Ten Minute English and British History #20 – The English Civil War

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This episode of Ten Minute History covers the late reign of Charles I and his problems with the Bishops’ War and the conflict with It wasn’t long before Charles’ duplicity and method of rule saw the outbreak of war between Parliament and the king’s The civil wars spanned about a decade and eventually saw the execution of Charles I and the ascendancy of Oliver Cromwell as the Lord Protector of the English Commonwealth (a His rule saw the conquest of Ireland and war with Spain and the Dutch Republic and after Cromwell’s death in 1658, it wasn’t long before Charles’s son, Charles II, was restored to the reading:
Barry Coward and Peter Gaunt – The Stuart Age: England Fantastic and very detailed work which I’d recommend for undergrads but a bit dense for those simply interested in the Miller – Early Modern Britain: A phenomenal It’s an overview of the entire period and really a must have if you are looking to study Britain during the Cannot recommend this book enough (or the others in the

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