The Animated History of Australia

This episode is brought to you by way of skillshare. The primary five hundred viewers who signal up using the hyperlink beneath get two months of skillshare undoubtedly free Aristotle, Ptolemy and Macrobius believed that there was once a ways too much land within the Northern hemisphere and that there ought to be some undiscovered continent balancing the globe somewhere in the south k, so the good judgment used to be a bit fallacious however throughout the age of discovery the hunt was once on for ‘terra australis incognito’ fast forward few centuries to the East Indies three Dutch sailors landed in Australia by accident within the sixteen hundreds. The mythical southern continent had simply been observed Australia was once the final of the new world to be learned cause let’s be honest no one cares about Antarctica Australia used to be of path already inhabited indigenous Australians sometimes called Aborigines had a populace of between three hundred and 700 thousand by using cutting-edge estimates Early contacts with these tribes have been as typically peaceable as they were violent it is concept that

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