How Fox News has shifted its coronavirus rhetoric

This is yet a different attempt to impeach the president and unfortunately it seems they care little or no for any of the destruction they’re leaving in their wake we ought to scan for the virus to be able to discontinue the unfold of it what would be an awfully exceptional procession some predicting even a despair at worst worst case scenario it could be the flu I believe just like the more I be taught about this the less there’s to fear about I was about to assert the same factor we do not have immunity to this virus it can be a new virus it’s a virus stress of a pandemic we’ve not obvious earlier than all of the talk about corona virus being a lot extra lethal does not reflect reality with no vaccine the flu could be far more deadly we are facing an enormously contagious and detrimental virus that’s moving the world over from one hotspot to another we’re going to call out any one and all people who’s using this virus as a political weapon towards the president the ordinary flu each single year kills tens of enormous quantities of usa citizens we are now entering what will be the important defining 15-day interval as a ruse because it relates to this virus the place we have to slow the spread of coronavirus it is certainly the most secure time to fly every body i do know that is flying proper now terminals are often useless we have a accountability to sluggish down this virus and to feel of different individuals for the period of this time and so if which you could keep your distance and avert anybody from getting practically you that might be sick you could say your household that you would be able to save the elderly and support our nation as a nation it is certainly disgusting that Democrats are seeking to use this tricky virus to score low-priced political points this damaging wellness main issue might dovetail rapidly into a political trouble already feeling monetary ramifications of it all

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