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✨ Hello everyone! Welcome to Episode 17 of my ✨

I would like to sincerely apologise for not uploading videos for a long Unfortunately, I have had some technical issues with my laptop when trying to access my stored Which is why I was not able to edit and upload 😣 The problem is still there, but luckily I was able to find my way around it which works for the time So hopefully you will see my videos more regularly this time, although I think it may be more feasible for me to upload every two weeks instead of the weekly as I used to I do hope it is still alright with Thank you so much again for all your patience and support! 🥰

This week’s video will be about the trip to The Peak District that I did last year, along with some This trip is to primarily go walking (or hiking as some of you might know it as) amongst the beautiful scenery that is found in The Peak

How about you? Have you any hobbies that have to do with nature?

Thank you very much for watching until the See you in the next video!

Love always,
Ellie Vera

This is a silent vlog with Please remember to turn on the subtitles by clicking the “CC”

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