How to plant celery and prepare persimmons

Hello and welcome to Organic Edible Garden and Kitchen. Welcome Megan. Hi Rob. Wow aren’t these a beautiful fruit. Yeah, the birds love them too and it’s often a war who gets them first. I like using persimmons in both savoury and sweet dishes. Today’s dish is going to be a sweet one. It’s going to be a breakfast dish. I’m going to macerate them in some ginger and serve them on a chia bircher. And this week we’re going to plant celery. And like fennel, there’s been a huge increase in popularity for the home gardener. I wonder whether this is because they’re such a heavily sprayed crop. Let’s pick some for my dish. Yeah, let’s do it. Celery has the reputation of being really difficult to grow. But if you get the two key elements right, which is water and food, not only is it not difficult, but it tastes better and is better for you than the shop-bought ones. Celery is a marsh plant and it likes to grow in swampy conditions which are always wet. For that reason it’s a good cool weather crop.

So when we plant these and the rains come, it’s going to be wet for the next couple of months and it’ll thrive. The second really important thing is your soil, and feeding it with something really high in nitrogen. In this case, we’ve gone and put some chicken manure in here and some well-rotted compost. Even after we’ve planted, we’re going to add some blood and bone to that and some rock dust. And not only that, but during its growing season, every two weeks we’re going to give it a boost of some other fertiliser.

Now this traditionally does like a fish and seaweed mix, but it can be chicken poo or sheep pellets or any high nitrogen food. Celery has very few pest problems, but it can get diseases some times, so giving it a bit of air movement really helps with this. Celery also has really large feeder roots at the surface, so it’s important that you keep it weed-free during the growing season. Six plants like this will be enough to feed an average family because you don’t have to harvest the whole lot. You can just take the stalks off as you need them. And if growing normal celery is still daunting for you, another really good option is Cutting Celery. This is also know as Chinese Celery and the great thing about it, it grows like a parsley. You only need one for an average family but you use the stalks and the leaves for things like soups and stews and just even in salads.

The great thing about this is, it’s easy to grow and it doesn’t get rust or other disease problems like your normal celery. The other thing we’re going to add is some rock dust. This will make the plants really disease-resistant and give them the extra boost they need. The reason I use blood and bone on something like celery is because we want the N and P in the soil. This gives you the leaf and the root growth, but I don’t want the phosphorus (Rob means ‘potassium’ not ‘phosphorus’). All that will do will give me a bit of flower to it.

But saying that if your celery does go to flower, it’s great for the beneficial insects. The thing that will hit your celery is probably slugs and snails. And the best way to get rid of them is with the yeast trap or an upturned pot with newspaper put inside. And if you want to use companion plants around these guys, the two best are either nasturtium or watercress. These guys trail around them, keep the weeds down and don’t interfere with the root system. And they’re both edible as well. Today I’m making a persimmon bircher. Bircher’s a really versatile breakfast. You can top it with any fruit and it goes especially well with Rob’s sweet persimmons and the ginger juice I’m going to put with it. So I’m going to take some oats. Followed by some sunflower seeds. So a few tablespoons of sunflower seeds. Then this is a really important part of the bircher is some chia seeds. You can use black or white chia seeds. So I’ve got a couple of tablespoons in there and the reason they’re important is because once they absorb water they’re going to make it sort of come together and almost become a little porridge-like.

Next I’m going add some coconut. Now you can use different types of coconut. I just happen to have chips in the cupboard. So I’m going to add a few tablespoons of the chips in here. But you could just use regular dried dessicated coconut. And then I have some honey. Just a little bit. Don’t need much. And a little squeeze of lemon juice to make it sort of sour a little. Another nice ingredient to add into a bircher is grated apple. That creates a nice sour flavour in there. Makes it a little yoghurty. And then I’ve got my coconut milk. I’m going to mix that all together. You could also add in here some currants or sultanas or other dried fruits. Little bits of apricot would be nice. I just wanted to make this a nice plain one and really let the persimmons shine. I’m going to take a honey wrap. And place it on top.

Now you could actually just place a plate or some plastic wrap but this is a great place to use the re-useable honey wraps. And pop that in the fridge overnight. Something else I can prepare ahead of time is the persimmons. So I’m going to take a couple of persimmons. Just take as many as you like. And chop them up. So I’m going to chop them up into quarters. And this one’s a seedless one. But if you had seeds in there, you’d just chop around them or pull them out. Now I’m going to juice some ginger. So it’s a really quick juice. I’m just going to grate it and juice it in my hands. So I’m going to take a big piece of ginger here. I’m not going to worry about – this is nice fresh ginger – I’m not going to worry about peeling it.

The grater can get a little blocked up so you just clean it with a knife. And keep going. I’ve done quite a bit of persimmon there, so I want a few tablespoons of juice. OK, that should be enough. I’m going to take that and just in my hands, squeeze it over the persimmons. It’s really nice using ginger with a bircher. Bircher’s a sort of colder breakfast, so it’s nice to have the warmth of the ginger in there. You could also serve the bircher with some poached fruit on top. Then I’m going to sweeten this, depending on how sweet your fruit is. But usually with ginger, it’s nice to add a little bit of sweetener. So I’ve got some really nice local honey in here. Just mix that through. And I like to leave that overnight in the fridge as well, just for the ginger to infuse in there and it sort of lightly softens the fruit. You can see how the chia’s really bulked up in there and it’s absorbed a lot of that coconut milk.

So now we’re ready to serve. So take a bowl. And pop that in the bottom of here. And now pop some of these persimmons on top. This’d be a great breakfast to take to work as well. You could easily pop it in a jar or a container and have it later. It also actually makes quite a nice dessert. And then I’ve also got some coconut yoghurt here. Put a tablespoon of that. As well as – I’ve got some macadamias. It’s not necessary but it’s nice to have a little bit of crunch in there.

And the persimmons go actually really well with lime. So add a little bit of lime and another nice thing to add here would be some cardamom. Cardamom and persimmon and lime are a really good combination. And then I’ll finish it with another little drizzle of my honey. And there we’re done. Hi Nell. How are you? I’m good. Ooo look at that wonderful breakfast dish today. Yeah, it’s a really lovely bircher that I’ve topped with the persimmons. I just wanted to make something simple to showcase the flavour of the persimmons. Fantastic. So persimmons are one of those amazing fruit that really are exceptionally high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. You can tell that from the wonderful orange-yellow colour of them. They’re also incredibly high in antioxidants, particularly those ones – betacarotene, lutein, lycopene – which are really good for your eye health, for your skin health and very high in fibre as well.

So like a lot of fruit and vegetables, it’s really important to eat the skin because that’s where a lot of the antioxidants and the fibre come from. Actually they are higher in fibre than apples, so very high in fibre. So there are two types of persimmons. There’s this one which most people grow nowadays which is a non-astringent variety which can be eaten when it’s hard or when it’s riper and it’s nice and crispy like an apple. Then there’s the astringent type of persimmon which can leave a very bitter taste in the mouth and has to be left until it’s fully ripened to really get the benefit and the delicious-ness of it. It is actually really high in tannic acid. And tannic acid can actually slow down transit time in the body which can be really helpful for alleviating diarrhoea, so a good natural way to be able to do that..

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How To Grow Celery And Watercress

Hello and welcome to Organic Edible Garden. Today we’re going to look at growing celery, a crop that most home gardeners find difficult to grow organically. Being a marsh plant, celery likes constant moisture. So this is a great time of year to put it in the soil. For us we find during summer we struggle with celery when the soil dries out and the high temperatures affect its growth.

Celery likes a slightly alkaline soil of between 6 and 7. It also suffers from calcium and magnesium deficiencies so a good dressing of dolomite lime will fix that. Also a sprinkling of Epsom salts every so often will help build up its magnesium levels. It is a really gross feeder and during the growing season, we like to feed our plants at least every 2 or 3 weeks just to give them the optimum growth. I like to plant my celery at least 30 centimetres apart. This will give them sufficient air movement, because one of the problems with celery is it can get fungal diseases in these warm, humid climates. I’m planting 12 celery for my garden. It seems like a large amount but I do a lot of juicing, so for your average home garden 6 would be sufficient. And if you find celery quite difficult to grow another good alternative is cutting celery. This grows like its cousin, the flat parsley, but it tastes just like celery. And when you harvest it, you harvest the leaves as well as the stalk.

I’m only going to plant 3 of this type of celery. They grow about 800 square and they’re prolific growers. We can use them in soups and stews or even in salads. But the point is you’re going to be using the leaves and not the stalks as much. Cutting celery, if fed well and given the space, will last 10-12 months in the soil. And the biggest bonus is, it doesn’t get the rust. One of the best companion plants to put around your celery is nasturtium. And so what I like to plant is Nasturtium officinalis which is just another name for watercress. And even though this is not running water, you can still plant watercress in the garden all winter long, as long as the soil is wet.

The thing about watercress is it absorbs all the nutrients around it. So if it’s in a stream and there’s runoff from farms and things like that, it’s probably not as good. But however, in our soil it’s just going to take up what’s in the soil. It will keep going all winter long and we’ll eat that goodness. The watercress is really easy to grow from either seed or cutting. It’ll spread along the ground and suppress some of the weeds. Interestingly enough, watercress is the third most nutrient-dense green vegetable we know. It’s full of chlorophyll which is great for anti-cancer properties. It grows like a weed in the garden, so you can keep chopping it back. You can use it in things like soups and smoothies and if you’ve got too much, it makes a great pesto. Next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to feed our plants. In this case we’re going to give it some well-composted chicken manure. But you give them any type of animal manure, like sheep pellets or horse poo.

The reason we’re doing this is because the animal manures are also high in nitrogen. And being a green leafy vegetable, they need that nitrogen boost. And now the all-important rock dust. This is very high in calcium and magnesium and will give those plants the elements they need to grow well. And finally I’m going to add some well-rotted compost. Not only will this increase the carbon layers in the soil, but it’s also going to help suppress the weeds.

I’m going to give it a good watering in now and then probably in about 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the weather, I’ll give it another feed, probably of some liquid fish spray this time..

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How to grow celery at home in 5 easy steps

Hello, everybody and welcome to my channel Today. I will show you how to celery from that root end that We usually cut off and throw in the garbage can, If there’s a vegetable that I really enjoy and really like is celery. I absolutely love the crisp and fresh taste and it has become one of my favorite ingredients for soups, snacks, salads and juice. If you don’t know about the health benefits of this vegetable, I will tell you a little bit more about it. Celery is a great source of antioxidants such as vitamin C betacarotene and flavonoids. It helps reducing inflammation. Also, 95 % of the celery is water. That combined with a high amount of dietary fiber, makes it a great support for digestive process. Also, it’s rich in vitamins like vitamin A K, C folates and minerals such as manganese, calcium and potassium. I always wanted to have my own organic garden, and I found out that growing celery was a good start because of the simplicity of the process. So, let’s do it! The first step is: Go to the grocery store and get a celery like this one.

Make sure it has a root, because this is the part that we’re going to use, Get the organic one, because the stalks of the celery are very porous and they retain almost all the pesticides that they are sprayed with. Celery grown conventionally was found to have up to 13 pesticides on one sample and over to 95 % of all the samples tested positive for pesticides. The second step is to cut off the end Slice about 5 centimeters of the root end Place the root in a shallow bowl and fill with enough water to submerge a few centimeters

Use warm water – This is an important step, since the warm water will help germination take place, Be sure that the cut side is facing up in the bowl Place, the bowl where it can get good natural light and change the water. Frequently like every couple of days. I placed my near to this window right here. I also have some other celeries that start growing a few weeks ago, like this one. After a few days, you should start seeing little leaf growing in the center of the top


You need to know that outer stalks are likely to deteriorate and become brown. This is normal, but if you leave it for to much longer in the water it will rot. I had this in water like for around two weeks. It’S ready this one even had a little root here. It is super delicated. If you don’t have a garden like me, you can plant celery in potting. Soil Make a hole, wide and big enough to hold the plant from the root Set in the celery and gently fill the hole and tap the soi.l. I’M gon na do the same with this one So make a hole. Put the celery fill the hole and tap the surrounding soil.

Now you can put a little bit of water to keep the soil. Moist Celery needs constant humidity, It’s recommended to water, it at least twice per week. It doesn’t like excessive sun. It likes cool wheater, so in the hottest part of the day, give it some shade. This is my celery guys Thanks a lot for watching this video. I hope it’s gon na help you to grow some beautiful celery. Let me know how it was Subscribe to my channel because I’ll be making more videos like this one, and you don’t want to miss them Thanks a lot one more time and have a great day.

What if You Were Born in Space

Environment Of Zero Gravity

Welcome to Visus. Michael is with you. “How many people are in space now” tells us That answer is six. Since the first person climbed into outer space at all Yuri Gagarin 52 years ago, more than 500 people left the land And they went so far to the moon, amazing distance. I mean the space stations that we use today in outer space Very impressive, but by analogy, they just stay in orbit About this distance from Earth. While the moon, where the Apollo astronauts went, exists

Here. In the last 12 years, There is a continuous and uninterrupted presence Of people living in space. Different people at different times, Specifically since November 2001. But until now, all of us, All human beings who were ever born were born here on earth. Of course, the Earth is a giant accumulation of matter that has gathered together in space, And clinged to each other by their own gravity, so in practice, We were all born in space. But I want to talk about outer space. What is our relationship with him and what is inside him? How our biological structure fits into the vast universe Where we were born? More specifically, if you were born and raised outside the Earth, How will you look? Most importantly important.Where is outer space? Well, outer space is about 100,000 meters away “Space starts 62 miles up!” Over your head. At that point, the atmosphere is very thin So much so that you can hang in space, The aircraft must fly very quickly Equal to the orbital velocity. The orbital velocity is so great that without crane power, And while you fall, you don’t, Because the earth literally bends away from you as fast as it falls In its direction. That’s really what astronauts are doing In the International Space Station.

They are falling. It’s a common misconception that astronauts roam around Weightless in space due to zero gravity there. But there is a huge amount of gravity. In fact, There is some degree of gravity they are exposed to “About 90 percent of what you’re experiencing now!” Roughly equal to what you’re exposed to Now you’re watching this video. Believe it or not, if we built a tower At a height similar to the distance at which the International Space Station With a height of 370,000 meters, “230 miles!” And went out to the top of that tower, You will feel that way. You’ll walk all around just as I am now. You won’t feel any difference at all, But the International Space Station will go by your side At 17,000 miles per hour. 28,000 kilometers an hour You have to do it, because they fall. So to say that astronauts roam around in orbit, Because they are in unattractive … To say very misleading. In fact, what they feel is a lack of acceleration of gravity The acceleration of gravity is accelerated to weight.

Translated into weight because of some other force of the earth, Seat or elevator operated reverse gravity acceleration The acceleration of gravity severely hurts, because the effect of gravity is restricted to us Ensures our growth is healthy and healthy. After all, it’s what we were born to grow up in. So the question of what a person would be like, if he was cheated He was born, born and raised in a space orbit, It seems to require discussion of weightlessness. Realistically, humans who grow colonies on extraterrestrial planets Or traveling through space for long times,

And expect new human beings, They will use techniques that help simulate living conditions here on Earth. But until artificial gravity becomes perfect And are easily implemented, It is important to understand the effect of weightlessness On our biological structure and other things. For example, In an environment of zero gravity, hot air does not rise. So the shape of the candle flame is not a stretched ball Of glowing gas and pulled upward. It is just like a round ball of hot gas. “Flame under the influence of microgravity or zero gravity (event horizon)” We are not sure that we can make children in space. The mere planning and implementation of the hugging is difficult enough. A recent invention called the “double suit” may make the process easier. The double suit offers effortless intimacy in a weightless environment, Such as outer space or low-gravity planets. “Mars relative to Earth” But will it be enough to ensure pregnancy? The enzyme responsible for stopping the movement of the tail of the sperm Does not work well when gravity is zero. In space, sperm swim faster. One thing we know about children inside their mothers in space Relates to the development of the vestibular apparatus.

The ducts in the inner ear that use liquid flow inside them To determine the movement and the upper direction of the bottom and the equilibrium. In an environment of zero gravity, the liquid in the vestibular apparatus Only floats like this. He is confused. This can lead to motion sickness And visual illusions and confusion. It’s called space adaptation syndrome, It affects about 50 per cent of astronauts. Motion confusion may make you vomit, feel nauseous, get dizzy or have zero gravity, For the sake of survival. Motion sickness, caused by clutter around acceleration, is known Similar to the effects of intake Poisonous plants, where vomiting can save your life in that situation. Pregnant female rats taken into space I was born young on the ground struggling to determine trends. Unlike the little rats that were carried here on Earth, Those carried in space have trouble correcting their position When you throw it into the water. They tend to be better at adapting to circumstances Common during weightlessness, It is a good sign for the human beings who carry them “Space kids!” They are born and thrived in space, but it is one very good news. Vestibular fluid is not the only liquid Which is affected in an environment of zero gravity. All your body fluids are affected.

On Earth, gravity pulls those liquids down, but in space orbit, The liquid is free to be evenly distributed, The astronauts give their distinctive characteristics of bird legs and full faces. Cosmetically, it’s kind of a problem. All that pressure from excess fluid in your face can jeopardize vision. Of the 27 astronauts studied after long spacecraft Nine of them had excess fluid around the optic nerve, Six of them flattened their eyeball from behind because of fluid pressure “Before exposure to zero gravity” “After exposure to zero gravity” Four of them had their optic nerve swollen. Excessive pressure from fluids in your head causes a misleading message That your body inevitably contains too much fluid. So bodies that travel at zero gravity respond by producing less blood. Astronauts can lose up to 22 percent of their total blood volume They are in space, leading to weakness and atrophy of the heart muscle. Far from protecting the earth, Radiation coming from the sun and the rest of the universe Very dangerous, and we still don’t know exactly The best way to protect it. Mice exposed to predicted levels of radiation During interplanetary flights Showed signs of blood flow in the brain in a different way And cellular plates are larger than those found in patients Alzheimer’s.

environment of zero gravity Psychologically, feelings of isolation in space, Think about the distance between you and the rest of humanity Can affect you organically. Scientists working at the South Pole developed their bodies Immune systems are at risk with fewer T cells. About the strength of your body, the adult astronauts in orbit, Who did not suffer the pressure of the natural force of gravity They had a spinal stretch, which sometimes grew by three percent Before they return to Earth. A person who is six feet tall can go into space and return a piss along “1.8 meters” “Five centimeters taller!” Six feet and two inches. Without normal and necessary stress, Bones in space atrophy by one percent every month. “Similar to Osteoporosis” In sufficient time, the percentage of total bone loss It can reach 40 to 60 percent. And when you are weightless, you do not need much muscle strength To move. ‘Before and after a 17-day shuttle trip’ This makes the muscles of the weightless people in space Atrophy. Those muscles that you use to resist gravity Can contract by five percent every month, With a total muscle loss of 20 percent. It’s all scary and sad. But don’t try to cry on him, because without gravity to pull them down, Tears don’t work the same way in space.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield makes excellent environment of zero gravity videos About the different behavior of objects in orbit. For example, tears only gather on your face due to surface tension. “Tears in space (do not fall)” You can cry in space, but he says, tears don’t fall. We know that adults face these problems in space. Theoretically, it will affect On the growth of children in space even more. There are similarities between the way a child’s skeleton grows In space orbit and diseases that cause weakness And osteoporosis here on earth. Bones break and heal Because of different forces from that of traditional land, Like rickets. It is acceptable to say that without proper precautions And exercise and care, like the astronauts are already doing, “The bungee cords mimic the force of gravity” The growth of children in space can be like this. Not because of rickets or vitamin D deficiency, But rather because the usual forces and activity required For healthy bone growth will not be there. In addition to other threats, imagine an object on this body But with thinner legs, thin and weak muscles, The face is full, the eyes are weak, The tendency is higher than usual for dementia later in life. It doesn’t look good at all, does it? Remember, however, that much of this is assumptions.

Few studies have been done on the subject Few studies have been planned for the future. We don’t even know if a healthy fetus can grow from the ground up Or even fertilization can happen in space. When I think carefully about how little we know about our bodies And how our bodies can grow and develop in the vast universe Extraterrestrial, I love thinking about … Plankton. These tiny organisms live in the ocean in amazing numbers. So many varieties are so small that they can’t be seen individually, But collectively, they can be seen from space. Estimates the numbers of plankton present In the Earth’s oceans with a larger number Of the number of stars in our galaxy. There are more plankton on the ground Than there are galaxies in the visible universe. These organisms hang around in the midst of ocean currents. They are assholes. In fact, they have gained their name from the meaning of the word Rambler in Greek, The name they share with objects That are also hanging around in space. environment of zero gravity Planets.

Plankton on a planet. Assholes on rambler. Maybe like an ocean plankton, We humans are destined to hang around and everywhere Eventually we become more stars In our galaxy. It is within the scope of what we can accomplish. But before we start feeling so excited and proud, I know we know very little About how our bodies grow and develop Outside this lounger, this planet. Although, we know a lot of old words Like the word “body”, In fact, we don’t even know why we call these things The word “objects” of the foundation. As always, thanks for watching.

Environment Of Zero Gravity

Teesside Property Solutions Ltd Short Sale

Property Market Gets To Balance between Purchasers and also Vendors Grab Your Dream UK Home On The Cheap – Property Auctions

Did you know that every year thousands of UK properties are sold at significantly below market value? The majority of these properties are released through property auctions where regular savings of between 10% to 40% are available to market value. Even so, property auctions continue to be used only by the elite and for the astute buyer/investor this generates a fantastic opportunity to secure a dream home/good investment at bargain basement prices.

For example, at a recent auction a studio flat was sold in London for a mere £9,000. In another, a 2 bed flat right on the south coast with a market value of upto £100,000 sold for just £14,000 at auction. And those are just a couple of examples of the bargains that people do find at property auctions. However it’s also important to know the potential issues and problems when dealing with auctions and to understand exactly where the best deals are available. If you’re interested in getting into the world of property auctions the below tips & tricks of the trade should be very helpful.


UK Property Auctions                           Home   Contact

The following is a guide to help anyone unlock the value available through UK Property Auctions. Thousands of homes are available at any given time with property auctions, most of which are sold at prices far below market value. However it’s important to know the potential issues and problems when dealing with auctions and to understand where the biggest bargains are available. Details of thousands of cheap, repossessed & auction properties are also available at Property Auction Bargains.

Its perfectly reasonable to expect to pay between 15% to 40% less for a property at auction than you would for the same property through an estate agent. For example, at a recent auction a studio flat was sold in London for a mere £9,000. In another, a 2 bed flat right on the south coast with a market value of upto £100,000 sold for just £14,000 at auction. And those are just a couple of examples of the many bargains that people find at property auctions each and every week.


Repossessions – Sadly for the previous owners, repossessions can often be picked up at bargain prices through auctions.

Investment properties – Properties, which are valued due to the return on investment that they provide. Includes everything from individual office/shop investments to blocks of flats.

Rundown properties – Auctions are great places to pickup properties that are unsaleable in their current state. The attraction here is if you can get such a property in a good location at a cheap price it’s perfectly possible to refurbish and resell on at handsome profits. Indeed there are individuals and organisations that make their living doing this. Unsaleable properties come under the following categories:

Derelict or in derelict areas.

Subject to severe disrepair.

Subject to local authority notices.

Subject to closing orders.

Offered with ambiguous legal titles.

Sold without access.

Sold with major fencing, paving, drainage or other similar responsibilities.

Sold subject to covenants or restrictions, which prevent normal use.

Exceptional properties – Include ones that have historical meaning and plots which ‘get in the way’ of major development projects.


Large composite – Tend to have over 100 lots. Expect well over 300 people to attend and the venue to be held in a large hotel or conference centre. Large composite auctions are likely to be run by a single auction house. The type of property may be restricted to just one (e.g. vacant possession houses, factories, warehouses etc) or may be a mixture of different types.

Medium composite – Have between 5 to 100 lots and will typically attract between 200 to 500 people, most likely in a hotel or conference centre. It’s similar to a large composite, only on a smaller scale.

Small composite – Offer between 2 to 5 lots and will attract upto 5 bidders. The likely venue is likely to be somewhere like a pub, restaurant, church or small hotel. Small auctions will generally follow a theme – for example the properties involved may have been part of a bigger group (such as a portfolio of properties owned by one company) who believe the best returns will be obtained by offering the properties for sale individually.

Single lot – usually for a property that is in great demand.


Auctions aren’t as easy to find as you might expect. Traditionally auctioneers get more than enough interest from in-the-know regulars so they don’t need to spend much money on costly advertising to the public. Here’s where the list of auction houses that comes with this guide becomes invaluable. There are details on each auction house including which area the auction house covers. Go through the list and identify ones, which cover the areas you are interested in. Then:

Phone the auction house and ask them when their next auction is likely to be held. Ask them to put you on a mailing list, which details forthcoming auctions. Some may charge a small fee for this, others offer the service for free.

Prepare a list of questions for each auction house you contact. These should include:

Do you have a mailing list?

How long do you keep people on your mailing lists and can you let me know if I am about to be removed?

What type of properties do you auction?

It may also be worth subscribing to certain pedigree property magazines. These include Property Auction News, Under The Hammer and Property Week. Local newsagents usually carry these.


Obviously they will provide the details of the properties going under the hammer at their auctions. These tend to be more detailed than the snippets given by estate agents (there are laws such as the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 which make it illegal for auctioneers to give false information about a property). On the whole, for any given lot they will provide:


Construction details

Tenure (e.g. freehold)

Accommodation details (e.g. 3 bedrooms etc)

Notes (e.g. refurbishment required)

Viewing details

Solicitor details

Auctioneers usually publish a catalogue with the lot details – this is a book detailing the various properties available at auction. These will usually be available a month or less prior to the auction date.


Some banks/building societies can be sheepish about revealing that they are selling repossessed properties so you need to be alert in the auction for clues. Auction adverts may reveal that a bank may be the seller of a number of properties, or the auction catalogue may state a phrase such as ‘on instruction of a liquidator’ or something similar – this should tell you that the property being sold is a repossession. If you are unsure, ask the auctioneer directly if the lot being offered is a repossession.


There are several thousands of properties available for auction at any given time all over the UK. It’s important to understand how auctions work before purchasing a property from one. To find out where you can get hold of a list of UK property auction venues and websites of auction properties for sale take a look at my resource box below. I wish you every success in finding your dream bargain home at auction

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Detoxification an Alcohol-Free Body

Alcohol And Exercise

Alcohol Detoxification

Detoxification an Alcohol-Free BodyTotal body detoxification systems and plans can take many forms, but one of the most popular that individuals typically use on their bodies is a complete alcohol detoxification. In fact, the group Alcoholics-Anonymous has been formed in order to help people with the goals of detoxifying their bodies from alcohol completely. This is a very noble goal, but one should be aware that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. However, one of the reasons that Alcoholics-Anonymous is not popular with everybody is because it does not work for everyone. Since this is the case, there are plenty of other ways in which a person is able to complete a total body alcohol detoxification. There are simple and basic steps that should be performed and they are detailed below.

Safe Withdrawal

There are many people who live with alcohol dependence for a great majority of their lives. However, alcohol dependence is not the way to live your life because one is essentially putting themselves as the slave of the alcoholic drink. On the contrary, one needs to make a safe withdrawal from alcohol is they are to complete a total body detoxification from alcohol. There are many ways to go about doing this, but the best and most safe way to do so would be at an alcohol rehabilitation center. These types of rehab centers do specialize is alcohol detoxification and one is able to get the best help there also. It is possible to complete this step on your own and there are many benefits in doing so, but the best way is through a professional and medical rehab center.

Cognitive Treatment

The next step of a former alcoholic’s detoxification is most certainly the cognitive therapy part. Even though many people who are undergoing an alcohol detoxification may think that they don’t need anyone’s help to get through the process, the detoxification process is a long one. Counselors, therapists, and psychologists of all kinds are all able to help successfully cognitively treat a person who has just gone through alcohol withdrawal in their life. Because withdrawal is a scary process the medical professional inside rehab centers will be psychologists much of the time.

Life Planning

This last step of alcohol detoxification involves discussing one’s life plans with their counselor, other therapist, or life coach. A life coach is a person who is able to help you get on the right track in order to have a more successful life! This process of the detoxification system will often involve such things as goal planning, career assessments, and being prepared for life after alcohol.

All of these steps, though, are vitally important to performing an alcohol detoxification on the body’s system. Not only does the mind need to go through the withdrawal process, but the body’s systems need the benefit of it as well. When combined and used together the withdrawal process, counseling, and life planning can all be used to create a healthier and alcohol-free person.

Alcohol Detoxification

Creating a Gourmet Gift Basket

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From Home

Creating a Gourmet Gift BasketHow To Start A Home Based Gift Basket Business

Many of us dream of working from home, spending more quality time with our families. I decided to do just that. Yes i was afraid of failing, not being able to handle the pressures of running a business, and looking after my family at the same time. So I began my search for the right business to start, GIFT BASKETS! I use to give them for gifts to family members, so I thought why not make money while doing something I loved.
As with any new business,you will have to make a number of decisions. What types of baskets will you offer? If you are working from home do you have enough space for creating your baskets?
What is your target market? And most of all how will you reach them? If you plan to start on a shoestring budget, start slow and work from home. running your business from home will allow you to save on overhead expenses.
Income Potential
Your income potential depends on how hard you work and market your business. Industry insiders estimate potential revenues to range from 10,000 annually working part time from home.
Your Gift Baskets
You can either offer a wide selection of gift baskets, or focus on a smaller market. Some of the common gift baskets being offered include the following:
Gourmet/Food Gift Baskets. These are the most popular gift baskets businesses give to their clients, friends and family.
Bath And Body Gift Baskets. These are very popular! Ingredients of these baskets include toiletries like scented soaps, fragrances, olis, lotions, and aromatherapy products. These are just a few selections of gift baskets offered, the list goes on.
You inventory level should alway grow as your sales grow. Start small, keeping inventory at a relistic level. You can purchase inventory for your gift baskets either wholesale or retail. I would advise buying at wholesale price, because you may buy in quantities.

From Home

Choosing a Franchise

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Franchise Opportunity

Choosing a Franchise There are hundreds of options to choose from when it comes time for you to decide to open up a franchise of your own, but there are some important considerations that one must think about prior to doing so. Even though it may seem important to you to jump right into a franchise opportunity with both hands tied behind your back, being so careless about owning a franchise is just one way to enable a failing franchise from the outset! Nevertheless, many people do jump into purchasing a franchise of a company before they really think about what type of a franchise they truly should be running. If you are one that is prone to quick thinking decisions then here are some things about choosing a franchise that you should consider:

Your Interests

Even though you’ve probably heard over and time again that it is very important to think about your interests when opening a franchise, this could very well be an indicator and predictor of whether or not your chosen franchise will sink or swim! Do you want to own a restaurant franchise? Is opening up a restaurant franchise something that you will be able to keep up for years on end? Even though franchise opportunities, such as upscale restaurants like The Olive Garden,

The Golden Corral or another company may seem like a very profitable direction to take, you may not feel like owning the franchise is ten to fifteen years, although many franchise contracts usually require a minimum of twenty years.

Indeed, then, it is truly important to think about what you like doing in your spare time that should lead you to what types of franchise opportunity that you want to open up. For example, if you love watching sports games on television than you may just think about opening up your own sports memorabilia franchise opportunity so that you’ll be able to watch and be surrounded by the things you love all day long. On the other hand, if you love working with cars then perhaps opening an automobile accessory franchise is the thing for you. In the end, spending time with things that you are passionate about is very important so as not to get too burnt out on the work that you have to do each day in order to make the franchise survive!


Opening your own franchise opportunity Store! Even though owning a franchise can seem like a tempting option to choose, another avenue that many people overlook before heading to the franchise aisle is to open up their own business. There are many advantages to owning your own business rather than having a company franchise, and some of the benefits include being able to dictate what you will do with your own store, as well as how you’ll decorate the company store you’ve created!

All in all, these are some of the most important things to think about when it comes to opening up your own franchise and possibly starting a company of your own. Many people open up franchises everyday with the intent to succeed only to find out later that they are about to close up shop! Finding a franchise opportunity that is good for you will definitely help you in the long run!

Franchise Opportunity

Alternative Therapies Acupuncture Versus Aromatherapy

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Alternative Therapies Acupuncture Versus AromatherapyWhen dealing with age-old therapies one of the best things to do is to always keep your guard up. Even though you may think that you’ve heard quite a lot about the benefits of acupuncture and aromatherapy, chances are that you have never experienced the benefits personally. However, another good thing to do would be to actually experience the effects personally, however positive or negative, if you are constantly wondering whether these therapy methods will actually work. Acupuncture is a totally different therapy from aromatherapy, however, both of these forms of treatments evolved a very long time ago. Acupuncture evolved from the Chinese culture, but aromatherapy evolved from thousands of years ago in ancient civilizations.

How Each Therapy Differs

When discussing acupuncture and aromatherapy it is first best to differentiate between the two therapies. Even though the sounds of the name seem to give off what the therapies are all about, you just may be surprised at the many people who mistake one of those therapies for the other. Perhaps the reason that both of them originated so long ago is the reason that many people get them confused.

But nevertheless, acupuncture deals with long and thin needles that are inserted into the skin at certain pressure points in the body. You may have seen pictures or movies where there have been people laying on hospital beds or another kind of surface with long needles sticking out of their backs or stomachs. The Chinese believed that doing this would ward off any and all sicknesses that eventually came your way. Additionally, thousands of testimonials can be read and listened to about the benefits of performing this therapy.

On the other hand, aromatherapy is very much different from acupuncture. Whereas acupuncture deals with sticking needles into your skin, aromatherapy deals with inhaling oils or applying some kind of oils to your skin. There are several methods to getting the oils into your body, but the oils are said to help your health in virtually every way possible.

Which Has More Benefits

The ancient civilizations from long ago all believed that each of these alternative therapies had their benefits. However, the Chinese believed that Acupuncture was the best therapy technique, and those in other parts of the world believed that aromatherapy was the cure to all that ails you. It is undisputable, however, that each of these therapies, acupuncture and aromatherapy, both of cured many thousands of peoples since their evolution. No scientist or researcher knows the exact reason why, and that is a little troubling considering that these techniques have been around since the beginning of time.

All in all, though, each of these techniques seem to have their own benefits in their own right. Acupuncture is a very excellent technique that was used by the Chinese, and many other people decided to start using it. However, the same goes for the aromatherapy cures and techniques. It really just comes down to personal preference, though, and finding the right therapy that works for you!


What does your landscaping plan need?

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There are a few different things that any good landscaping plan will need to be successful. First you should know what a successful landscaping plan is. To be successful a landscaping plan needs to be well thought out and all issues must be dealt with and accounted for. This means taking into consideration the amount of sun each are of the yard will get as well as how much water it will receive and where the water will sit. Drainage is imperative to any well thought out landscaping plan. You need to have the right kind of irrigation if you want anything to grow and flourish in your landscaping plan.

You should take close stock of what is already around before you start any kind of landscaping plan. All of the best ones will use the natural beauties that are already a part of any yard. Most yards will have something going for them so find this and use it to make your landscaping plan stunning. For example there may be some gorgeous flowers or trees, or some great rock formations. Why rip these out only to plant another thing, that is just a waste of living things in some cases and totally unacceptable. Use what is there and your landscaping plan will look that much more natural and gorgeous every single time.

Examine all aspects of the yard to be landscaped. Will you need to level or hill up any areas? Are the angles good as they are or do they need a little help? These kinds of things matter and will have some part of the drainage aspect mentioned above when it comes to your landscaping plan.

Most people do not have a million or so dollars to spend so you will have to take this into consideration when you are coming up with your landscaping plan. You need to know how much you will be able to afford before you go all out designing this amazing, yet expensive landscaping plan. You will probably not be able to afford to change the whole slope of your yard even if you wanted to so try to stay within the scope of your money and your ideas.

Make sure that your landscaping plan has taken everything into consideration and the and only then should you start putting this plan into motion.