Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

Three people asked us what was the secret of life they had learned in the past 100 years I think I’ve done everything I wanted to do in my life. As long as I can help and progress. This is the important thing. My name is Clifford, but you can call me Cliff Cruiser. I was born on September 6, 1915 Which makes me now a hundred years old. Cliff Cruiser lives in the United Kingdom. He was born in 1915. I was born at Birken Head in Whiral, Cheshire (in Britain) During the war and when I was in college, I stayed there all my life.

I am now retired for thirty-eight years. It is always a pleasure to be able to steal from the government with my pension. The thing is that you can continue because age is just a number. One hundred and one are just a number. And you must live each day alone. A cup of whiskey helps. Every now and then … Although it is not the National Health (Insurance) “I have many beautiful memories.” Sometimes I sit in my chair and remember the past. And I’m trying to reorganize the story about these people that I remember on my mind.

I mix them together first and then compare each of them. And I think there will be many more people Very happy to be together again because they are really good people (Amelia Teresa Harper) You can say (Terza) because it’s the name of Chiczlovaki. Amelia Terza Harper, London, United Kingdom, was born in 1913. One hundred and three years, O Lord. “Three” is my lucky number. As long as I was lucky I was never unlucky. Touching wood There is wood under there. I was in Czechoslovakia when I was a young girl ..

..And I lived with my grandfather because my father was a prisoner of war. We came to England to be with our father when he was freed from war. “Everything makes me happy.” I like to talk to people, I like to do some things, I like to go shopping. Every time I go shopping I don’t want to go back. I really don’t think there is anything I would like to do Because I did everything I wanted to do in the past.

I had beautiful memories, you know, now I can live happily ever after because of my beautiful memories Do you know Sri Lanka? I climbed the tower there. Srijera is 600 feet long. I climbed it to the top I always liked the water I sailed a lot of yachts when I was young too Another part of my waster youth My name is John Denili It is a hundred years old. And half. John Millington-Dinnerley, Eastbourne, United Kingdom, born in 1914 AD She was born in the early year before the First World War In Denton, Manchester I lived a relatively easy life Even with the five years of the Royal Air Defense Forces’ participation in the war I consider it an adventure, not a penalty Despite the bombs I lost a lot of my childhood, its pleasures, and all that. Even during the nights, from midnight to breakfast in the morning When my mom wakes up in the morning to ask: Didn’t you sleep last night, John ?! He answered, “No, I was listening?” To New York’s Skincedy on the radio station. With other jazz bands I enjoyed all this, until I settled down after becoming a pharmacist I no longer feel old for how long? Twenty or thirty.

Except in what I can and cannot do. I don’t feel like I’m 29, But say ninety-seven, ninety-six? I will not die, I am still very strong. I didn’t realize how strong I am! Thanks to the food my mother used to cook And that was planted on the farm initially I make bread with my own hands. I will probably make some of it today. This is my own computer. Written “TESCO Coming From Tomorrow” We have always had fresh food in our youth. Always. From the farm. To the cooking pot. To our dishes. skimmed milk Towels for the kitchen Six ounces of flour Two times of sugar And four … six ounces of … butter Of butter An apple. Or gooseberry. Much of it. Shepherd’s pie I do not have much failure If I tried to make cakes and I did not succeed. Turn it into a pudding candy My God, my marriage was wonderful! From the sky, from the sky, from the sky! We have lived together since we were sixteen Until he died at the …

I think he was seventy when he died. Or more than seventy I wanted to marry a handsome man, who is of good character, and I can We had problems, But we overcame it. In my opinion, young people now They give up easily I was always optimistic, And she was always pessimistic, So we were in harmony together I live with everything in it, Especially if it was your first love. !! Nothing looks like that My first child was twin. But unfortunately for me My pregnancy was not completed. This was the most tragic thing I experienced Until she gave birth to my daughter, And I really enjoyed her company very, really I loved her so much! When I lost my first son, he was one of the twins I felt shattered In the end, of course, you get used to it Because life continues, no matter what happens Going through a recovery period, But you do not forget This is what makes life accidents a beautiful thing Even with losing them They are your.

In your mind In your breathing air And in your surroundings And that feels so beautiful! I think a lot about my children, after all this age. I can still sit where I am And talk to them as if they were alive with me When people pass by and see me speak to myself, they count me crazy But I am not crazy Just think of my children Something I regret? nothing. Absolutely nothing I tell you from the bottom of my heart Nothing ever What if I was more present in my early school years? I studied more and hard You know, I wasn’t bad I wasn’t bad in the end so … But I see, the earlier your interest in studying becomes your life it was better I was sick in college, so my father came to take me To go back with him. But I wanted to stay in college with my friends for a while And I have always regretted it I regretted staying despite my father’s trouble to come I did not take the opportunity I mean my back with him I did not do sick things towards my father This is what I regret Because I like him! Extremely But I did not tell him that You must keep up with time Good fit eighty or ninety years ago Not suitable for this time Talk.

Contact your parents And take their advice Or at least consider it You don’t always have to take it But don’t throw it in the window. This is certain My advice to everyone: if you find the right pair To marry Don’t just live together. They got married Because he… In my opinion, if you are happy, in a happy marriage And in a happy life This is the ultimate treatment for all diseases Because everything is in perfect harmony! The time you spend noticing Rarely lost And be as independent as possible But don’t hesitate to ask for help whenever you need it It is a good idea to behave well for others Show them respect And help them as much as you can It is up to you Hundreds of times My motto in life There was a comedian from Scotland Harry Loader, Sir Harry Loader He sings: “Stay the way you are until the end of the road.” This is my motto “Stay as you are until the end of the road.” “Even if the road gets longer, make your heart strong.” “Stay on the edge of the road” “Where all the love you’ve always dreamed of” “Will be” “At the end of” “The Road” My motto: As I get older, my inconvenience grows My motto: I will not leave my place


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