COVENTRY | 4K Narrated Walking Tour | Let’s Walk 2022

Join me for a walk around the heart of the magnificent Midlands city of Coventry, historically one of England’s most prosperous cities, and today filled to the brim with history, from the ruins of its cathedral to the legend of Lady Godiva and so much more!

On our walk around Coventry, we pass a number of interesting landmarks, including the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, The Charred Cross, Coventry University, Coventry Cathedral, The Coventry Boy, Bayley Lane, Mary’s Guildhall, the old County Hall, Holy Trinity Church, Broadgate, the statue of Lady Godiva, Upper Precinct, Lower Precinct, The Naiad, Broadgate Clock, High Street, The Council House, Hay Lane, The Golden Cross Inn, Priory Row, the remains of Mary’s Priory, The Lychgate Cottages, The Flying Standard, Whittle Arch, Pool Meadow Bus Station, Coventry Transport Museum and the Swanswell you so much to the following sites for their help in my research of Ruins of Coventry Cathedral
2:54 The Charred Cross
3:10 Ruins of Coventry Cathedral
3:50 Effigy of Bishop Huyshe Yeatman-Biggs
4:08 Ruins of Coventry Cathedral
4:14 Coventry Cathedral
4:31 University Square
5:07 Coventry Cathedral (ruined and new)
5:32 Coventry Cathedral
5:47 The Coventry Boy
6:13 Coventry Cathedral
7:20 Michael’s Avenue
8:08 Coventry Cathedral (ruined)
9:00 Former County Hall
9:21 Holy Trinity Church
10:07 Trinity Lane
10:33 Broadgate
11:11 Statue of Lady Godiva
11:57 Broadgate
12:14 Upper Precinct
13:48 Lower Precinct and Central Fountain
14:14 Upper Precinct
15:19 The Naiad
15:31 Upper Precinct
16:02 Broadgate
16:29 Broadgate Lady Godiva Clock
16:58 High Street
18:12 The Council House
20:05 High Street
20:23 Hay Lane
21:08 The Golden Cross Inn
21:21 Coventry Cathedral (ruined)
21:50 Holy Trinity Church
22:05 Cuckoo Lane
22:21 Priory Row
23:03 Remains of Mary’s Priory
24:05 Priory Row
24:10 Lychgate Cottages
24:42 The Flying Standard
25:04 Trinity Street
26:21 Whittle Arch
26:54 Pool Meadow Bus Station
27:10 Whittle Arch
27:26 Statue of Sir Frank Whittle
27:58 Coventry Transport Museum
28:44 Swanswell Gate
29:26 Coventry city walls
29:43 Lady Herbert’s Gardens
30:21 Thank you for watching!

Stats for nerds:

Distance walked: count: 2600 steps taken: 29 mins 42 secs
Average speed: do not use any footage from this video without my

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