Christianity from Judaism to Constantine: Crash Course World History #11

Hi, I’m John Green and this is Crash Course on World History and today we’re going to talk about Christ. This is a Roman coin from the time when Christ was born in the Roman Empire He described Augustus as the Son of God to recall from the beginning that it was in history The fourth year BC was the title of the Son of God or the title of the Son of any god is unusual. But a poor Jew turned out to be the Son of God … that would arouse much controversy. Badge music. Every study of Christianity must begin with Judaism because Christ was born Jewish He grew up under Jewish tradition and was one of many professors. Spread his ideas In the Judea region at that time was part of the Christian tradition Which helps us more to understand why he is more than just a teacher. Let’s go straight to the Thought Bubble Those who converted to Judaism were part of many tribes who tried to live In fact, the infertile crescent is an area between Mesopotamia after the Agricultural Revolution The Hebrews worshiped the beginning of many gods and made sacrifices to bring them Good weather and luck, but eventually they developed a religion based on an idea It later became the basis for a number of prominent Western religions. That idea is monotheism, the belief in the existence of one true God, at least if there is … Other gods are very boring. The Hebrews also developed another principle It is the basis of religion also the idea of the covenant, a deal with God. The most prominent man in this was (Ibrahim) I did not mean to become a religious lesson But it is a bit difficult to understand the Jews without understanding the story of Abraham or Abram. He is best known for his discussion with God recorded in Genesis 17 When (Ibrahim) was at the age of ninety-nine God appeared to him and said to him, “I am God Almighty” Walk in front of me to become complete, and I will make an agreement with you He earns you a bunch of wonderful things that will have children and your offspring They will be able to count the stars and you can have the land of Canaan forever. I am crafting the wording by the way bubble ideas. So God promised Abraham to give birth to his wife despite his 99 years of age But there was a requirement that they and their descendants keep this agreement Between them and God and that every child and man must be cleansed Let’s keep the decency bubble of ideas These are many demands from the man, especially a man at the age of 99, such as (Ibrahim) He lives in a time before the discovery of general anesthesia, but these were the terms of the agreement and in return God (Abraham) and his descendants chose to be a huge nation and from this we understand the origin … Their view that they are the chosen people. Thank you for your decency, bubble of ideas. So the important features of this god are: First, it is I use the reminder because this is what the Hebrew prayers say They do not wish to favor any other God. He is eternal for a long time and he is very personal in his conversation With the Apostles and send locusts and the like but does not take the form of a human as do the Romans and the Greeks It also has a role in history, destroying cities and the latest flood He outlined the outcome of the wars and possibly the results of football matches.Stan, no! Football results! Perhaps the most important factor for us today and inevitably the most important for Christ, as this God seeks Moral goodness and social justice this is the God of the Hebrews, (Jehovah) Despite their volatility, Jews have not abandoned it for at least 5,700 years According to the Hebrew calendar. He has also not abandoned them, although they are sometimes frustrated This led to several disasters and a series of apostles who spoke in the name of God They warned that people should return to the right path so that no more calamities could be inflicted on them. What brings us back to our Roman friends when Christ was born The land of the Israelites was under the authority of the Roman Empire under the name of Judea When Christ was born, Judea was under the control of Herod the Great, who is famous … To build the enormous temples in Jerusalem that were later destroyed by the Romans At the time of Christ’s death, the expanded Judea was under the control of Herod Antipater. Also known as Herod, both received orders from the Romans Both were on the list of rulers who partially persecuted Jews … For the lack of such religious freedom in an empire Unless the Mongol Empire The Persian Empire also liked Greek character and civil engineering Logic in response to these Greek influences There were many preachers who tried to bring the Jews back to their traditions and ancestral religion Especially the sects of the Sadducees, Pharisees, Essenes and Zelot. Among those preachers was one who did not feel comfortable in any of these denominations Isa al-Nasiri, a preacher who called for the message of peace and love Above all, justice in Judea and during its mid-life is a reality The uniqueness of the character really attracted a very small and loyal group of followers. He was said to be performing miracles but it is worth noting that miracles were not … Very rare back then. Isa’s message was very prominent, especially for the poor and oppressed, and it was radical In its hostility to power it was easier for a camel to cross a perforated needle To enter the wealthy Paradise said that moderation blessed The underdog of God is Sami rank and the oppressor will be punished What threatened the forces that were prevalent and thus arrested and tried and then executed As usual for governments in the execution of insurgents at the time, crucifixion. To answer this question too, the Romans crucified Christ because he was a threat To their authority, later popular stories stated that it was the Jews who killed him, which is regrettable but not true We will not discuss the holiness of Christ for the following reasons: 1. This is not a religion lesson 2. Sharing insults via comments is something that makes me uncomfortable So that I need to move to camera 2 I’m here to remind you 3. The dispute over such issues is like asking whether Zaid hit Omar or Zaid Omar. It rarely achieves anything. 4. What we care about is historical facts People believed that Jesus was the chosen Shepherd, the Son of God And believe that he will one day return to rid the world What brings us to two questions about Christianity: First, why did a small group of people believe this? Second, why and how … That belief has become widespread? Did people believe that Jesus is Christ? First, Jews used to believe that the Savior would come In the most difficult trials, Judea is under the authority of Herod and the Romans Many prophecies about the Savior have indicated that his life is very similar The life of Jesus, for example, stated in Isaiah 53 that this person would be misunderstood and mistreated As Issa came, it was the object of hatred and rejection by people, a man who suffered It was a tragedy, and it was a point of real hatred to the extent that people disfigured their faces And many prophecies as in Daniel 7:14 stated that Christ When he returns, a wonderful new and eternal kingdom will rise For people who took their own authority. So some Jewish religious people saw that the prophecies were Jesus and believed Either during his life or after his death as Christ and most of them thought … The eternal kingdom is imminent. Perhaps this is why no one bothered to write About the life of Isa for decades It has become clear that we may have to wait longer after the arrival of this magnificent kingdom I should mention that the idea of Christ was not distinctive to the Jews at the time. Even the Romans were involved in this idea. For example, the Roman poet Vergil wrote For a boy who will free the earth from constant fear And will live the lives of the gods and see the heroes and the gods coexist Does this seem familiar? But Virgil was writing about the emperor in that poem and not about Jesus again To the similarities between the two people both described that the Son of God was both sent to free The world is endless fear, but one ruled the world’s largest empire and the other He believed that that empire and the whole world needed radical change Why has not the least wealthy and famous son of God become the most influential yet? Here are three possible historical reasons: First, the Romans continued to clamp down on the Jews until their situation worsened Especially after their rebellion between 66 and 73 AD which was not a positive result. While the dust of the rebellion ran, the Romans destroyed the temple and expelled the Jews from Judea. That was the beginning of what we now know as the dispersion of the Jews Without a temple or geographical location, Jews had to root the essence of Judaism The rooting of the major dogmas of this religion forced the followers of Jesus To make the decision whether to abide by Judaism With stricter laws set by rabbis or by other means The decision allowed them to open their religion to non-Jews and those not covered by the agreement. This was the main reason for Christianity to become a world religion Instead of remaining a sect of Judaism. And it was no harm in representing the Jewish support of James. Issa’s brother who was killed by the Romans. The second reason is related to the former and speaks of a man named Saul, no, I don’t mean that. Yes, Saul, Tarsus. Thank you. Saul received a vision on his way to Damascus. The followers of Christ and sending letters to them across the Mediterranean was (Paulus) who sympathized He declared that Jesus’ followers do not have to be Jewish and do not need circumcision Or abiding by Jewish laws, etc. This opened the door for thousands of people to follow this new religion It is also worth mentioning about (Paulus) that he was a Romanian citizen means He was able to flee freely across the Roman Empire, helping him to convey his message To many people it was facilitated by the geographical spread of Christianity Time for our open letter? Well, an open letter to the fish. But first, let’s see what the secret compartment today contains (Stan) (Jesus Christ) The eminent character is available in my favorite form, a magnetic tape. Did you choose a shirt color that matches the color of the ribbon? Yes Dear Fish of Christ, here’s the first century when this religion was hidden. His followers were wonderful, a secret symbol of Christianity Used to hide from the Romans, the fish of Christ the Greek meaning of “fish” was abbreviated It is a great way to talk about religion privately. But you will not believe what happened even in places where it was not prevented Talk about Christianity or use a common symbol of Christianity like a cross. Thanks to the car stickers industry, it has had a great return Indeed, fish, I have not seen a return of this magnitude since the time of Christ. With my best wishes. John Green. Finally, Christianity was born and flourished with an empire thanks to a common language It allowed its proliferation and the inspiration was also that it was an empire falling apart Until the end of the first century AD, Rome was crumbling For the average citizen and even for the elite, life is no longer the same It was deteriorating very quickly as if it were the end of the world The Roman religion did not make any promises of a life afterlife only made many gods complain I apologize if I offend any of the followers of the Roman religion but it is really grumbling. So even though the early Christians were persecuted by the Roman Empire They were sometimes fed to lions and other animals whose growth continued slowly While the Roman decline continued, Emperor Constantine allowed the religion of Christ He eventually converted to Christianity and the Christian religion began to flourish (Rome) was not as before, but everyone wanted to be as emperor Soon there was another son’s image of God on coins. Thank you for watching, see you next week. Produced and directed by Stan Muller, script supervisor (Danica Johnson) My teacher and high school teacher, Raoul Meyer, wrote this program The graphics are produced by the Thot Babylon team. 62 million of you succeeded in predicting last week’s Chipotle Burrito If you want to predict this week’s words or suggest phrases for the coming weeks You can post comments and ask questions about today’s episode Our team of historians will try to answer them Thank you for watching our program Thank you for watching our program As it is said in my town: “Do not forget to be wonderful” one more time…

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