All Of Ross Geller’s Relationships: A Friends Timeline

– I just think like someonereached down my throat, grabbed my small gut, pulled it out of my mouth and tied it round my neck.- Cookie? (viewers laughing) (ding) – Carol moved her stuff out in these days. – [Group] Oh. – So what’s new, still a — – A lesbian?- good. (viewers laughing) You by no means understand. Each person, that is Julie.- Julie. – [Group] Oh. Hi! (ding) (constructing dramatic song) – Ugh, perhaps we should simply take a ruin.- first-class, you are correct, let’s take a break, let’s get some frozen yogurt or some thing. – No, a spoil from us. – What, are you married? ‘intent that’s ok. (viewers laughing) (constructing dramatic song) Morning. (viewers laughing) (ding) – hey!- hello. – My boss let me offearly so I took the coach. – you understand, I gotta inform ya, I just loved your appear while you were bald. – fairly? Hey every body.- Wow. (frightened laughing) (ding) – I imply, my mom neverthought this is able to determine. She was once all "once acheater, continually a cheater." – [Ross] We have been on a ruin! – [Phoebe] good day, whatare you guys looking at? – [Chandler] Ross and the mostbeautiful girl on the planet. – i know! (viewers laughing) Hmm.(viewers laughing) – Would you love to come in? (viewers laughing) – Aw! – hiya. (viewers laughing) – howdy. – Emily.- yes? – i am Rachel green.- Thank goodness. – whats up, oh, whats up Ross. – What’s he saying? – he’s with Emily at a bedand breakfast in Vermont. – Who the hell is Emily? (gasping) No! (audience laughing) – Why don’t we? – Why do not we what? – Get married.- I, Ross.- Take thee, Emily. – Take thee, Rachel. (viewers shouting) – inform us about her. – Ross, you left your scarf in… (viewers shouting) you’re an awfully candy character, Ross. (viewers laughing) unluckily, I just don’tthink i will be able to take yet another 2d of your whining! (viewers laughing) (laughing) – hi there Mrs Ross!- Woo hoo, why howdy Mr Rachel! (audience laughing) – What occurred to your tooth? – I whitened them. (viewers laughing) – , you are areally first-class listener. Most guys i am going out with,they only talk and talk. – Mm-hmm. The place have been we? (viewers laughing) – what is the subject with you? (audience laughing) – what’s the matter with me? You’ve obtained a blacklight, it is 1999! (audience laughing) (ding) – Whoa. (audience laughing) That was your sister genuinely, she thinks you are simply using me. (viewers laughing) – So? (viewers laughing) (audience cheering) (ding) – i’m a bit embarrassedabout calling you a hottie in my evaluation, but would you possibly wannago out with me someday? – Oh, i don’t believe thatwould be the nice inspiration.- Oh, ‘intent I was once thinkingthe semester’s over. Shut the guide. (ding) – hello, i am Ross, i do not believe we now have met, i am Monica’s older brother. – Oh hi, i’m Mona from her restaurant. – Oh, good day Mona from her restaurant. (viewers laughing) – hello, i’m Ross Gellar.- Oh hi, i am Professor Wheeler. – Oh, that’s quality. (viewers laughing) – There was one other cause that i spotted it used to be time to finish it with Joey. I kind of realized I wasstarting to have feelings for any one else. – Please do not go. Ok, i am sorry, however I’mtelling you now, i love you. Do not get on this airplane. Rachel. – i am so sorry. (ding) I received off the aircraft. (viewers cheering).

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