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After we did top Boy beforeit had tremendous valuable acclaim. It was once lovedbut it was a niche market. It used to be a small group of peoplethat was fed by using it however its now in a climate wherepeople are just equipped for it. High Boy used to be different.From the very first cut, I think, from the very first episode,I knew this used to be some thing designated. When high Boy seasons one andtwo got here out I was once in school. Most likely fell in love with it. Its anything everybody watches. Going to university thenext day its like, Ah did you watch final nightsepisode of prime Boy? That is the one thingIve been concerned in where we all know the eyes are there. We know the fans are ready. Now its just on use to createthis effective piece of artwork. After which we were cancelled.And as a creator you learn to, sort of,roll with the blows a little bit. A show doesnt get made or ashow gets cancelled you shrug and you progress ontothe next one but I felt fairly bad about this one. Ashley and Kane, theyve taken thebrunt of the last, sort of, nevertheless long it is. I dunno,six or seven years or something is was once, of being continually bombardedwith questions. Cant even put petrol within the carwithout anyone announcing Yo whens the…Are they gonna do a third one? And its simply likeoh my God. You’ve got this type of greatwell bought exhibit that people have simply determined to goYou be aware of what, lets go away that. Anyway, it used to be useless.It was gone.That was it… After which this fella called Drakegot in touch. He was once keen on the exhibit whenit first came out and used to be public about it.Posting it on his social media. He was once simply marvelous. He adored the show. He just wantedto do something he could. Didnt particularly appear no ego about it. It wasnt aboutwhat this exhibit can do for me, it was aboutHow can i aid aid the show? He additionally did the bulk of thepitch to Netflix and i rarely needed to say anythingand that was incredible. Everybodys been rather excitedto recognize that Drake is concerned in the show. He got here to the primary read throughand the minute he walked into the room the youngsters just went Wow. I just wanna specific how pleased thisroom makes me right here, ya be aware of? The exhibit intended the world to me.I wish you the exceptional.Im sure good be all togetheror profitable awards or speakme about howsuccessful this is. Anyway,thanks so much. For me and Ashley, in specific it was more of a, Oh my God I cant believethis is happening once more. Being in a room like that makesit seem very professional. That is most likely taking place and to listen to those wordson their feet simply realizing youre aboutto get caught in in a couple weeks timeor something. Yeah, it was a real moment. Ronan Bennett is an high-quality writer. He wrote the primary two series and so Ithink its so foremost that he was the character to come back and convey it back.Ronans writing set the percent so itskind of a continuation of his style, I think. So what were gonna do is create ashow; pretty much the identical show we would have created before but its now in a climate where, everyones gonna be ableto eat it. High Boy is the most actual rawdepiction of lifestyles in South, East, West, North London so tobe part of it it seems like youre being able totell a narrative as to where you come from and what persons go by means of.How life is. Being a top boy, yeah,thats just how lifestyles goes often. In the event you wanna make fast moneyyou cant relatively do nothing legit thats making you fast cash and thats the hood mentality. So I think like this exhibit reallyportrays the realness of characters and what they must doto be at the high. Every person round right here thinkstheyre a enormous man. Each person desires to be a high boy. Were taking pictures at the places wherethis stuff goes down.We were filming on an estate the place, youknow, the neighborhood guys that were dealing couldnt deal becausewe had been taking pictures. So, they have been askinglike, we need cash. It must be as actual aspossible, I suppose. Thats why people adored it so muchbecause it used to be so actual. Its at all times been major for us; me, Kane and the leisure of the castto be certain we signify good. I have loved ones members and buddies thatcome from this world and a lot of the folks which can be in theproduction grew up around that world so we obtained a responsibility to tellthese studies authentically.You know the vibe is nothing buta hundred percent authenticity. Motion! Had been so close to the streets. Were so close to the worldthat prime Boy is ready in. We may give high Boy as a reference andfeel positive that its not, like, out of this world or unrealistic.Its actual. Have been underlining problems that areeither swept beneath the carpet or just not relatively spoken about an excessive amount of. Thats the power of prime Boy for me. It is an underrepresentedpart of the arena. Its some thing we must speak about andwe have to have a conversation about but but the topics are stillvery global. Its loyalty, household values, recognize and these guys probably doing wrongthings but theyre doing it for the right factors. The important thing for all of that isthe casting approach and what we appear for is authenticity.The standards is;Do they feel reliable? Can we suppose they arrive from thosestreets? Where high Boy stands outis in that authenticity. We didnt go out to stars. A very high share of our actorsare first-time actors from equivalent backgrounds. It just felt limitless. There was once no cap onwhat we would acquire and growing up, it didntalways consider like that. We continually felt like we was once pushingon doorways that wouldnt allow us to in. For years I just do not forget, like, watching tv and whateverand observing indicates and not seeing yourself.Are you aware what Im announcing? Possibly when a person of color used to be onthe tv youd scream upstairs, like, Yo, someones on tv, yo! All people run downstairs, watch thatcharacter to look what theyre saying.Over the last four years theres beena push to have extra people of colour be on display. When you read a script and if, you recognize,a casting director had a script and it didnt say black John they would not ever feel about castinga John as a black character however now which you can just say John andtheyd forged anyone, would be black, could be white,would be Asian. Thats quality that thatshappening now, virtually. Acting for individuals the place Im from doesnt think like a real thing andit never sincerely clicked which you could go out and do this typeof factor until I noticed people rather, like, breaking down barriers. Its a whole distinctive taking part in fieldand its allowing us to just degree up as one, sincerely, and its gonna beamazing, man, on the grounds that of the platform that we’ve now. Top Boy, yeah, is all about how werestriving and the way have been gonna attain and try and get to the top.Dushane engineers that situationto getting back on prime however style of touching down in Londonhe realises everythings modified. The youngers have end up the olders,the youngers have obtained younger and its just another world. Its all about Jamie, so when Dushanecomes back hes no one. Dushane respects him. I see Jamie as like a replicate ofDushane when Dushane used to be that age. The entire characters aremultidimensional. You dont just see them fuckingstanding on a nook, being aggressive,fucking moving medicinal drugs, you recognize, they all have aspirations and humanity. You by no means really see mycharacter serving. I dont consider just like the show actuallypicks up on that. Its extra around why they do this. Why theyre selling drugs and stuffand I think like the relationships and the whole thing comes into play likewhy they would do it. Theres crime in everypart of the arena. Now not invariably in your doorstepbut with gentrification its normally no longer that far from you and our goal, in the event you dont knowabout it, is to exhibit it to you.Its strength is in dealing withuniversal themes, you realize, about loved ones ambition, where wesit in the world. Its thrills and entertaining however it has hugeheart and humanity and its about people. What this is both a rebirthand a new begin due to the fact have been making this season for anaudience who’ve under no circumstances obvious high Boy and had been additionally making it for the core fanswho love the exhibit and are aware of it. Im optimistic that this isgonna be strong, man. Its an explosion, man.Its gonna be seamless. Its top Boy but justTop Boy at its greatest..

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