Mary I – Bloody Mary (British Monarchy Documentary) | Timeline

Hay midgets! The way you believe to day? [narrator]- On a summer season’s day in 1553 after ten days of touring, a magnificent procession reached the capitol. At it’s head was Mary Tudor, the eldest daughter of King Henry the Vlll. She had come to say her inheritance. The crown of England. [David]- Mary entered town of London in triumph on the 0.33 of august 1553. The buildings of the town that Mary knew have disappeared just about utterly. However it’s boundaries are the identical of the modern day city of London’s economic district you see behind me. Mary entered from the east. At Aldgate and he or she rode through streets hung with worthwhile tapestries to the Tower of London The folks wept tears of joy and Mary quoted ecstatically from the bible ‘If God be with us, who can also be towards us?’ [Narrator] at the present time was Mary’s victory over all folks that had hostile her.However the cheerful scenes have been not to final. Mary used to be a queen pushed through sense of right and wrong and with the aid of religion. She would ship 1000’s of her topics to burn at the stake for what she believed was once proper. A vision of England restored to it’s average Catholic faith. Mary was once born on the eighteenth of February 1516. A Greenwich palace beside the River Thames. She was once given a notable christening and the bells rand for joy. [David]- The Princess Mary was once an extraordinarily important youngster. Her mothers and fathers Henry the VIII and Catherine of Aragon had already been married for seven years when she was born and they’d had a couple of children. But all the other children have been either stillborn or they died rapidly after birth. Mary was once the first little one to outlive. This intended that she was once heir to the crown of England. There was only one situation, Mary was a girl and a woman had in no way dominated England as Queen. Mary’s fate used to be clear. She was a royal princess who will come to be a royal bride and only reign as her husband’s spouse.The search for the proper husband started earlier *sign of the move Amen When Mary used to be only two she used to be betrothed to the Dauphin, the heir to the throne of France in a ceremony which mimicked all the features of a royal wedding. This was simply the primary of many engagements Over the next ten years the promise of Mary’s hand in marriage used to be again and again used for treaties with other nations.As daughter of King Henry and heir to the throne, Mary was an appealing proposition but her mother’s family was once even grander Catherine of Aragon was descendant of the fine Spanish royal household whose empire now stretched throughout Western Europe and even to the new world of the usa. Catherine made certain that Mary did not put out of your mind the Spanish roots Mary spoke Spanish as good as English and proudly identified herself together with her Spanish loved ones. After her father the King, Mary was dealt with as the predominant individual in England. She liked track, dancing, and video games Henry talked about her as his pearl on this planet. Catherine too used to be devoted to Mary who was fiercely ambitious for her daughter. She made sure that Marys education would fit her for her destiney. How ever satisfactory it maybe. David: this letter was written by means of Cathrine to Mary when she was once age 8 or nine. .

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