All Of Ross Geller’s Relationships: A Friends Timeline

I just feel like someonereached down my throat, grabbed my small intestine, gathered it out of my cavity and held it around my neck. Cookie?( public laugh)( ding) Carol moved her substance out today. [ Group] Oh. So what’s new, still a A dyke? Well.( public laugh) You never know. Everyone, this is Julie. Julie. [ Group] Oh. Hi!( ding)( structure drastic music) Ugh, perhaps we should just take a break. Fine, you’re right, let’s take a break, let’s come some frozen yogurt or something. No, a escape from us. What, are you married?’ Cause that’s okay.( public laughing)( structure dramatic music) Morning.( public laugh)( ding) Hey! Hey. My boss let me offearly so I made the qualify. You know, I gotta tell ya, I exactly loved your look when you were bald. Really? Hey everybody. Wow .( agitated laugh)( ding) I entail, my mummy neverthought this would work out. She was all Once acheater, always a cheater. [ Ross] We were on a crack! [ Phoebe] Hey, whatare you guys looking at? [ Chandler] Ross and the mostbeautiful girl in the world. I know!( public laughter) Hmm.( gathering laugh) Would you like to come in?( audience laugh) Aw! Hello.( gathering laughing) Hello. Emily. Yes? I’m Rachel Green. Thank goodness. Hello, oh, hey Ross. What’s he saying? He’s with Emily at a bedand breakfast in Vermont. Who the hell is Emily?( breath) No!( gathering laugh) Why don’t we? Why don’t we what? Get married. I, Ross. Take thee, Emily. Take thee, Rachel.( audience outcry) Tell us about her. Ross, you left your scarf in …( public outcry) You’re a very sweet person, Ross .( audience chuckling) Regrettably, I merely don’tthink I can take another second of your whining!( audience laugh)( giggling) Hello Mrs Ross! Woo hoo, why hello Mr Rachel!( gathering laugh) What happened to your teeth? I whitened them.( public laughable) You know, you’re areally great listener. Most chaps I go out with, they just talk and talk. Mmhmm. Where were we?( gathering laughable) What’s the matter with you?( audience laughter) What’s the matter with me? You’ve got a blacklight, it’s 1999!( public laughable)( ding) Whoa .( public giggling) That was your sister actually, she thinks you’re just applying me.( gathering laughable) So?( audience laugh)( gathering shouting)( ding) I’m a little embarrassedabout calling you a hottie in my evaluation, but would you maybe wannago out with me sometime? Oh, I don’t think thatwould be the best feeling. Oh,’ case I was thinkingthe semester’s over. Shut the book.( ding) Hi, I’m Ross, I don’t believe we’ve met, I’m Monica’s older brother. Oh hi, I’m Mona from her eatery. Oh, hello Mona from her diner.( public tittering) Hi, I’m Ross Gellar. Oh hi, I’m Professor Wheeler. Oh, that’s nice.( gathering laughable) There was another reason that I recognized it was time to end it with Joey. I various kinds of realized I wasstarting to have feelings for someone else. Please don’t go. Okay, I’m sorry, but I’mtelling you now, I love you. Do not get on this plane. Rachel. I’m so sorry.( ding) I went off the plane.( audience cheer ).


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