned God. And it used to be for the duration of this age that the Islandsknown because the three sisters worshiped the lord of the skies and lady of the waves. In 8000 BC The long night got here, and for ageneration Westeros suffered from a Harsh winter and Darkness. In the uttermost North a race of strange creaturesknown because the Others or White Walkers, marched south against the realms of Westeros. Studies describe them as tall and gaunt withskin as faded as milk and eyes that shine bright blue. They wore camouflage armor and wielded razorthin swords of ice imbued with magic permitting them to freeze and wreck enemy armaments. They had been also equipped to summon ice spiders,and raise the dead, driving reanimated horses, bears and direwolves into battle and revivingfallen enemies to create an army of undead warriors often called WightsFor years they wreaked havoc across the land until the legendary last Hero journeyed deepinto the North, most likely wielding dragonsteel, in seek for the children of the woodland,recruiting them to aid humanity in their wrestle.As the conflict endured on, an group knownas the Nights Watch shaped to battle towards the invaders ultimately attaining victory atthe battle for the daybreak. The others were then pushed back to the landsof perpetually iciness, not seen again for over 8000 years. Despite the fact that studies say the children of the forestfought alongside humans throughout the long night time, some have believe that it was actually theChildren who in the beginning created the Others in a magical ritual years prior, with theintent of elevating a powerful army to fight on their behalf against the first guys, onlyto lose manage of their creation. At the same time Westeros suffered widely in the course of theseyears of warfare and darkness, the devastation of the long night was felt all throughout theKnown world, seeing the lands of Essos endure their possess hardships, establishing their ownlegends and mythos regarding the movements of these years.Within the lands of the Rhoynar, stories say aterrible night time fell upon the sector, causing the waters of the river Rhoyne to freeze,unless a Hero emerged to unite the youngsters of the Goddess mom Rhoyne, to sing a secretsong which brought again the day. Past the Bone Mountains, in the Golden Empireof the dawn, legends say it was once beneath the reign of the Amethyst Empress that the troublesbegan. Believing she was once betrayed via her brotherwho topped himself the Bloodstone Emperor, his corruption led him to betray the godsof their humans and worship a black stone fallen from the sky,* brought about the Maiden Madeof mild to turn her back on the sector. This then ended in the lengthy night time, when theLion of night time came forth to punish the realms of men for his or her wickedness. The Demon armies of this vengeful god causedgreat devastation, unless a hero emerged, wielding the sword Lightbringer, to power the enemyback, restoring mild to the arena.The story of the hero who fought the armiesof darkness with a flaming sword spread during eastern essos, with many cultures adoptingtheir own version of the story such as the Patrimony of Hyrkoon and its successor Realmswho claim the man was once referred to as Hyrkoon the Hero, at the same time different lands provide this figure namessuch as Eldric Shadow Chaser, Yin Tar and Neferion. Essentially the most well known story nonetheless would cameout of the mysterious far jap city of Asshai, where the followers of the crimson GodRhllor, claim the hero used to be Azor Ahai, believing he cast his magical sword through riding itinto his wifes heart, imbuing it with her soul and naming it Lightbringer, the red Swordof Heroes. With Lightbringer at his side he led humanityto victory against the demon armies of night restoring light to the sector.The historical prophecies of Asshai, then goon to say that Azor Ahai would one day return, reborn to battle in opposition to a brand new darkness thatthreatens humanity. The chaos and years of battle resulted in the collapseof the satisfactory Empire of the daybreak, replaced via a successor state within the Golden Empireof Yi Ti. Again in Westeros, after the defeat of theOthers, reports say Bran the Builder of apartment Stark led the hassle to construct up a great defensivewall with the Nights Watch as its everlasting defend. Years later, the 13th Lord Commander of theNights Watch, betrayed his oaths, seduced by a lovely lady with dermis was as whiteas the moon and eyes like blue stars.The girl used to be mentioned to have epidermis as bloodless asice, leading many to suppose she used to be linked to the Others, probably considered one of their kindherself, or else an undead servant. The Lord Commander then took his seat at theNightfort and declared himself King and the girl he loved his Queen with the NightsWatch as his individual navy. The Nights King as he grew to become recognized ruledcommitted barbarous atrocities, unless the King in the North entered into an uneasy alliancewith Joramun, King past the wall attacking together and defeating The Nights King,releasing the Watch from his brutal reign. King Joramun led an army of Free people, alsoknown as Wildlings, who lived north of the wall when it used to be developed and had been cutoff from the relaxation of the continent.Some legends say King Joramun would go onto find the Horn of wintry weather, blowing it to evoke the Giants. Although estimates fluctuate as to when exactlythe age of heroes ended, many date the of the Andal invasion to 6000 years beforeConquest. When Hugor of the Hill used to be crowned the firstking of Andalos, uniting his persons beneath the faith of the Seven. Slowly the Andals migrated into Westeros,first crusing into the Fingers of the Vale, then expanding to conquer all the continentup to the Neck, overthrowing various historic and noble houses of the first men. Handiest the Starks of the North fighting alongsidethe kids of the woodland, were in a position to resist them. And for that reason First men blood remained strongin the north, while the south largely blended with the Andals. The children were nearly wiped out in thewars as the Andals slaughtered them anywhere encountered, burning the sacred Weirwood timber.The few of their variety that remained fled farto the North, going into hiding and for that reason, most Westerosi got here to believe they died off. For enormous quantities of years the Andals ruled thesouth elevating hundreds of thousands of petty Kingdoms that will finally turn into over time intolarger regions referred to as the Vale, the Iron Islands, the Riverlands, the Westerlands,the attain, the Stormlands and Dorne. Every ruled through various noble houses constantlyfighting for power. Far to the East The Ghiscari Empire rose andconquered a giant territory west of the Bone Mountains and for enormous quantities of years theyruled, constructing best pyramids with slave labor, colonizing foreign lands in Sothoryosand discovering far off civilizations like the summer time Isles. Except the rise of the Valyrian Freehold whereDragonriders and magic users led devastating armies out of the Valyrian Penninsula, waginga series of 5 wars against the Ghiscari, conquering almost all their territories and burning thecity of Ghis to the ground.Afterward they laid the bottom with salt andsulphur to discontinue the survivors from ever reforming the city. The surviving Ghiscari fled to the citiesof Yunkai, Astapor and Meereen alongside Slavers Bay, and formed New Ghis, on a nearby island. Extra Westward, town States of the RhoynarRose to power alongside the River Rhoyne. Although politically divided, they had been unitedby their faith in the mother Rhoyne and a targeted and revolutionary culture granting womenequal inheritance rights, and tolerating homosexuality. In 3000 BC The Free people past the Wall unitedunder Gendel and Gorne, brother Kings who invaded Stark lands in best numbers, bypassingthe Nights Watch with tunnels dug underneath the wall. Nevertheless they had been eventually defeated andpushed back through condominium Stark and the Northmen.Though the city had existed earlier than under apeople known as the Mazemakers, the city of Lorath was once colonized in 1424BC through Valyrianworshippers of the Blind God Boash Having defeated the Ghiscari, Valyria beganexpanding West commencing the town of Volantis and warring with the Rhoynar unless 700BC whenthey accomplished their conquest, defeating Prince Garin the first-class and his navy of 250 000. In 700BC Princess Nymeria led the Survivorsof the defeated Rhoynar on 10 000 Ships, sailing the summer time Sea in search of a brand new house. After years of battle unable to successfullyMartell, uniting collectively to vanquish the territory. Within the North, after a long time of clash,condominium Stark defeated condo Bolton, putting off the pink Kings from power and consolidatingtheir power within the North After Defeating Sea Raiders from the East,Lord Karlon Stark was once rewarded with lands and titles, permitting him to form condominium Karstark.Within the South, the Ironborn raided the Westerncoast and at their top managed lands from ancient town to endure Island. After completing with the Rhoynar the Valyriansconquered the western coast, defeating the remainder Andals to set up many of thesettlements that came to be referred to as the Free Cities equivalent to Pentos, Myr, Tyrosh, Lys, Qohorand Norvos. A first rate exception used to be Braavos, based insecret, by runaway slaves, fleeing their Valyrian masters. Over 100 years later they printed themselvesto the arena. In 326BC the Valyrians once again pushed West.This time with the annexation of a small islandin the narrow sea they named Dragonstone, supposed because the Westernmost Territory to providea port for alternate with the Andals of Westeros. Within the ultimate centuries before Aegons Conquestof Westeros, the Storm Kings started a selection of their holdings with the aid of invading the Riverlands,even as the Ironborn slowly lost the Empire they’d builtYet after years of decline, apartment Hoare of the Black Blooded Kings took vigour on theIslands, and despatched their armies to the Riverlands, taking it from the Storm Kings, remainingin vigour until Aegons Conquest. The quite a lot of territories of Westeros were nowformed into Seven Kingdoms, with the dominion of the North, Kingdom of the Isles and Rives,Kingdom of the Mountain and Vale, Kingdom of the Rock, Kingdom of the reach, Kingdomof the Storm and Dorne. Within the Valyrian Freehold, Daenys the Dreamer,a girl of apartment Targaryen noticed a imaginative and prescient foreseeing the Destruction of Valyria in 126BC and convincedher family to go away town. They made their house on Dragonstone, takingwith them 5 living Dragons together with Balerion the Black Dread.12 years later in 114 BC the Doom of Valyriashattered the Valyrian peninsula with many believing the destruction used to be rationale by using theeruption of the 14 Fires, the chain of Volcanoes the place the Valyrians first determined dragons andbonded with them. After the lack of their native land, Aurion,probably the most few surviving Dragon Lords declared himself First Emperor of Valyria and raisingan navy of 30000 infantrymen in Qohor, leading them south with the intention of retaking the penninsula. But neither he, his dragon or his military wereever heard from once more. On Dragonstone, thanks to the vision of Daenysthe Dreamer, condominium Targaryen kept away from the fate of their persons and had been now one of the lastpeople in all of the recognized world in possession of residing dragons. After the autumn of the Valyrian Freehold, Essosbecame embroiled in a one hundred years of conflict between rival factions vying for vigour.This time grew to become often called the Bleeding yearsor Century of Blood most related to the rise of the nomadic Dothraki horse lords,who rampaged across the continent, burning cities and forming what would come to be the Dothrakisea via conquering the Kingdoms of Sarnor, the Ibbenese settlements in the Ifequevron,and a few of the Qaathi metropolis states of the red waste. In the meantime the Free Cities fought amongst themselvesfor land and to manipulate alternate within the west. At the combat of Qohor, often referred to as theBattle of the 3 thousand, town state of Qohor defended against a Dothraki horde of25000.And at the same time their defeat appeared al lbut certain,the Qohori used an navy of 3000 Unsullied warriors. Famed slave soldiers, castrated at a youngage and educated their entire lives for fight. Although only 600 Unsullied survived the combating,they killed over 12000 Dothraki, inflicting them to retreat and halting their western migration. After years of coaching, The Dragon LordAegon the Conquerer along with his sister other halves Rhaenyra and Visenya, rode their DragonsWest, and with an military of less than 1600 started their invasion of Westeros. One by one the Kingdoms that dominated the continentfell to the Targaryens.And at the same time they usually fought with a disadvantagein numbers, their Dragons rampaged across the land until the last last rulers eitherbent the knee or died resisting. Underneath the Targaryens, condo Baratheon becameLords of the Stormlands, The Starks Lords of the North, The Tullys Lords of the Riverlands,The Greyjoys Lords of the Iron Islands, the Tyrells Lords of the reach, the LannistersLords of the Westerlands, and the Arryns Lords of the vale. Simplest Dorne used to be capable to restrict conquest, warningthe Targaryens that they’d on no account yield.With virtually all the continent conquered,Aegon Targaryen used to be topped King of Westeros and Protector of the Realm. Marking year 1 of Aegons Conquest. The brand new monarch then created the positionHand of the King appointing his closest buddy and possible half of brother Orys Baratheon*to the station. A few years later Aegon once again invadedDorne within the First Dornish struggle, trying to unite the continent under his rule. In 10AC Rhaenys, Queen of Westeros and wifeof Aegon I, was once believed to have died in battle. The warfare then continued on for three extra yearsuntil King Aegon bought a mysterious letter from Prince Nymor Martell, ruler of Dorne. And while the contents of the letter remainunknown, some have theorized that probably it acknowledged Rhaenys used to be still alive, havingbeen captured and kept as prisoner under torture.The letter could then have supplied to end hersuffering in exchange for a cessation of hostilities, and so Aegon immediately withdrew his troopsfrom Dorne, ending the warfare. In 37AC Aegon the Conquerer, First King ofWesteros died of ordinary reasons. In his absence, his eldest son Aenys inheritedthe throne. For the duration of the reign of Aenys I, condo Targaryenwould continue the Valyrian culture of Incest, marrying his eldest daughter Rhaena to hiseldest son Aegon. However this got here into conflict with the moralteaching of the religion of the Seven. And so many rebelled against the Targaryens. For years the faith Militants prepared theirforces and waged conflict towards the crown. King Aenys in flip proved poorly perfect torule, incapable of stopping the bloodshed and dieing of illness on Dragonstone onlya year after the conflict started. After the demise of King Aenys, the elderlyQueen Visenya, widow of Aegon the Conquerer, flew to Pentos and brought back her son andAenys half brother, Maegor Targaryen. Queen Visenya then took Aenys childrenhostage, proclaiming Maegor King and issuing an open undertaking to any who disputed theclaim.This mission was authorized by means of Ser Damon Morrigencalled the devout, and they fought each different in a Trial of Seven, with Maegor emergingvictorious. King Maegor spent the years of his reign battlingthe faith Militants and earning a popularity for cruelty. In 44AC Queen Visenya Targaryen, mother ofKing Maegor, spouse of Aegon I, died of normal motives. In 45AC THE KING accomplished construction ofthe red maintain and Maegors Holdfast, creating a great labyrinth of hidden passages and ensuringtheir secrecy by using killing the various craftsmen and people who labored on the mission. He also went to warfare with Prince Aegon andlater Prince Jaeherys, the sons of Aenys, who continued to dispute his declare to theThrone. Maegor struggled without the guidance of hismother, and in 48AC used to be abandoned with the aid of his wife and a few of his Kingsguard. King Maegor I died sitting on the Iron Throne,many believing he slit his wrists in the night. With Maegor lifeless, rule fell to his nephewJaehaerys. King Jaeherys I went on to declare a truce,ending the warfare with the faith Militants with the aid of granting their individuals amnesty in returnfor their submission to Targaryen rule.He grew to become known as the Conciliator and hada long and affluent reign, with many believing he was the finest King Westeros ever knew. After the loss of life of his son and heir, KingJaeherys known as a exceptional Council to decide upon the drawback of inheritance. The first first-rate Council of 101 AC selected tohonor a Male heir in Prince Viserys, son of the Kings thirdborn over Princess Rhaenysdaughter of the kings Secondborn, leaving a precedent for future generations, that theIron Throne might now not move to a lady, or to a male descendant of a girl if a maleheir existed inside the household. Two 12 months later, King Jaeherys died of naturalcauses. King Viserys I then got here to vigour and wasconsidered a good ruler, keeping Westeros affluent and peaceable. He had three youngsters but his two sons diedyoung, leaving best Princess Rhaenyra as a feasible inheritor.Despite the precedent of the excellent Council,Viserys embraced the proposal of a feminine inheritor as a way to hinder having his brother, TheRogue Prince Daemon Targaryen, take the Throne. The kingdom united at the back of this arrangementand in 105AC, 1000s of Lords and Knights swore Oaths to preserve Princess Rhaenyrasright to the throne. After the death of his first spouse, Viserysmarried girl Alicent Hightower.The King and Queen produced many sons, butViserys insisted on maintaining his eldest daughter Rhaenyra as heir. Queen Alicent, decided to peer her firstborn son Aegon topped as king, then headed a faction that got here to be referred to as the greens,whilst Princess Rhaenyra led the Blacks. Viserys mostly attempted to bring peace betweenthem however to no avail. In 129 AC King Viserys died of natural motives,and Queen Alicent alongside with her Kingsguard Ser Criston Cole instantly set to usurpingthe Throne. She proclaimed her eldest Son Aegon, Kingof Westeros, 2d of his name and Legitamte heir to Viserys Targaryen. Legally she would cite the best Council of101AC the place it was once determined girls might no longer inherit the throne over men. Consequently the Crown have got to go to the eldestson by means of the king. On Dragonstone a pregnant Rhaenyra used to be enragedat the betrayal of the Queen and was so upset she went into early labor, shedding the little one.Once she recovered she raised her armies andwaged battle towards the Queen and Aegon II. Often called the Dance of the Dragons, this wasthe first main civil of the Seven Kingdoms, and noticed the continent break up in aid ofthe Blacks and greens. Whilst many saved the oaths taken in 105AC toRhaenyra, others didn’t, and stayed impartial or supported Aegon. After years of combating the battle ended disastrouslyfor apartment Targaryen, with each contenders for the throne useless. Together with a pleasant majority of their Dragonsand dragonriders. In 131AC Cregan Stark, Lord of Winterfell,got here South with a mighty military in help of Rhaenyra Targaryen. Even after her dying, they persisted to KingsLanding, eager to take revenge. But earlier than they arrived Aegon II was once poisonedand with out a more male heirs on his aspect of the loved ones, Rhaenyras son Aegon III wascrowned king.Lord Stark used to be enraged that the war endedbefore his navy would crush the rebel forces. And so he had younger Aegon identify him Hand ofthe King, an place of work he held for a single day, in which he arrested all those suspected ofpoisoning the king and passed judgement on them, sending some to the wall and othersto their graves. Afterwhich, he resigned his role and returnedto the North. Although Queen Alicent survived the warfare, shewas arrested rapidly after and died in the prisons of Kings landing in 133AC of WinterFever Following the Dance of the Dragons, King AegonIII sat the iron throne and tried to rebuild the dominion. Though his reign used to be largely peaceable, hewas unable to breed healthy dragons, and with so many misplaced in the struggle, the race went extinctunder his rule, hence incomes him the identify Dragonbane. In 157 AC King Aegon III died of usual factors. After the dying of King Aegon III, his 14year ancient son Daeron inherited the Throne, called The younger Dragon, he proved an ambitiousyoung man, satisfied it used to be his destiny to unite the continent and entire the Targaryenconquest of Westeros.And so Daeron started out the second Dornish warfare,sometimes called the Conquest of Dorne, where his forces have been equipped to defeat the Noble Housesof the realm, placing the Lord of Highgarden to administer their new holding. But while the rulers of Dorne had been defeated,the smallfolk who populated the territory rebelled, refused to submit to Targaryen authority. The occupation of Dorne grew to become a disasterfor Targaryen forces with many claiming Daeron misplaced 10 000 men taking Dorne, and as much as 50000 men looking to keep it. Ultimately even the King misplaced his existence inthe combating and the Targaryens have been pressured into retreat. Daeron was succeeded by his younger brotherBaelor in 161AC. King Baelor I often known as the Blessed madepeace with Dorne, ending the war by using recognizing their sovereignty and humbling himself beforethem.Baelor was a devout worshipper of the Faithof the 7, essentially the most pious and humble King the realm ever knew. The high-quality Sept of Baelor was once built in hishonor and he was once admired by means of many. For the period of his reign he locked away his threebeautiful sisters so as to minimize his temptation and prevent the Targaryen way of life of incest. In 170AC despite having been locked away ina tower, the Kings sister Daena the Defiant gave delivery to Daemon Blackfyre, a bastardson fathered via her cousin Aegon Targaryen. After fasting forty days and nights, KingBaelor died in 171AC. Though most believed he died of malnutrition,there are some who feel he was poisoned with the aid of his uncle Viserys, who feared Baelor had grownto Zealous and used to be making ready to make warfare towards the North and Iron Islands, in an effort to convertthem to the faith of the 7. Via all debts King Viserys was once sensible andclever and would have been a first-rate ruler, however regrettably died of a unexpected illnessone 12 months into his reign.Some nevertheless, suspect his son of poisoninghim for the throne. In 172AC With Viserys II deceased, his eldestson Aegon was once topped king. Aegon IV used to be a drunken wretch of a ruler,mostly regarded the worst of the Targaryen Kings, his many egocentric and careless actionsearned him the name Aegon the unworthy. Maybe most dangerous of all his decrees,used to be heard because the King lay upon his deathbed in 184AC, the place he legitimized all his acknowledgedbastard children sowing the seeds that may one develop into the next first-rate Civil warfare ofWesteros. After the dying of King Aegon IV, his eldestlegitimate son Daeron II was topped King. And at the same time his reign could be fraught withdifficulties, he finished a lot and used to be remembered fondly. Early in his reign, Daeron II used to be responsiblefor at last unifying the continent in 187AC, now not through struggle, however with a wedding allianceto condominium Martell. Despite his accomplishments, the movements ofhis father nonetheless haunted him, and Daerons legitimacy used to be continually in query.In 196AC, the bastard born Daemon Blackfyre,elder son of Aegon IV, declared himself King and as soon as once more the continent was cut up intofactions. The Blackfyre rebellion ended at the Battleof the Redgrass field, the place Daemon was once defeated and killed. * a few of Daemons children managed to escapewith their uncle Aegor Rivers, who led them to Essos where they lived in exile, leavingDaeron as King of Westeros. In 209AC After Ser Duncan the Tall, a youngHedge Knight rescued a young girl from the abuse of Prince Aerion Targaryen, he was once arrestedand fought in a Trial of Seven. In this clash, Prince Baelor Targaryen,heir to the Iron Throne, joined the side of the Hedge Knight and against his own nephew.And at the same time Ser Duncans group was once successful,Baelor Breakspear died in the fighting and King Daeron was once left with out an heir. After the exceptional spring illness of that sameyear, Daeron II died along with Baelors two sons, leaving Daerons 2nd son, Aerysas King. Aerys I dominated a bothered kingdom and spentmost of his reign putting down rebellions from each the Blackfyres in the East and theIronborn in the West, who took potential of the weakened realm and have been raiding the westernshores. In 211AC the Hand of the King Brynden Rivers,called Bloodraven, uncovered a plot to usurp the crown with a 2nd Blackfyre uprising.Nevertheless it was once halted earlier than any battles werefought, with Daemon Blackfyre II arrested at a match at Whitewall and taken asa hostage. In 219AC Aegor Rivers, known as Bittersteel,led a 3rd Blackfyre uprising on behalf of Daemon IIs younger brother Haegon Blackfyre. However they too had been defeated and Haegon killed. Bittersteel was arrested and sent to the NightsWatch for his crimes, but his ship used to be intercepted by means of Blackfyre loyalists and as soon as again he escapedto Essos. In 221AC King Aerys I died of ordinary causesand his brother Maekar inherited the throne. The reign of King Maekar I was once generally considereda peaceful one, though uprising was once normally an challenge.In 226AC The Free people beyond the wall unitedunder Raymun Redbeard, crowned their king. Under his management they effectively scaledthe wall and invaded the North, however have been eventually defeated by means of Lord Willam Stark and his NorthernArmy. In 233AC Maekar died fighting Outlaw Rebels,leaving his eldest surviving son Aemon Targaryen as inheritor. However Aemon refused the crown, and rather tookhis Maesters vows, fleeing to the Wall. This left only Maekars youngest son AegonThe not likely. A fourth son of a fourth son and former squireto the Hedge Knight Ser Duncan the tall. The Reign of King Aegon V used to be mostly prosperousproving a type hearted and beneficiant ruler. Brave on the battlefield and a man of thepeople, these characteristics which endeared him to the small folk, also made him an enemyof the the Aristocracy, who felt he threatened their wealth and energy. In 236AC Bittersteel and Daemon BlackfyreIII Invaded Westeros with the Golden manufacturer, within the Fourth Blackfyre uprising. Nevertheless they were unable to rally many Lordsto their rationale, and have been defeated at the fight of Wendwater Bridge where Ser Duncan the Tallslew Daemon Blackfyre, though Bittersteel once more was once competent to escape.In 241 AC Aegor Rivers, died within the DisputedLands of Essos, but the Blackfyre cause continued. In 259AC King Aegon V attempted to hatch thelast of his dragon eggs at his house of Summerhall. However the plan went awry, and the palace wasconsumed by way of a excellent fireplace, killing the king, his son and the Kingsguard Ser Duncan theTall. On this identical day and within the equal vicinity,Rhaegar Targaryen was born. After the death of Aegon V, his eldest survivingson, Jaehaerys II inherited the Throne.Although his reign used to be brief because of negative well being. He proved a in a position and clever ruler. In 260AC Maelys the titanic, final of themale line of Daemon Blackfyre, invaded the Stepstones south east of Westeros, joinedby the Band of 9, a group of retailers, mercenaries and pirates keen to carve outkingdoms for themselves. King Jaeherys II knew that Maelys was usingthe islands as a staging ground for a Fifth Blackfyre uprising, and so gathered his armiesand despatched them to the Stepstones the place they fought and won the war of the nine Penny Kings. In the course of the fighting, Ser Barristan Selmy killedMaelys Blackfyre in single fight. After most effective three years as King, Jaeherys diedof health problem and his son Aerys II inherited the Throne. Early in his reign King Aerys appointed hisfriend Tywin Lannister as Hand of the king. And below his management the Seven kingdomsprospered for many years.* however their relationship grew strained over time largely as a result of Kingsgrowing jealousy and paranoia.In 277AC condo Darklyn of Duskendale rebelledin the Defiance of Duskendale. King Aerys, keen to show himself a hero,went in my view to settle the dispute however used to be taken captive and held as a hostage. Town was once besieged for six months, untilSer Barristan Selmy of the Kingsguard single handily rescued the king.*In 280AC Rhaegar Targaryen, eldest son of King Aerys II married Elia Martell of Dorne. In 281 AC a event used to be held at Harrenhallwhere Prince Rhaegar was named Champion incomes the correct to crown a woman Queen of affection andBeauty. Nonetheless he passed over his possess spouse, to givethe crown of blue roses to lady Lyanna Stark. This was once later described because the second whenall the grins died. For Lyanna was betrothed to Lord Robert Baratheonand Rhaegar had in a single motion insulted houses Martell, Stark and Baratheon.Also in this yr after the defeat of therebel Kingswood Brotherhood, Ser Jaime Lannister was once named to the Kingsguard, thereby robbingTywin of his heir. Having had ample of the Kings disrespect,Tywin stop his role as Hand. Only one yr after the departure of TywinLannister, King Aerys had alienated 1/2 the dominion. Now known as the Mad King, he and his son Rhaegarbecame liable for the autumn of their house. In 282AC, Prince Rhaegar, ignoring his spouse,reputedly abducted Lyanna Stark and introduced her South. When her loved ones learned of this outrage, BrandonStark, heir to Winterfell marched with 200 guys to Kings touchdown in order to confrontthe Prince. But Rhaegar was no longer gift once they arrived,and so King Aerys had Brandon and his men arrested. When his father Lord Rickard Stark then travelledto the capital to barter his sons unencumber, he too was once arrested and both had been torturedand achieved.After this act of barbarism, house Stark,Arryn and Baratheon declared war towards the crown. Later condo Tully of the Riverlands joinedthem, even as house Martell and Tyrell remained loyal to the King, and residence Greyjoy and Lannisterremained impartial. The warfare culminated in the fight of the Tridentin 283AC, when Robert Baratheon led his forces to Victory towards Rhaegar, smashing his Warhammerinto the princes chest, and destroying the bulk of the Targaryen navy. After this motion The Greyjoys and Lannistersboth joined the Baratheon purpose, with the Ironborn fleet attacking the attain and LordTywin Lannister Sacking Kings touchdown in Roberts identify.For the duration of the autumn of capital, Ser Jaime Lannisterbetrayed his oath as a Kingsguard via slitting the throat of the Mad King, who in his rageand madness used to be making ready to set hearth to the city. Lyanna used to be located useless in Dorne later thatyear through her brother Eddard Stark, whom she entrusted with a secret, Lord Stark neverrevealed. After the battle Ned lower back house to Winterfellwith a baby named Jon Snow, claiming it was once his bastard born son by unknown woman in thesouth. In 283 AC Robert Baratheon was crowned kingof Westeros, marrying the daughter of Tywin Lannister, lady Cersei and naming Lord JonArryn hand of the King. He claimed his legitimacy by citing his grandmotherRhaelle Targaryen, daughter of King Aegon V. And at the same time many named him Usurper, his skillsas a warrior and basic have been unmatched, and this deterrent made rebellion rare, allowingfor a long and generally peaceful reign. Although close to the entire Targaryen familywas killed within the war, the mad kings youngest children Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen weresmuggled off dragonstone by means of the elderly Ser Willem Darry, taking them to Braavos wherethey lived in exile.King Robert Baratheon I ruled for decades,and even as he was merciful and amiable, he proved an unfaithful husband and terrible administrator. Recognizing this, he made no pretense abouthis habits and chose to spend his years in blissful debauchery, at the same time his trustedfriend and mentor Jon Arryn oversaw the dominion. In 289AC Balon Greyjoy declared himself Kingof the Iron Islands within the Greyjoy rebellion. However their ships were destroyed with the aid of StannisBaratheon and the Islands have been taken by King Robert and Lord Eddard Stark. Balon bent the knee and his life was once spared,however two of his sons have been killed within the fighting.His youngest and sole surviving son Theonwas taken as ward and hostage by way of Eddard Stark and was raised in Winterfell alongside thestark kids. In 297 AC, after years spent wandering theFree Cities struggling to survive, in a fruitless attempt to accumulate aid for an invasionof westeros, the final known Targaryen kids Viserys and Daenerys have been taken in by IllyrioMopatis, a wealthy merchant of Pentos. Within the North beyond the Wall, men of the NightsWatch come across White Walkers for the primary time in 1000’s of years. In Pentos, Illyrio Mopatis having offeredto support younger Viserys Targaryen reclaim the Iron throne, arranged a marriage between 13year historical Daenerys and Khal Drogo, a Dothraki Horselord leading a Khalasar of forty 000. In desperate want of allies to retake Westerosfor condo Targaryen, Viserys agreed to the healthy, and so Daenerys married the Horselord,receiving 3 Petrified Dragon Eggs as a reward from Illyrio throughout the occasion. In 298 AC, Jon Arryn, hand of the King died.Some believing he was poisoned. In the North, condo Stark adopted 6 Direwolfpups, with Lord Eddard Stark granting one to every of his youngsters, including his bastardson, 14 yr old Jon Snow. In Essos, Daenerys Targaryen grew to become pregnant. Following the loss of life of the Hand of the King,Robert Baratheon arrived in Winterfell and named Lord Eddard Stark, his new Hand. The 12 12 months historic Prince Joffrey Baratheon,inheritor to the Seven Kingdoms used to be then betrothed to eleven year historic Sansa Stark, eldest daughterof the Lord of Winterfell. Regardless of best being a baby of 7, Bran Starkwas pushed from a tower window by Jaime Lannister, after the boy caught him laying with his twinsister Queen Cersei. Bran survived the autumn however was once left in a coma.Ned Stark along along with his daughters Sansa and9 12 months old Arya left for Kings touchdown with Roberts party, at the same time Jon Snow wentto the Wall with his uncle Benjen to join the Nights Watch. Before parting, Jon gifted his younger halfsister Arya a skinny lightweight sword named needle. After their departure, An assassin was sentto kill Bran Stark as he slept however used to be stopped by means of Brans mom lady Catelyn Stark andhis Direwolf summer time. Arriving at citadel Black, Jon labored to earnhis place as a Black Brother, at the same time Benjen Stark went on a ranging mission beyond thewall, from which he didn’t return. Throughout their ride south, Aryas direwolfNymeria attacked Prince Joffrey Baratheon. As a way to hinder punishment, Arya releasedher accomplice into the wild. However in view that Nymeria was now not present,Sansas direwolf lady was once killed in retribution. Bran wakened, remembering the visions he sawwhile sleeping, many revolving around a mysterious 3 eyed crow.Nevertheless within the waking world he was once now paralyzedfrom the waist down, and had to be carried with the aid of a loyal family servant of easy mind butkind coronary heart named Walder, who many known as Hodor, because it was the one word he could say. In Kings touchdown Arya Stark began her lessonsunder Syrio Forel, a master fighter and former First Sword of Braavos. Suspecting that the Lannisters were responsiblefor the near dying of Bran, woman Catelyn Stark encountered the queens more youthful brotherTyrion Lannister at the Crossroads motel of the Riverlands. Ordering his arrest.. In the capital, after a disagreement withthe King, Lord Eddard Stark resigned as Hand. Later that day, Jaime Lannister and his soldiersambushed Ned Stark, confronting him about Tyrions arrest and leaving the Lord ofWinterfell with a wounded leg. In Essos, after the successful completionof a Dothraki ritual in their capital of Vaes Dothraki, the unborn youngster of Daenerys Targaryenwas proclaimed the Stallion who Mounts the arena, a protracted awaited hero of prophecy thatwould unite the Khalasars. After the ceremony nonetheless, the increasinglyunstable Viserys Targaryen was once killed by means of Khal Drogo for threatening his pregnant sisterwith a sword.Again in Westeros, Tyrion Lannisters ChampionBronn gained the Trial by fight, and was once set free from his jail on the Eerie within the Valeof Arryn. With Jaimie having fled the city, Lord Starkresumed his role as Hand of the King most effective to learn that the Lannister Bannerman SerGregor Clegane was burning villages in the Riverlands. Lord Beric Dondarrion was then despatched with asmall military to discontinue them with Tywin Lannister summoned to court docket so he could give an explanation for theactions of his men. After an investigation into the homicide ofJon Arryn, Eddar Stark found out a horrible actuality, and so warned Queen Cersei that heknew her youngsters had been born of incest.Lord Stark then advised her he would inform theking upon getting back from a hunt and recommended her to leave the town lest Robert kill thechildren in his rage. But Robert back gravely injured and Nedwas unable to hurt his buddy in his final hours. Sansa Stark, horrified with the aid of the suggestion of returningto the North, ran to Cersei Lannister in an try to keep. But in doing so, she extra told theQueen of Ned Starks plans, and she or he all set to counter.After Roberts demise, the Hand of the Kingattempted to seize vigor within the identify of Stannis Baratheon, Roberts younger brother, andtrue heir to the Iron Throne. However he used to be betrayed by way of Petyr Baelish, calledLittlefinger, and Lord Stark was arrested. For the period of the upheaval, Lannister guards camefor Arya, however Syrio Forel kept them occupied giving Arya time to escape. At the Wall, Jon Snow and his buddy SamwellTarly took the oath of the Nights Watch learning of his fathers arrest, 15 yearold Robb Stark, heir to Winterfell, raised the bannermen of the North and Marched hisarmy South.After tensions arose between the Westerlandsand Riverlands, Riverland forces crossed the border to dam the Golden tooth and preventan invasion. But Ser Jaime Lannister led a Westerland armyagainst them within the fight of the Golden enamel, forcing their retreat to Riverrun. Later, this might be regarded the firstbattle of the conflict of the 5 Kings. In Essos, a person attempted to poison DaenerysTargaryen, but used to be stopped via Ser Jorah Mormont, who had been spying on the lady for Varysthe Spider, Spymaster to King Robert Baratheon. But with this action he switched allegiancesand devoted himself absolutely to her cause. The strive on her existence also served to convinceKhal Drogo that his wifes enemies in westeros need to be destroyed.In the First battle of Riverrun, Edmure Tullyfought Jaime Lannister with the Lannister forces rising successful. Ser Edmure used to be then captured and so it fellto Lord Tytos Blackwood to steer survivors to Riverrun. Ser Jaime followed them and laid siege tothe citadel. In the meantime Jaimes father Tywin Lannisterled an navy to take Harrenhall and different Riverland territories. In Kings touchdown, Ser Barristan Selmy wasdismissed from the Kingsguard. In 299 AC, Jon Snow was given the Valyriansteel sword Longclaw, after saving the life of Lord Commander Mormont. Robbs military, marching south, reached theTwins of house Frey, where he pledged to marry a Frey Daughter in return for his or her supportin the warfare.With news having unfold concerning the illegitimacyof Roberts supposed first born youngster Joffrey Baratheon, the kingdom fractured, as manyfelt the Lannisters had usurped the crown. Renly Baratheon, youngest brother of RobertBaratheon declared himself King of Westeros at Highgarden with the aid of apartment Tyrellof the reach. On the combat of the green Fork Lord RooseBolton battled Lord Tywin Lannister, and although Lord Twyin used to be successful, the fight wasonly a distraction through the Northmen, so that Robb Stark would lead the relaxation of their forcesto assault Jaime Lannister a number of days later. On the fight of the Whispering wood. Robb Stark battled Jaime Lannister. The North used to be victorious and Ser Jaime wastaken captive. Robbs forces then broke the siege of Riverrunand restored their allies in condominium Tully to vigor. After the arrest of Lord Stark, it was decidedhe can be allowed to join the Nights Watch as an alternative than face execution for his treason,if best he would confess to the crime and pledge himself to King Joffrey.Lord Stark agreed, with a view to make sure thesafety of his daughter Sansa who was in Lannister custody. But they have been all betrayed through younger King JoffreyBaratheon, who ignored the deal made and requested the executioner Ilyn Payne to behead Ned Starkafter his confession. Both his daughters Sansa and Arya werepresent for his demise. However Sansa remained a captive of the Lannisters,still betrothed to King Joffrey Baratheon, whilst Arya escaped town with Yoren ofthe Nights Watch. In historic city, a young man by the identify of Allerasbegan his Maester stories on the fortress.* finding out of the dying of his father, and withthe help of the North and Riverlands, Robb Stark was Declared King within the North and theTrident.In Essos, Khal Drogo died as did the childRhaego, after a blood magic ritual to save lots of the Khals lifestyles went awry. Almost the entire Khalasar had left with onlya few slaves and sworn soldiers closing. The three dragon eggs were positioned into Drogosfuneral pyre together with the witch Mirri Maz Duur, whod carried out the ritual. As the fires burned the witch sang thoughher track finally turned to screams. As a red comet seemed within the sky the pyrewas lit, and so Daenerys fearlessly walked into the inferno.Within the morning when the fire burned out theservants searched among the ashes and found Daenerys unhurt alongside three freshlyhatched dragons, naming them Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. Again in Westeros, Tyrion Lannister was namedacting Hand of the King on behalf of Tywin Lannister. On Dragonstone, Stannis Baratheon, the eldestsurviving brother of King Robert, despatched letters to all the most important lords of Westeros, proclaimingJoffrey a bastard born son of incest and declaring himself as the One proper King of Westeros. He was once supported via a section of the Stormlands,and was once informed through a purple Priestess of Rhllor named Melisandre who believed him to be AzorAhai reborn, a legendary hero of prophecy.King Stannis then went on to besiege StormsEnd, the seat of his younger brother and rival Renly Baratheon. Arya Stark arrived as a captive to Harrenhalland used to be put to work as a servant. Lord Jeor Mormont led a large host of NightsWatch Rangers beyond the Wall to investigate the rumors of White Walkers, and a WildlingArmy led via a King named Mance Rayder, a former Black Brother and Wildling of the a ways North. Theon Greyjoy arrived on the Iron Islandswith a idea of alliance from Robb Stark. However Theons father told him they would insteadinvade the North whilst Robbs military was occupied within the south.Theon, though hesitant, chose to betray Robband aid his father. On the combat of Ox move, King Robb Starkbattled Ser Stafford Lannister with house Stark and their Tully allies positive. Arya befriended Jaqen Hgar and ordered thedeaths of Chiswyck and Weese Melisendre used her purple Magic to assassinateKing Renly Baratheon on behalf of King Stannis Baratheon. Many of the Stormland forces switched sidesto Stannis, while soldiers of the reach adopted Ser Loras Tyrell again to high backyard. Jon Snow joined Qhorin Halfhands social gathering beyondthe wall and went scouting on the fist of the first MenWith the Ironborn invasion of the North underway, Theon Greyjoy disobeyed orders, moving inland to alternatively take Winterfell. Melisendre used her purple Magic to assassinateSer Cortnay Penrose on behalf of King Stannis Baratheon to help in capturing Storms end. Theon faked the demise of Bran and Rickon Stark,who were hiding within the crypts of Winterfell. Ser Edmure Tully disobeyed the orders of KingRobb Stark and attacked Lord Tywin Lannister within the combat of the Fords. Edmure was once positive, forcing Tywins retreat,however his actions disrupted Robbs longterm plans for the conflict.Barristan Selmy became guide to DaenerysTargaryen, posing as Arstan Whitebeard. On the battle of the Blackwater, King StannisBaratheon led his armies in opposition to Lord Tyrion Lannister, commanding on behalf of King JoffreyBaratheon within the fight of the Blackwater. Although Stannis came close to victory, LordTywin arrived with a Lannister-Tyrell army just in time to push the Baratheon forcesinto retreat. For this reason the kingdom discovered that HouseTyrell had pledged to King Joffrey Baratheon. Tyrion Lannister suffers a satisfactory harm inthe combat, losing most of his nostril. Jon Snow met Ygritte, a Wildling woman hecame to like. King Robb Stark captured the Crag within the Westerlands. Robbs mom Catelyn Stark freed JaimeLannister, in the hopes the Lannisters would return Sansa and Arya, sending Brienne ofTarth to accompany him to Kings touchdown. With Tywins returned to the capital, hetook up his position as Hand of the King while Tyrion became master of CoinAfter being captured and on the orders of Qhorin himself. Jon Snow feigned betrayal and killed QhorinHalfhand, to be able to win the believe of the wildling and act as a spy.Robb betrayed his phrase to Lord Frey of theTwins, by using Marrying a minor noble woman Jeyne Westerling. Theon misplaced Winterfell, and was once taken captiveby Ramsay Snow, on behalf of Roose Bolton. Winterfell was burned. Arya Stark used Jaqen Hgar to help her escapeHarrenhall and used to be given a coin together with the phrase Valar Morgulus, before Jaqen changedhis face and went his own way. The gift, he said would furnish her passageto Braavos. Daenerys received an navy of Unsullied Warriorsand conquered the city of Astapor, leaving a Ruling Council earlier than departing. Bran and Rickon Stark separated and fled north,with Osha leading Rickon and Shaggydog to Skagos even as Bran, Meera, Jojen, Hodor andSummer went in search of the three eyed crow which endured to hang-out Brans dreams.Lady Margaery Tyrell got here to Kings Landingand was betrothed to King Joffrey Baratheon. Liberating Sansa from King Joffreys constantabuse. Daenerys Conquered Yunkai. White Walkers attacked the exceptional Ranging beyondthe Wall, forcing their retreat to Crasters KeepAt the fight of Duskendale, Lord Robett Glover battled Lord Randyl Tarley and Ser GregorClegane. The Glover forces have been defeated Robett wastaken captive. Jaime and Brienne had been captured with the aid of the MercenaryCompany the brave Companions. Jaimes sword hand used to be removed by Zollothe fats, a cruel Dothraki combating for the companions. Lord Rickard Karstark disobeyed his King andmurdered Lannister prisoners. Robb beheaded the Lord as punishment, andso the Karstark forces abandoned his crusade.Sansa Stark married Tyrion Lannister. Stannis and Melisandre threw 3 leeches intoa fireplace and performed a magical enchant calling on the deaths of Joffrey Baratheon, Robb Starkand Balon Greyjoy. Lord Balon died quickly after under mysteriouscircumstances. Having fallen off a bridge throughout a storm,though many suspect assassination. After sometime with the Brotherhood withoutBanners, Arya was captured by way of the Hound Sandor Clegane. Daenerys Targaryen besieged the town of Meereen. After learning that Arstan was Barristan Selmyand Jorah Mormont used to be once a secret agent for King Robert, she despatched them on a suicide missionto help seize the town. But they each survived and reach theirobjective. Ser Barristan was forgiven but Jorah used to be dismissedafter he demanded an apology. Meereen was CapturedJon Snow scaled the Wall with some Wildling scouts, on behalf of Mance Rayder. At Krasters hold, Lord Commander Jeor Mormontand the Nights watch suffer mutiny, and many are killed together with the Lord Commanderand Kraster.Samwell Tarley fled the fighting with Gilly,a daughter of kraster, and her youngster. Jon, now south of the wall, managed to escapefrom the wildlings and lower back to citadel Black. Bran enlisted Sam and Gilly to aid them passthe wall. There they encountered Coldhands, a mysteriouscreature, appearing to be an undead Wight, however with out hostility and clear intelligence. On the Twins, Robb Stark used to be betrayed by means of LordFrey and Roose Bolton at the wedding of Edmure and Roslin Frey. The occasion became known as the pink marriage ceremony,and saw the loss of life of Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark, Smalljon Umber, the Direwolf grey Wind, thedestruction of the Stark military, the seize of Edmure Tully and Greatjon Umber. Robbs spouse Jeyne Westerling used to be nontoxic inRiverrun at the time and her loved ones connections ensured her protection from the Lnnisters.. Three days later Catelyn Stark was resurrectedby a magical ritual the place Beric Dondarrion sacrificed his life so she could reside. She took the name lady Stoneheart and assumedcontrol of the Brotherhood with out Banner. Principally else she desires vengeance againstthe Lannisters. King Joffrey Baratheon married girl MargaeryTyrell, but throughout the wedding feast, the king is poisoned and died, in an event thatcame to be known as the pink marriage ceremony.In her rage Queen Cersei ordered her hatedbrother Tyrion Lannister arrested for Regicide, though he gave the look to be harmless. With King Joffrey lifeless, his younger brotherTommen inherited the Throne. Oberyn Martell supplied to represent Tyrionin a trial via combat at the same time Queen Cersei named Gregor Clegane as her champion. Oberyn used to be killed within the fighting and Tyrionwas sentenced to dying, but Oberyn was once equipped to wound The Mountain with a poisoned blade,leaving him severely injured. Petyr Baelish went to the Vale of Arryn withSansa Stark. There, he married Lysa Tully and became LordProtector of the Vale. He then killed Lysa, and it used to be revealed thatLittlefinger organized the loss of life of Jon Arryn, and set the Starks towards the Lannisters,igniting the civil struggle. Marillion the singer was blamed for Lysasdeath and misplaced his eyes and a few fingers. Lord Baelish set to consolidating his powerwith Sansa Stark appearing as his ally. Arya left the Hound Sandor Clegane to dieof his injuries, and boarded a ship to Braavos.At the Wall Mance Rayder and his WildlingArmy attack the Nights Watch. With Jaime again in Kings landing, Brienneof Tarth went off in search of Sansa Stark in honor of the deceased woman Catelyn. In Dorne, the Sand snakes, the eldest daughtersof Oberyn Martell, were imprisoned. A Kingsmoot was once held on the Iron Islands,where Euron Greyjoy, Balons younger brother used to be elected King. He promised the Ironborn a full scale invasionof Westeros and that he would bring Dragons to help their rationale.He presented the Dragonhorn, a relic fromancient Valyria he claimed would manipulate the creatures. Jaime Lannister and Varys the Spider arrangedfor Tyrion to escape town, however before leaving he used the secret tunnels of MaegorsHoldfast to arrive his fathers room. There he discovered his former lover, the prostituteShae and killed her, then relocating on to search out his father within the privy. Tyrion shot his father with a crossbow, killingLord Tywin, Hand of the King. Tyrion then set sail for Pentos, at the same time Varysthe Spider went into hiding, fearing hed be suspected. After the victory of the Nights watch inholding back the Wildlings.Jon Snow was arrested by using Janos Slynt and AlliserThorn. After a couple of days in an ice jail, he wassent on a suicide mission to kill Mance Rayder underneath the guise of a negotiation. However while Jon was once with the Wildlings, KingStannis Baratheon arrived North of the wall and scattered Mance Rayders navy. Mance was once pressured to surrender however did notbend the knee. King Tommen Baratheon I married lady MargaeryTyrell. In Dorne, Myrcella Baratheon used to be wounded,shedding her ear to Ser Gerold Dayne for the duration of a foiled plot through Arianne Martell to megastar awar between Dorne and the Lannisters. Jon Snow was elected Lord Commander of theNights Watch Theon Greyjoy, having been captured with the aid of theBastard of Bolton, Ramsay Snow, was tortured to the factor the place he simplest spoke back to thename Reek. Qarth Declared warfare in opposition to Daenerys Targaryenand Meereen. Melisendre feigned the loss of life of Mance Rayderby burning Rattleshirt while glamoured to seem like the king past the wall.Arya arrived in Braavos and commenced her trainingas a faceless assassin Tyrion encountered Jon Connington and theGolden enterprise, who have been marching with young Aegon Targaryen, the alleged son of RhaegarTargaryen, stated to have survived the Sack of Kings landing with the support of Varysthe Spider. Davos Seaworth went to White harbor on behalfof King Stannis Baratheon Bran reached the cave of the three eyed crow,where he determined dozens of youngsters of the woodland who’ve lived there for hundreds of thousands of years. From the three eyed crow, once known as BryndenRivers or Bloodraven, Bran expert as a Greenseer.Struggling economic hardships, Queen RegentCersei Lannister, refused to honor the Kingdoms debt with the Iron bank of Braavos until theRebellions have been defeated. In response the Iron financial institution stopped giving outloans to the noble houses of Westeros and began calling of their money owed, growing economicchaos for the duration of the realm. After the election of a new excessive Septon knownas the excessive Sparrow, Queen Regent Cersei Lannister allowed for the rearming of religious militias,reviving the religion Militants and the Order of the warriors Sons.On the advice of Jon Snow, King Stannis conqueredDeepwood Motte Melisendre satisfied Jon Snow to send ManceRayder on a secret mission to Winterfell, the place Arya Stark was supposedly marrying RamsaySnow, now Ramsay Bolton. The truth is it’s Sansas ancient friend JeynePool posed as Arya Stark, though Jon used to be unaware. Tyrion was once kidnapped by using Ser Jorah Mormont,who deliberate to offer him to Daenerys Targaryen to be able to regain her prefer. Davos used to be sent on a mission by means of Lord Manderlyto retrieve Rickon Stark from Skagos. In trade apartment Manderly sould pledge supportfor Stannis Baratheon.With the Yunkai nobility having risen up againstDaeanery Targaryen, they attacked the city of Astapor which fell to their forces. But considering the fact that of a sickness outbreak, the citywas sealed to restrict the Bloody Flux from spreading. Arianne Martell and the Sand Snakes rejoinedthe efforts of Prince Doran Martell Maester Aemon Targaryen died of ordinary factors. Sam started out his training as Maester in oldtownand met Alleras. Brienne was reunited with Jaime Lannisterat the siege of Raven tree, and satisfied him to follow her by myself. Although Jaime believed he was going to helpsave Sansa Stark, Brienne perceived to absolutely be luring him to girl Stone heart. Ramsay Bolton Married Jeyne Poole, posingas Arya Stark. Tyrion, Jorah and a dwarf performer namedPenny have been captured with the aid of slavers. Jon Connington and his guys commenced their invasionof Westeros through taking Griffins Roost on behalf of young Aegon Targaryen. Arianne Martell was once sent to the Stormlands,to gain knowledge of of Aegon Targaryen, on behalf of her father Lord Doran MartellThe Iron bank made a deal to support King Stannis in his bid for the Throne and JonSnow in his command of the Nights Watch.After a plan to border Margaery of adulterywent awry, Queen Cersei Lannister was once arrested via the ever more robust religion Militantsand used to be pressured to walk naked by means of the streets of Kings landing, before being tried forvarious crimes, together with fornication, treason, and homicide. With Caersei incarcerated, Ser Kevan Lannister,Tywins more youthful brother took over the position of Regant. Whilst Mace Tyrell was once made Hand of the King,Ser Paxton Redwyne was made grasp of Ships and Randell Tarley was named master of legal guidelines. But just as the brand new govt started to setthe city and realm in order, Kevan Lannister and Grand Maester Pycelle had been assassinatedby Varys the Spider, who re-emerged after having hidden within the tunnels of MaegorsHoldfast on the grounds that Tyrions break out.Jon Connington and young Aegon conquered StormsEnd Quentyn Martell reached Meereen and proposeda marriage alliance between Dorne and Daenerys. But she refused. Daenerys Targaryen instead married Hizdahrzo Loraq to comfy her rule in Meereen. On a mission to seek out Daenerys Targaryen, VictarionGreyjoy rescued the purple priest Moqorro from the ocean. Daenerys made peace with YunkaiArya accomplished her First Kill as a faceless AssassinDaenerys flew away from a get together on the again of her dragon Drogon, who left her far flung within the Dothraki Sea Tyrion, Jorah and Penny joined the SecondSons under the command of Brown Benn Plumm Ser Barristan Selmy led a coup in opposition to HizdarZo loraq within the name of the absent Daenerys Targaryen and prepared the city for conflict againstYunkai.Quentyn refused to move residence empty handed andattempted to tame one in every of Daenerys Dragons, however he was roasted alive and died just a few dayslater. Theon Greyjoy and Jeyne Poole escaped fromRamsay snow via jumping off the walls of winterfell Victarion arrived with the Iron Fleet in Meereen. Thanks to Tyrion convincing Brown Ben Plumm,the second Sons turned their cloaks to Yunkai and rejoined the forces of Daenerys Targaryen. Jon struck a care for Tormund Giantsbaneto enable the wildlings to go peacefully into the Seven Kingdoms.Daenerys grew to become grievously in poor health even as walkingthrough the grasslands, but when she recovered established Drogon and collectively hunted down ahorse, eating its charred stays. Daenerys Targaryen, was once then found via theDothraki Khalasar of Khal Jhaqo. On the wall Jon snow obtained a purple letter,supposedly from Ramsay Bolton, full of insults, claiming to have defeated Stannis in battleand captured Mance Rayder. Jon snow then decided to interrupt his oath andlead a volunteer navy south to wreck the Bolton forces and rescue his sister.But this action might not be tolerated bysome of his fellow black brothers, who mutinied, stabbing Jon several occasions and leaving him to die..

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