On Feeling Depressed

We are not talking here about the most extreme and life-frustrating types of frustration that require medical assistance. Rather, we mean those times when we feel, According to the word “Thoreau” – Sinking in a state of “complete despondency”: Like a large, gray remote area, where we appear outwardly on the skin, But we feel exhausted, about to cry, so that the sympathy of others will not help us, Anger and easily get frustrated with simple tasks. There may be certain triggers for our depression: Rejection from a close friend Humiliation accompanying work Our growing realization that the ambitious plans we had previously worked out have gone nowhere. Unfortunately, sadness is prohibited! In cunningly subtle fashion, societies tend to emphasize joy. Not only do we end up in a struggle, but in a sense of humiliation as we fall into such difficulties. However, nothing is more normal and normal than sad. We have too much to upset our mood: Simply, as a result of being alive, we must feel very much that we have been misunderstood, We were severely criticized, ignored or rejected.

We will be faced with our stupidity, and we will be given our inner ugliness and cowardice. We will make some terrible, wrong decisions. We will let others down, And we will witness the suffering and death of those we loved before we succumbed to death. The reasons why we feel frustrated and depressed affect almost everyone. It is universal and natural suffering that makes happy children’s sight exciting. We know, while they don’t know yet, how much suffering they will suffer, We don’t know the exact details, But we know that somehow some level of horror will happen to them over time. Every day, almost unnoticed, we will have to resist many powerful causes of despair.

We rely on an inner motor or a muscle of hope, injecting thoughts of comfort. One day, the task will look so heavy, that the muscle will not. At times like this, we have to keep several thoughts in our mind: For a start, feeling distressed is not an individual disorder. It is a primary fact for all species. We are very sensitive creatures, like fragile structures, constantly exposed to danger, In most cases, blind people, optimists without regard to reality, and in urgent need of love and sympathy. Our trials are a symptom of being human, and never a curse associated with our existence. Others, who may appear successful, cheerful, and compassionate, will leave, in the moments they protect themselves from us, To the same areas of despair that we were previously exiled to.

We live very close to ourselves, know a lot about our personal limitations, forget that our faults are, in fact, common, It exists even in superficial people, beautiful, rich and even neighbors, If only we could get into their minds, we would feel much less alone. As a matter of fact, it is sometimes difficult for us to be with others. It’s easy to portray us as nagging and annoying characters, But we are really sad people, not miscreants, worried, not bad.

It’s hard to make our despair look cute, Or presenting ourselves in a way that guarantees us the kindness we need. Although we are more cruel to ourselves than our friends, We should at least forgive ourselves as we forgive our acquaintances without hesitation. In the end, despite the attractiveness of the idea, we can never abandon our lives. There are many people who depend on us, even if their presence is now intangible. Moreover, we do not know the future.

It is the other side to count on the opportunity. Things may get a little better for difficult reasons to expect. Just as pleasures fade and seem meaningless compared to the past, Just as the pain goes and softens, at least sometimes. Things that we thought we could not get over are gradually becoming a possibility, We adjust our mental position, and we bend to adapt to a new reality. Being miserable does not exclude us from human society. It is a sure sign that we are very natural. And that life continues, in its dark way, almost according to some plan.

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