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Hello everyone! Welcome to Episode 14 of my New Year! 🎉2022 has now begun, but I would also like to look back fondly at the memories from the last Good times or bad times, I am thankful for 🙏

With this I like to remember last year’s memories in In this vlog, I will give you a holiday house tour of the house I stayed in for a week while visiting It’s been a good rest, which has made me enjoy my life

Did you have a good rest during the holidays? 🎄

This is not a sponsored video, I am just a satisfied you are interested in staying in the house I stayed in, please feel free to check out Llecha in the link below: always,
Ellie Vera

This is a silent vlog with Please remember to turn on the subtitles by clicking the “CC”

⭐ Uploads on this channel mainly include weekend routine and holiday ⭐

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