Driving downtown – London HDR 4K, Uk England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Today we are going to drive through around the city of London, we are going to see some beautiful tourists attraction and residential and some commercial places on the way !
Let’s drive together and see what’s happening there right now!
Areas covered in this driving tour!
Knightsbridge, Fulham, Chelsea, Gloucester Road, Sloane Square, Victoria, Pimlico, Westminster Bridge, Waterloo, Blackfriars, Southwark and Surrounding Areas!

23 April 2022
Time 3:15pm
19 degrees Celsius

00:00 Beachump place Knightsbridge
01:45 Cromwell Road South West London
05:54 Gloucester Road
07:56 Cranley garden
08:59 Fulham Road
09:55 Old Church Street
10:58 Kings Road Chelsea
14:40 Sloane Square
15:46 Upper Sloane street
16:49 Pimlico Road
17:50 Ebury Bridge
18:12 Warwick Way
18:46 St Georgies drive
20:45 Embankment
26:11 Parliament Square
28:16 Westminster Bridge Road
30:45 York Road Waterloo
33:41 Stamford Street
36:19 Southwark Street

London Walk
London Driving Tour
London Driving Tour 2022
Driving downtown
Driving downtown 2022
Driving around tourists attraction


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