The American Revolution – OverSimplified (Part 1)

[Music] dear holy smoke Christopher Columbus that is there is no technique to tackle the king and queen of Spain what’s flawed with you well ok So you know the way to seem for a business route to India correct and proper the ground is circular to the right, so i am thinking we will just sail the wrong way concerning the planet proper yeah so I put the correct crusing and out to India correct fallacious mistake i did not reach India i didn’t all right not all right getting to the factor were you aware that there is a entire freaking core of the continent out There okay and do you feel I will have to care that’s why oh sorry I did I forgot to mention that there is gold all over the place gold Ah Columbus landed in central america in October 1492 and he had a existence time that suggests he went on colossal theft and killing spree individuals stole gold jewellery and then swing back to show off Riches including just a few previously undiscovered items similar to tobacco Turkey pineapple and hammock now you already know what you feel of it however The simplified Columbus didn’t become aware of the American Vikings did and will probably be Partly correct in the 11th century lev ericsson used to be the primary European to come back down in the united states however hi there when you appreciated the Vikings so much then why now not verify out the sponsor in these days Vikings Worf Cleanse is A cellular game that used to be influenced with the aid of the famous strategy and RPG video games of the 90s Like Age of Empires and Civilization do you’re keen on constructing acquire cities training armies of resources join the clan and go to battle then my friends Vikings battle Clans are for you and what makes her world so addictive is that Over 20 million online players constantly change the way the game unending bolts fighting over new forging and useful resource alliances live hobbies and competitors aid my channel through downloading the Vikings at no cost just from my links in the field description under and get a distinctive bonus of 200 gold cash and a protecting look after bear in mind to appear at me and join the Viking clan underneath my title Simplified now where you oh yes Columbus his existence time swing and all of the sudden it was a race to explore and overcome the brand new world after a pair Centuries of combating with the indigenous folks were each and every other European powers Claimed numerous land including this subject which both English and The French claimed them The French as soon as said i might construct Some forts alongside here and English had been such as you can’t and the French He stated sorry however no i could not they usually went ahead and constructed their forts Which annoyed off English except they despatched the British coming Lieutenant on behalf of George Washington with a mixed drive of British troops and Native americans after a brief battle the French commander said okay good we good enough boys surrendered p.C. It there surrender Oh sorry I did not mean to separate it open the head with Tomahawk do not fear it is no longer like this we’ll a major world conflict seven years ago What happened seven years later was the quality international conflict that was excellent Britain received the peace negotiations Spain gave up Florida whilst France submitted Over all of its territory in North america but the British victory came in The rate of sixty million pounds fee has now been damaged into a variety of debt and needed to be out someway to repay so they went to the colonies and He mentioned okay pay attention a lot of the war was once spent safeguard you from French and now we shouldn’t have cash when you consider that of that so I i am not certain what you’re announcing right here k so we spent a lot of money to safeguard you are the proper French and now we’ve got obviously smashed this pickle take heed to me we’ve got spent all our money protecting you and now we need cash You would pay us some money no longer well we’re simply going to go ahead and taxi in 1764 Britain offered The Sugar Act forces colonists to import sugar and molasses completely from the British and pay prices on A 12 months later they offered the enormously controversial stamp law And it worked anything like a little this cushion shopkeeper good day mr.Bungle Barry here already on your new Chuck personality who will probably be three pennies please wait what’s it’s the new tax I get stamped on any paper records I make and also you need to pay for it for you I want to see this booklet that explains the whole lot sure please well and seal two Pence please that is horrible you understand what simply give me a set of cards so i can go Gambler my agony away well no certainly the colonists were like me, my shoes, this new tax legislation here this is BS so far they are enjoying the relative freedom to rule themselves and now all of the sudden Britain used to be confirm their manage they were in particular upset due to the fact they failed to you haven’t any representatives within the parliament that he imposes taxes on To them even protested preachers gave inflammatory speeches have been British goods Categorically and any one loyal to the British discovered themselves increasingly Harassing all of it relatively started to take a number of losses in British industry just a few years later the British had to cancel the stamps Acted but we nonetheless desperately need cash what will have to we can we would are trying taxing colonies satisfactory inspiration wait did we actually just trying it within the failure of a wretched man looking at me I look first-class have you ever seen any such handsome boy no Siri Georgi in anyway you are good-looking the neatest most popular king who ever lived and everyone loves you You had been doing such just right work your Majesty, you’re still right here getting the hell up in 1766 British Make an ad saying we can do it considering we are in charge and also you everyone can go suck after which they charged a whole bunch of new taxes on americans through glass import duties there is a tax so let’s there tax For this paper t oil there is a tax for it and once more americans The British merchandise industry boycotted the British felt pinch the British had to again off well that is ridiculous they are my colonies and i will have to be equipped to affirm my manage cancellation of all new taxes except one and t also ship 1,000 soldiers to Boston to take control of ya and make the colonists pay for them as the British forces arrived The tension in Boston was obvious you could cut it with a knife and the whole thing was About to come to the fifth of March a band of local patriots commenced ringing The British shield at the Customs house more and more american citizens joined in heckling whilst extra British troops seemed to help their partner Snowballs thrown at the British Snowballs was rocks The number of oysters outnumbered the panic infantrymen one thing leads to one other and you Can see the place this goes five killed Patriot civilians strain during the declared colonies of the Boston bloodbath is an unjustified crime dedicated towards the people of Boston by the British merciless and indignant British sales persevered to develop A sailboat ran in Rhode Island the island was once burned via locals when It came to light that the governor of Massachusetts supported the repression From the colonists his condominium burned locals and then the colonists will Set their sights on the rest tax on tea on December 16, 1773 gang of Patriots referred to as Sons of Liberty disguised as Native americans He marched to Boston Harbor boarding a British merchant ship loaded with tea And in entrance of 1000s of onlookers by way of virtually 10,000 kilos of The tea at sea used to be disgusted through the British Massachusetts is punished with vengeance they dissolved its general assembly It abolished its constitution and despatched three,000 more troops to occupy the meaning of the town Boston and Massachusetts have been now normally beneath direct rule exceptional Britain and a boy where irritated men and women saw other colonies What was once going down and nervousness they maybe subsequent so that they call the mind confidence in determining what to do fifty-six delegates from 12 colonies He met and met in Philadelphia on the first continental conference and roll call learn like who is from the united states The nice thinkers I speak are distinguished legal professionals Johnny A.And Johnny J. Experienced army commander George Washington businessman and the future Alcoholic drinks Samuel Adams Barrio Raidor Patty h the person who married the rich wealthy lady used to be best even as Dickinson didn’t exist on the first conference soon names similar to James Madison Benjamin Franklin Thomas Jefferson and Alexander later Hamilton would serve always in Continental Congress query now despite the fact that what to do concerning the British After much bitter discussion and disagreement they in the end agreed An amazing solution is that they effortlessly ask the British to discontinue It didn’t work well then inform the local militias to begin arming and be able in Minutes and across the colonies notice these Minutemen stood equipped to The establishing of the American revolutionary warfare is now having your colonies out within the open rebellion is one thing after they arming themselves when this particularly is The fan hits except British general Thomas Gage ordered seven-hundred squaddies from Boston to get out in Massachusetts-controlled insurgents countryside to break weapons and ammunition stores held by way of the rebels in British concord set in the middle of the night Patriots including Paul Revere rode earlier than warning that the British had been the subsequent provide the rebels time to prepare the two facets met in Lexington The sun started to upward thrust they usually faced each and every other and in any individual’s confusion First shot heard the fire world wide noticed the beginning The American battle of Independence The rebels had been outnumbered and had to return to it concord additionally lit up the British to seek for insurgent provides but more and more Patriot rebels endured to show this Time used to be outnumbered by the British as extra fighting started out in concord the world’s most reputable military was pressured to flee to Boston in The palms of poorly trained militiamen and along the British street again to Boston hatred rebels continued to accumulate open fire on the British retreat when the British arrived in Boston rebel militias besieged with the aid of Boston and the British have been now underneath siege Small naval skirmishes endured throughout the town and the British would undergo a different embarrassing blow this time in the big apple State Colonel Benedict Arnold prepared a plan to take the British fortress Ticonderoga held a tremendous amount of guns and ammunition zapped towards The fort alone was once hoping to recruit guys alongside the way when he got here across inexperienced Mountain Boys led by way of Ethan Allen who became out to have the equal factor Plan they did so that they made up our minds to work collectively however i am in charge no i’m in cost No i am charge No i am cost No i am charge No i’m cost No i’m The authentic continued this for some time unless the golf green Mountain Boys threatened to head house Arnold needed to concede the team rated citadel at night whilst The red coats had been dormant and caught them entirely via shock Take the castle and all its ammunition with well-nigh no resistance Wow Ethan is very impressive with the aid of the way what happened to this other man we despatched to take the castle that Benedict Arnold not ever heard of him ouch What but no person knew what was once going down on the colonies were open rebellion to this point they seem to be winning so King George has launched the general public scale normal William Howe replaced him and ordered their uprising repute Down good immediately the British are most likely going to avenge all This so we must put together the correct military first we ought to decide upon Supreme leader I believe we are able to all agree that this mission must go to fable man George Washington my acquaintances i am humble and sort i’m honored that you’re going to bear in mind me for this fundamental function i did not assume for this all proper you’ve gotten supplied Even in uniform day-to-day for the last 10 months we permit you to all know This even desired to reduce the folly of George dude cool until Washington commenced his trip Even Boston to take command of the newly established Continental navy best The British also made their first principal attempt to ruin their siege planned to take high floor on Bunker Hill but spies warned continents From the British plans they even fortified Bunker Hill and mounted shielding Positions on the regional Hill breeds the day of the combat came and Britain Developed a barrage of continents had been shot twice try hiking the hill twice pushed the combat lasted three Hours unless the continents finally ran out of ammunition and needed to retreat Let the British take the hill while technically the British victory they’re almost 1,000 victims suffered for 400 continents appear colonists British that this was once no longer just a rebellion it was once warfare and they were able So but one thing you’re now not certain about was once why they had been fighting so good Some extremists started to throw around many of the word i am hoping eventually they repaired their relationship with exceptional Britain until they sent a message To King George pronouncing, "O man, like matters, do not go your method." cast off taxes and let’s be buddies i’m going kick your ass ship that to Your Majesty’s colonies for your handwriting is horrible are you definite to do what Are you saying he’ll lick me? So gross for the the rest of the year small engagements proceed to occur around the colonies the British burned them down the cities of Falmouth, Massachusetts In Norfolk Virginia as revenge for previous British counter-incidents these The moves performed proper into the arms of the Patriot propaganda abroad the British used to be obvious to brute, French and Spanish will soon start sending presents for the insurgent hindrance throughout this time there was once additionally little combating between loyal country wide militias in the southern colonies Benedict Arnold used to be still on a mission to gain some personal glory for himself so presided over an try to invade Canada In a two-pronged attack, the continents managed to seize some British forts and the city of Montreal but a blizzard of smallpox on sin not often defeated the side and pushed again In Quebec metropolis were pressured to retreat all the strategy to fort Ticonderoga speak that recall all these weapons and ammunition good this guy has a plan for what to do with them Bulls to withdraw one hundred and twenty thousand kilos of artillery for 2 years Months during the harsh winter three hundred miles the entire approach to Washington And his continental army surrounding Boston increase Washington acquired himself probably the most gigantic guns which might be fortunate given that except now his navy was struggling during the bloodless winter they do not know when the seed will end now His transfer Washington wanted to launch a full assault on the city but its younger British officers felt they had been additionally fortified and credited Washington He used to be unique at hearing and taking on board different persons’s recommendations as an alternative Continents worked throughout the night time hanging guns up on Dorchester The heights overlooking town and once they noticed Don Brock and the British palms they knew they had been toasted them Attitudes have been wholly uncovered used to be a examine they had no alternative however to to abandon the city one hundred twenty ships carried 9000 coats and 2000 lists away for An unknown fate Washington had its first victory for the war on the time His army moved to ny realizing this when the British back doing maybe land there in the meantime pleasant looking historical man as Thomas Payne has written and published a booklet referred to as original feel which is called for complete independence from exceptional Britain spread across Colonies like wildfire to this present day is still the first-rate-selling title in america has been read aloud in the bars and assembly rooms introduced the inspiration of independence into the mainstream Congress started to noticeably bear in mind the notion of Thomas Jefferson used to be chosen Writing an legit assertion of independence and writing went rough that all men have been created equal with some inalienable rights including Freedom of existence and the pursuit of happiness of course Jefferson was once greater than a hundred Slaves however we do not have to speak about it that on July 2 Congress voted Unanimously in favor of independence and John Adams introduced that the 2d of July will fall probably the most remembered day In American historical past then a couple later got here virtually independence The have an impact on of the united states was once born there was no turning again now The americans demolished the statue of King George in big apple and melted it In forty mm balls balls for the British were betrayed and if the king has a method Washington and all Congress will Be hung speakme a few British bet who back the king sent scare A drive of a hundred thirty warships and 25,000 men for Washington knew that Washington was once taking its course The strongest military in the world is probably not easy to mounted a British camp On Staten Island where american citizens dug into shielding positions round Brooklyn Heights are ready for an attack coming however most effective the British waited dressed Their opponents nerve throughout construction their force concurrently they’re I fired a big horrifying gunner after which I mentioned you understand if I had been you Now I generally sued for peace but Washington informed him to shove it The american citizens continued to keep out for what was to come back and once they subsequently hit, they hit 15,000 British troops He approached the American position and the two facets shot each different closely courses but what the americans didn’t fully grasp was once that they were just combating The main British vigour lure used to be being around to wing the american citizens from at the back of and once they arrived Heavy casualties brought about american citizens panic and retreat again to Brooklyn Heights the place he then located herself trapped between the British navy and the River seemed even though the struggle has already lost however happily rather of attacking The British decided to dig for the siege and then a heavy mist in grace Washington’s army to escape throughout the river unhindered the British persisted to Chasing and involving the american citizens in new york and the american citizens suffered defeat after defeat after defeat was once The catastrophe used to be the leadership of Washington known as to question as hundreds of thousands of He left the American prisoners to rot and the Washington navy fled from the traitors New Jersey the entire way to Pennsylvania rarely had an navy that used to be as good Hit tough after survived to fight one more day Translated by Adham Essam thanks for staring at and sorry if the translation has error

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