How 156 years of British rule shaped Hong Kong

I am in China now, but I feel that I am in the UK. Under British rule, Hong Kong became a modern western city with an oriental background. This is the venue for the British Cricket Club in downtown Hong Kong. Cricket has been playing on these venues since 1880. Hong Kong is a peculiar place. As a colony, it did not break away from British rule until 1997. Therefore, the British culture here is very obvious. This ferry was built by the British in 1888. Five-star ferry day and night Provide the most important way to cross the sea These trams were brought by the British in the early 20th century. If you go to London, you will see that the double-decker bus there looks exactly the same as the bus here. Notice which side of the road they drive? So many street names, road names, are all British. The famous Happy Valley Racecourse is said to be the most beautiful in the east. Walking through this park, I walked on this bowling green They play bowling. Incomparably an ancient British sport. This is in the center of Hong Kong The British brought good management and An intimate lifestyle. These homes and apartments are located on the top of Victoria Peak. Around the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century, the United Kingdom began to trade with China. China has all sorts of things the West wants: porcelain, silk. But the British have only one favorite: a herb called tea. China is really the only place in the world where tea is produced on a large scale. The British are completely hooked on it. But the British government has an obstacle in the tea trade: The Chinese emperor only accepts pure silver coins, basically coins and silver bars in exchange for tea. This is the case, and the British are willing to accept The British are willing to pay all the price for it. Because tea is too important. In the end, the UKs financial sectors silver reserves plummeted, which became a national crisis. So the UK came up with a very unethical solution to the problem of tea and silver. They began to smuggle opium Opium is a very addictive anesthetic that is illegal in China. The British sold opium for Chinese silver and then used to buy tea. This is their solution to the problem: illegal drug trafficking This is really shocking for me. In the end, the Chinese government intervened in this illegal drug trade and stopped such behavior. They seized all the opium and put 20,000 boxes of opium into the sea. The British were not satisfied with Chinas destruction of opium, so she sent her gunboat. The Opium War began. They finally negotiated a series of peace agreements. Part of these deals is Chinas intention to give this sparsely populated island to China. They mentioned this in the text of the treaty, and Britain will have Hong Kong for 99 years. But the diplomat of the negotiations later said In ninety-nine years he was called “as good as ever” It means unintentional return to Hong Kong. So the British desire for tea Let them have a war with China and finally gave them a new Asian colony: Hong Kong Hong Kong, as a British colony, is a tourist paradise for tax-free people. China, mainland China, is just a few miles from the border. I just walked into the grocery store to see Billy, he is a historian here. We looked at a bunch of maps, much like my activities. So one of the things that the British started doing here is Draw your own borders in the city to separate them from the local Chinese. Let us talk about tea now. It is still a symbol of different cultures in Hong Kong Witnessed the influence of the British and Chinese influences. British people prefer to have tea, scones, scones and small cakes. And the Chinese will tell you that they won’t use milk to dampen their tea. They drink tea with snacks and rarely eat buns and cakes. The situation of tea in the UK is very different. These two traditions Play a counterbalance Parting ways with the Chinese Drinking in crowded slums, drinking tea in teahouses and teahouses British people in their aristocratic home on the hill Sipping their milk tea, but eventually these boundaries disappear over time The two cultures began to merge. Today, Tea culture has become the perfect blend of the two. But I have to break the British dream. 99 years is not as forever considered by British diplomats. The actual handover ceremony is about to begin. The role of the UK officially ended The handover ceremony held before midnight Will soon become China’s five-star flag Once again, I have sovereignty over Hong Kong. I represent Her Majesty the Queen. Thanks to all the British, admire And feelings and blessings for everyone in Hong Kong At midnight, Chinas Red Star flag will be on. For me, this is pure betrayal. We are like being abandoned by the British. Under the blend of Chinese and Western values Hong Kong has a sense of honor Citizenship is not Determined by passport This is something you cherish, The culture of our lives. We feel lost in our identity. The identity of our generation is very complicated. Britains return of Hong Kong to China is the beginning of a new chapter This city, next week I will explain what happened when China tried to integrate Hong Kong. And how the people here resist .

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