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(song performs) – good day. – hi. You’re Izzie right? I am Casey. I’m the– Sorry, that. I am like tremendous frightened. I’m the brand new kid from Newton. – look, new child from Newton– – Casey is my name virtually. – i’m certain you have been scorching shit at your final crappy tuition but over right here– – Wow, heat welcome. They must put you inthe orientation video. – What’d you do for (mumbles)? – Um, nothing particularly. Went to goal a pair occasions. (all snort) Um, I think i’m stretched. Is this the path right here? – Yeah. – okay. – (laughs) She’s hilarious. – Newton? – Yeah? – This would sound lame however you’re like my new favorite individual. – really? (claps) – (laughs) Yeah. (each chortle) (knocking) – it’s Pennywise. – No. I forgot I texted Nate. – Nooo. – Yeah, i do know. I’m sorry. – he’s gonna damage the woman time. – Let’s simply pretend that we’re no longer here.- We’re no longer hooome. – [Nate] Open the door you dummies. (laughs) – he’s gonna make so much enjoyable of us for making this citadel oh my God. – good boys smash everything. – hello. I was gonna let you know inperson however I chickened out. So I wrote it obviously. – You and Nate kissed? – No, no, no. He kissed me. – That asshole. – i do know. – I cannot consider he did that. I’m gonna kill him.- Do you want to head talk about it? – Nope. Simply want time to consider. Dude i am sorry. About the whole lot. I used to be a dick and i obtained jealous and i was once petrified of losingsomeone that i like. – i would never come between you and Nate. – Screw him! No I was afraid of shedding you. – So guess what? I had sex once more. – With Evan? – No with myself.Nonetheless counts although correct? – (laughs) shut up. – Yeah with Evan. I fairly love him. – i do know you do. – it’s just oftentimes a thing looks like– so proper, you already know? (music performs) (music intensifies) (mobile vibrates) – the whole lot okay? – Yeah, he just needed to get home. – Hmm. – hiya, i am gonna sleep overat Evan’s next weekend. Feel you could duvet for me? – Um, yeah. Yeah. – Cool. Seem what I located at the thrift store! – and that i brought pie to make up for it. – Sam I stated no tweed. – Oh my bad, I though you mentioned handiest tweed. – we are going to make it work. What time will Evan be arriving? – he’s working so Izzie’s filling in. – i’m her date.- Oh, ok. Tweed swimsuit, new guest. I mean what’s in the pie, dog poop? – The seem on web page’s facewas good valued at the $eleven. But I gotta say, thissuit itches like a bitch and there is a spot on my backthat I can’t particularly attain. – i can attain it. – institution simply creates drones. Cogs within the procedure, robots. (Talks like robot) ought to make money. – (Talks like robot) ought to each cheese. (giggles) – i am so sorry for a way Iacted on the dinner social gathering. – Dude, it’s ok. – No, it is not k. I used to be just stirring shit up simply due to the fact– – What? – when you consider that I used to be jealous. – Why? – you already know why. You all right? – Who desires eggs within the gap? – Oh, i am headed out. – So early? – Yeah i’m behind in Econ so i am gonna go to the student lounge and be trained. – will have to have told me nerd, i would have include you. – Oh, hello. – hi. – hello. – How was the bathroom? – It was first-rate, thanks for asking.- We had been just gonna– – , make out a little bit. (laughs nervously) – okay, yeah. K, bought it. Okay, bye. – Bye. – actually, if I knew that you have been gonna be all weird and that this was once gonna jeopardize our friendship, I in no way in one million years would have informed you how I felt. Seeing that it is becoming enormously weird that you do not feel the equal way. (romantic tune plays) (Inquisitive music plays) – appear what sam made me. – Who’s Sphen and Magic? – gay penguins in Australia. He advised me about them final night. – Wait did you inform Sam about us? – not really. – not rather? – well I failed to inform him anything he just saw us at the door. What will be the enormous deal? He is my brother. – The tremendous deal is i don’t believe like broadcasting my personalbusiness to the sector. – ok, jeez. – No it is no longer okay. (dance song plays) – What are you doing? – Nothing, i am dancing. – We pointed out this. I do not must advertisemy individual industry to the arena. – i’m now not making an attempt– – I just, i want water.I am sorry. – i’m ailing of you apologizing. You led me on, you are jerking me around. I hate it. (locker slams) – I quite like you. – Yeah in this second. But in 10 minutes youmight be embarrassed by means of me or kissing some random man. Just depart me by myself. – Newton! – What?! – i am performed being weird. – That used to be pretty weird. – bad bizarre?.


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