History Summarized: England

English History has a reputation for being nigh incomprehensible — what with all the kings, civil wars, succession crises, and slapfights with But with the right perspective (and a little royal-restraint), England can become quite a straightforward So let’s take a look at this slice of Britain, and see how it grew into the master of the & Further Reading: “History of England from the Tudors to the Stuarts”, lecture series for The Great Courses by Robert Bucholz, a great look at Renaissance and Early Imperial Minute History of England and Britain” Parts 1-18, by History Matters, a lengthy chronicle of English history from the Roman conquest through the Union of the Good watch if you have the by Peter Ackroyd, the first book in a mammoth 6-volume History of England, which covers everything up to the death of Henry If you really want to dig into English History, this is the book for video was edited by Sophia Ricciardi AKA content is intended for teenage audiences and LINKS: WEBSITE: us on Twitter us on Reddit

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