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In this video we can examinethe chronicle of the haute French delicacies that has been developed in the Palace of Versaillesuntil the French Revolution in 1789 So, do not forget to ring the bellAnd subscribe foodie eyes channel we’re establishing right away except the beginningof the sixteenth century French cooking was unpretentious,general and quite simple as in England actually,we can begin speakme about food in phrases of a culture thatleads to our time from 1533 The 12 months wherein the Duke of Orleanswas married to Caterina de Medici of the well-known Florentine household She took with hermany famous chefs and confectioners from Italy Of which the French beganto enhance their cooking schools and promote the art of cooking in the direction of the top of the 17th centuryFrance used to be already identified within the worldin its classic delicacies The menuevolved over a type of dishes, and contemporary productsAn attractive display of dishes has become inevitable The combinationof combined flavors And dishes that matches togetherwere the main line within the menu at the commencing of the century,lots of the cooks in France have discover the contemporary veggies issuein cooking throughout the reign of Louis XIV, king of france whose first-rate affection used to be known for recent and cooked greens,sweets and pastries, And his chefs has developedthe marzipan and the instruction of jams The progress of cookingin the palace of Louis XIV A quantity of cookbooks are written and bestknown CUISINIER FRANCAIS Written in 1651 by Francois de la Varenne It used to be The constitutive textual content of present day French cuisine in the 16th century Le Veran broke upFrom Italian traditions that revolutionized French cookingin the center a long time La Varennewas the center piece of the team of French chefs,who wrote for a professional viewers And created a codification of French cuisineduring the reign of Louis XIV, the king of France in the 17th centurythere used to be a culinary revolution that brought French gastronomyinto present day instances.The closely spiced flavorsof medieval delicacies were abandoned in favorof the common flavors of food And uncommon spices were replaced with localherbs New vegetables like cauliflower,asparagus, peas, cucumber and artichokes have entered the menu particular attentionwas given for the cooking of meat and retain its customary style veggies should have beenfresh and delicate Fish, with the development of transport,needed to be completely fresh The cooking needed to respectthe sense of style and look of the ingredientsinstead of hiding them as that they had in the past La Varenne’s workwas the primary to consult giant culinary improvements in France within the 17th centuryWhen the method in keeping with therules and principles He presented the first bisk craband bashmel sauce He replaced the breadcrumbswith roux as a base for the sauces And the pig fat in butter and right here you can findthe first use in phrases of boca garny, axis and reductionAnd egg protein for clarification It also contains the earliestrecipe located in writing for cream Shnit Its point out of a aromatic asparagus sauceis evidence of an early form of Hollandaise sauce It was once the first bookto try to make order of principles and cooking principles The cooking for Louis XIVwas extra stunning than sophisticated A significant quantity of dishes had been servedat the king’s dinner, which used to be known for itsgluttony as an alternative than its connoisseur taste in the end, Louis XIVinstituted the customized of serving parts separately before his timeit used to be usual to place all of the meals in a pyramidAt the middle of the desk.One sauce was famousat the time, bishammel sauce in the name of his finance minister,Louis de Bechamel, who furthermore managed alist of menus and a cataloged them The reign of Louis XVis viewed the golden age of French delicacies farmers began to provide high-fine foods and in tremendous portions and the famine that was once a everlasting visitor disappeared pleasant cooks competedwith each and every other in creating imaginative dishes the basic fluids and their abilityto make stronger sauces had been discovered Mayonnaise dressing appearson the table of the Marshal de Richelieu Goose liver patedecorated with cakes grew to be noted inNicolas Francois-Duane’s recipes Chef of the primary Presidentof the Parliament of Bordeaux in the course of the reign of Louis XVIFrench chefs continue to refine the culinary methods and create menusfor celebrations and foods The conductof the Palace of Versailles integrated breakfast and lunchand dinner ceremonies each night Which used to be attendedby tens and enormous quantities of diners The enormous kitchenthat accelerated and grew parallel to the enlargement of the palaceemployed more than 2000 employees, cooks and cooks The kitchenwas developed external the palace itself As a factoryNext to the vegetable gardens, the goat pen, cowshed and fowl coop it is principal to mentionthat this kitchen had a massive bakery, a slaughterhouse and dairyHuge ovens, a immense winery and a large room the place ice was stored The ice introduced from the Swiss Alpsby hundreds of workers Who were engagedin transporting significant rocks of ice to the royal palace The ice was usedto cool the drinks and complex dishes that requiredcooling in an era where an electrical fridge was past creativeness sadly, the kitchen itself wasdestroyed in the nineteenth century On the next chapter we can seeWhat has come to be from that big system Of royalty kitchens So, recollect to subscribe this channel AND GET THE first-class FOODIE movies in your screen I want to welcome all the new subscribers and i’m sure you are going to continue to enjoy foodie eyes videos Thanks for observing see ya in the very next

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