Interesting Historical Facts

Interesting Historical Facts

Hello Interesting Historical Facts, and welcome to the list of my top favorite historical facts detailing events and details about those major historical events and figures that didn’t actually happen! Confused? Lets go! 10: The metric system actually dates back way further than you think! The metric system as we currently know it was actually invented by Aristotle in the 7th century, when he noticed how disordered his society measuring systems were, and thought to himself, this is $*@&ing stupid!, and created the 10-based measurement system we know today. 9: 15th century Chinese sailor Zheng He’s biggest claim to fame is that he was the first person without a beard to ever see a blue whale.

Seriously Interesting Historical Facts! Basically everyone without beards had decided to stay on land before that time, meaning that he was the first man without a beard to see a lot of things, actually. Upon seeing a blue whale for the first time, legend has it that Zheng He, awe struck by the sight, then uttered, neat. 8: In the 1880 election, George Robertson was elected to become the 19th President of the United States, all despite one small hiccup: no one actually voted for him. On election night, most of the ballots that would have likely gone for him were destroyed in a fire, but because ballots were harder to collect in the 19th century than in the 21st century, they could never have done a recount. However, since he was so popular, election officials, worried about what the actual number was, decided just to give Robertson the presidency, and hope nothing too bad happened.

He’s theĀ Interesting Historical Facts reason we still use the imperial system. 7: The Roman Emperor Titus actually suffered from a strong fear of corn, and would only butter his corn on a pair of tongs taped to a broomstick. 6: Some of the earliest evidence of the Earths rotundity comes from around 150 million years ago, where many noticed how the bodies of some of the larger sauropod dinosaurs were bent slightly downwards at a slight angle.

Interesting Historical Facts

Interesting Historical Facts1: Isaac Newton really did discover gravity. Before the apple fell on his head, there was no gravity, everything on the Earth was just magnetically attracted to it, so nothing would fly off. Newton also decided never to patent his discovery, as to make it free and accessible to everyone. 4: Which was the first country to send something into space? USA? Russia? Germany? China? Well, actually, it was little Liechtenstein. Yeah, they actually had a successful space program since 1868 and have shot people into space with cannons. Well, actually, since the astronauts were obviously never heard from again, people kind of just assumed they went into space after launch.

Interesting Historical Facts 2: The oldest town in the United States is actually Kirbyville, Missouri, which was first established by French colonists in 1387, making it around 631 years old. The newest town in the United States is, of course, Statesville, Arkansas, which was founded in the year 2039, making it a measly -21 years old. 2: In order to establish a dominant presence in East Asia, Russia initially built Pyongyang to be its eastern capital, meant on focusing on Russian issues that pertained to East Asia.

They cancelled these plans, however, after just a short period of time, after they looked at a map, and realized that Pyongyang is not in Russia. 1: In the late 1950s, as Cold War panic gripped America under a climate of fear, the US government started to employ the secretive Project Redmane, an attempt to alter our records of history in US schools by teaching things like how Einstein failed math, or how Christopher Columbus proved the Earth was round, or how Interesting Historical Facts Napoleon was short, or how Catherine the Great died having sex with a horse. How ridiculous! Thanks for watching this April Fools day video! Now, if it wasn’t already clear, absolutely none of these facts were true and should not be propagated anywhere they could somehow be taken seriously. Honestly, people will believe anything. Either way, if you enjoyed this video, please be sure to like and subscribe to learn something new every Sunday! .


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Interesting Historical Facts

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