Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

Translator: Ali Sumait Auditor: Ahmad Altamimi When I was in university .. My major was government work Which signifies I have to write a lot of newspapers, Now when any ordinary student writes a newspaper His work schedule ogles almost like this. as you encounter ..( Laughter) Work is slow at first, But you achieve enough in the first week Because it builds you recognize heavy eras coming She appears fertile and cute.( Laughter) And I hope to do this the same way, This is how the project is likely to be .. I will start writing the schedule to is starting, Then it is time to write .. And I end up like this!( Laughter) And this happens on every paper I write .. Until I was asked to write a 90 page graduation thesis, A paper we’re supposed to be working on all time round! For a membrane like this, my regular work schedule was not an option. Because the project was so vast I started planning for the project, And I decided that the schedule should look something like this. This is how the year will pass .. I will start with the easy and light work, Then I will increase the effort a little in the middle of its first year, At the end of the year, I will work to the best of my ability. It will be very easy as a stair climb, step by step. How difficult can stair climbing be? Not a big deal, right? But the funniest thing happened to me .. In the first months, It came and started speedily, I could not do anything. So I decided to change my scheme a little ..( Laughter) Then …( Laughter) But in fact, the middle-of-the-road of the year went by quickly, I didn’t write a word. It is now here! Shrinking two months for the coming month .. Then to two weeks .. And one day I rouse up, And only three days left for delivery !! And I haven’t written any word hitherto, So I did the only thing I could do, I wrote 90 sheets in 72 hours, She continued for two entire epoches without sleep. And parties should not stay up two days without sleep, I extended to the university, In slow motion the paper is turned over Exact date! I concluded I had accomplished everything. A week last-minute, I went in touching, It was a call from the university. They questioned: Are you Tim Urban? She answered, Yes. They said: We must discuss with you about your thesis. I said, Okay. They said .. It is the best thesis we have ever seen! ( Laughter)( snap) In fact, this did not happen.( Laughter) It was a very bad thesis.( Laughter) I just wanted to enjoy the moment when you thought: This guy is amazing! ( Laughter) No , no, it was very bad Anyway, today I am a scribe and blogger on the Internet .. I write on a blog called Wait But Why? Two years ago I decided to write about delay and adjournment My actions have always amazed nonbad chaps around me and why I shelve my business So I wanted to explain to those and the world what is going on in me The heads of those who shun and postpone their actions, And why are we like this? I had a theory that said The knowledge of the missionaries are really Different from other people To assessment this, I attained a lab that allowed me Using an MRI machine to photograph my brain Another man’s brain does not postpone his part To compare them, And I wreaked the pictures with me for considering today by yourself, Now I demand you to take a closer look to see if there is a difference. I is a well-known fact that not all of you are experts, And it’s not clear, but really examine, okay? So here is the image of the brain that is not postponed,( Laughter) And now .. Now is a picture of my mentality.( Laughter) There is a difference. Both spirits contain( rational decisionmaker) But the procrastinator’s knowledge Likewise contains( instantaneous fun monkey) Now, what does this mean for the poor? It means that everything is okay until this happens .. Man: This is the perfect time to get the job done. Monkey: No! So( logical decision maker) will do With something beneficial and beneficial. But the monkey doesn’t like the schedule, The monkey takes the rotation and says: Why not read the full Wikipedia page About the Nancy and Tonya scandal( actresses) because I am I time remembered that this happened!( Laughter) Then ..( Laughter) Then we will go to the fridge Let’s see if anything varies 10 minutes ago. Next, we will enter the YouTube vortex that was started With videos about Richard Feynman( scientist) talking about magnets And it aims after a very long time by watching interviews With Justin Bieber’s mother( vocalist) ..( Laughter) Monkey: All this will take time, And there is no space to do anything today. Sorry! ( Laughter) Now, what’s going on now! This monkey does not look like the person you require Leader behind the rudder. He lives thoroughly at the present moment. He has no memory of the past and no knowledge of the future. He simply to be concerned about two things: Easy and fun. In the animal life, this works perfectly. If you are a dog, And you did nothing but easy and fun, You are successful by all details!( Laughter) And for the apes, Humans are just another type of animal. They devour, sleep and multiply. Which would be natural in primitive goes. However, if you do not notice, we are not in those periods We are in a developed and civilized time, and the monkey “doesnt know exactly what” this necessitates. That is why it is in our ability( Logical decision maker ), That devotes us abilities that no other animal can do, We can imagine the future, We can see the full picture And we are able to move long term designs .. The decision maker takes all of this into account, And he wants us to do just what it looks a lot like Right and logical to do now .. Sometimes it seems to do something Logical and fun at the same time, Like attending a dinner or going to sleep, Or enjoy in free time. That is why there is an overlap between logical and enjoyable. Sometimes they is moving forward, At other periods, it seems most logical To work on something challenging and not fun For the greater benefit. And here is the conflict. For the procrastinator, This conflict ever ends in the same way, Which spawns him expend most of his time in the orange region, A recreation, easy and completely separate area from the Logic Circle. I call it( the dark plays park ).( Laughter) Now,( Dark Game Park) is a place You all are well aware, good customers. A place where leisure activities occur In no time, really free time. The recreation “youve got in” the( obscurity plays park) It is not real fun, because it is totally undeserved And the sky around you is full of remorse, unhappiness, suspicion and selfloathing All the feelings of beautiful hairdressers .. The question when the ape is behind the rotation is: How does the massif freight himself to the blue zone, An neighborhood where less entertaining and easier things happen but much more important .. Well, it turns out that whoever adjourns his business has a guardian king, Someone always watches and looks at him In the darkest and darkest moments .. A person called( The Monster of Dread)( Laughter) Now( the monster of dreaded) is sleeping most of the time .. But he wakes up unexpectedly, when any deadline is too close Or there is a risk of embarrassment in front of parties Or job loss, or any frightening importance .. And the most important thing is that it is the only thing that scares the monkey. Now, this ogre has come into contact with my life recently, Because TED conference officials contacted me six months left And let me talk about it.( Laughter) Of track I said: Yes, my dream has always been that I speak at TED in the past( Laughter)( clap) Amidst all this interest, The decision maker was thinking about something else. He used to say: Are we clear about what we just agreed to? Do we know what will happen one day in the future? We should sit down and prepare the speech right now. The monkey said: I completely agree with you, but what do you think about opening Google Maps? We zoom in to the bottom of India and explore it For two and a half hours until we reach the top of India, In order to educate ourselves about this country. ( Laughter) This is what we did the working day.( Laughter) It turned 6 months to 4, then to 2, then to one month .. TED decided to announce the speakers at the conference, When I reopen the site, I discovered an image of my face Staring at me. And guess who waken up?( Laughter)( The dreaded being) is losing his mind .. In a few seconds, the system turned chaos.( Laughter) And the monkey rose remember, the ape was concerned about the horror monster He descended up to the tree! And finally,( Logical Decision Maker) was able to receive the helm And I was able to start working on the lecturing Now( the frightful ogre) represents All kinds of crazy behavior among the messengers, Like how I could devote two weeks All styles of actions on writing one convict in my thesis, Then miraculously, the words is everything all right continuously Two periods to write 8 pages! This whole case with the three personas, This is the supermarket system. Not moderately, but in the end, it acts. And “its what” I decided to write on the blog two years ago And when I wrote, I was amazed by the responses, Thousands of words I received, Of all kinds of parties, from across the world, They do all kinds of jobs. They included nurses, bankers, painters, and architects And many numerous doctoral students,( Laughter) And all of them indicates that they write saying the same thing: I have the same problem. What startled me was the distinguish between the lightness of lecture That “youve written” and the heavines of these letters, These people were writing awfully forestalled What did delay do to them in their lives, What did this monkey do to them? And when I thought about it, I told us to myself: If delay was working, what would happen? Why are these people so forestalled? It turns out that there are two types of procrastination, Everything I talked about today, all the precedents, They all have a deadline. And when there are deadlines,, The defer effect is contained and pressed in the short term Because( the ogre of panic) interferes .. But there is another kind of delay. Type occurs in circumstances without a deadline. For instance, if you want to start a freelance business, Something in art, or a pioneering business. These occupations have no deadlines at first, because nothing happened at all. While if you go out and start working hard To addition some work to do other manipulate. There is also a lot of important work outside of your business It does not include deadlines. Such as inspect your family or sports and taking care of your state, Working to develop your relationships, Or violate bad rapports .. Now, if the masters way was the only way to end these difficult things It is by( dread being ), there is a problem, Because in all these important labours that do not contain deadlines The being will not appear. He has no appointment to wake up to. So, the effects of the defer will not were incorporated Thus, these actions will continue and give forever .. This is the type of longterm procrastination He who does not find nor speaks much about him Like the first kind: fun, short term and with deadlines. Typically, people of the second type suffer calmly and privately. And this delay may be a source Great for longterm sadness and anguish. And I speculated: That’s why these persons are writing to me, So they are in such bad circumstance. Not because they are aiming for a specific project, But because of that longterm delay that offset them gaze witness, Sometimes, for their lives themselves .. Their frustration does not come from the failure to fulfill their dreams, Rather, they could not pursue it from the ground up. As I speak the symbols, a kind of inspiration came to me: I dont think that someone is postponing their actions, That’s right, I think you are all miserable. Of route, you are not able be messy .. Like one another.( Laughter) Some of you may be on good terms with your appointments and stick to them. But remember: The Secret Monkey’s Trick is When there is no deadline. Now, I want to show you one last-place thing .. I call this:( life planned) Each square represents a week in living conditions of 90 years, There doesn’t seem to be much of it .. Extremely since we squandered a lot of them before I think we all need to take a deep look at this schedule. And we must really think about what we postpone, Because each of us has something to delay in his life We must remain wary of the instantaneous fun ape, This is a job for all of us. And because there aren’t that countless chests in a counter, This is a job that you should start from today. Mmm, maybe not today but …( Laughter) As you are aware , Sometime soon … Thank you. applaud.

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