Wes & Bananas’ Rivalry Timeline | Then & Now: The Challenge

(smooth track) – You Bananas, you deserve this. You comprehend it. I hate you. I received you once more. I am under no circumstances gonna stop going for Bananas until he formally retires. See ya later. (upbeat music) The Kenny, Evan, and Johnny situation is slightly frightening to me. They may be rather goodfriends outside of this. They arrive in here with numbers and no matter how muchmuscle or brain you have, numbers is very essential. – they may be making use of you as a sacrificial lamb identical to they said they might. So I mean realistically you gonna truly simply do what they want and play ball or are you gonna keep doing what you’re doing. Wes will support us out. He is obtained no neighbors on the opposite crew. So he says he’s gonnathrow the challenges. – My largest point used to be Idon’t wanna (beep) them for the sake of (beep) them. I desired to threaten to (beep) them so they might begin taking part in reasonable. They known as my bluff and that i known as theirs.We both have not budged. – [Bananas] the fellow’s (beep) depressing. – [Katie] that’s whyI’m saying that I believe we should be fine to him now. – We should? – I feel like nicer due to the fact he is simply gonna throw it once more and we lucked out last time. – [Bananas] No, no we break him down. We wait til that– – No, he is gonna just do it once more. – Katie, Katie, whatdon’t you understand about if we buckle and give himwhat he wants, he’s successful. That implies he wins. – [Johnny] His ego istoo colossal for his own excellent. – i do not think we are saying, ‘oh, oh Wes, now we comprehend that we have been flawed, we are going to just hold you outof there for one time’. It is like win or lose, put him in.Get rid of all his optionsuntil his best option is to play excellent. – I believe this comes to four of us figuring out’ how this works out dude. – [Wes] You realizewhat occurs to me proper? – [Johnny] ‘motive you’vebeen the the jungle twice. – We also did higher than you in these days. – [Johnny] That shouldn’teven factor into it. – [Wes] good then what are your features? Why do you believe it can be fair for us? – total we (beep)performed method higher, dude. – [Wes] Oh over the entire sport? – Yeah.- k now what’s gonna occur, is we are going to debate backward and forward with a bunch of bull (beep) points. – that’s why we figureout a fair method to do it. Just between the four of us. And no person else knows. There’s a legit way to figure out who’s going into this jungle, and there is the cowardly manner. And the fact that Kenny’s permitting Wes to run the politics ofthis workforce is pathetic. – simply lemme take over. – [Johnny] Nah he is your (beep) man. He’s allowed to (beep)what he needs to do. – i am allowed, yeah. And i am allowed to claim as his companion shut up for the leisure of the day. – Who’s it gonna be? – Johnny and Tyler.- [T.J.] Johnny and Tyler. – i am no longer gonna go out of my manner to try and sway any individual’s vote. Even for Wes the scumbag ofpiece of (beep) that he’s. That is even low for him. – Tyler, who would you guys like to peer? – well i am no longer gonna vote for myself, so i assume my brethren over here. – [T.J.] o.K. Wes and Kenny. And Wes and Kenny, whowould you guys like to see? – We’re gonna simply return the volley. – ok, so the score was four to two. Johnny and Tyler you guysare gonna be getting into to face CT and Adam inthe removing circular. – After the whole lot we(beep) been on the identical web page this entire sport, and then when rubber meets the street to move round and check out (beep) to do that (beep). – What, you desired us to move in? – there may be a extra respectfulway to do that dude.- hear if I get despatched in by Johnny without a heads up identical to a man to man. Correct now i’m gonna go on a rampage and we get all these learners that don’t have any notion what to do. I am gonna ban all of them on my aspect. – after which what? What’s your plan with therookies that don’t know what the (beep) they’re doing? – Johnny’s now not a good character. He is not a good friend. I do know that Johnny is gonna be my greatest adversary within the condo. He is excellent politically. Camila, then again, is far more emotionally prone. So I wanna get beneath her skinand learn her like a e-book. – truthfully, my companion,is main the game. And i am telling you. I do not know what is going on. – [CT] You must findout what is going on on. – About what? – he is simply, he is received her cornered at the desk seeking to be like "why do not you just tellme what you’re doing. "What is this?" – We’re just chilling here on a satisfactory night ready for my pricey.- Yeah you are simply chilling here then you are going to (beep)me over considering of my associate. – [Camila] do we talk, me and you? – Wes’ sport is all founded on false bravado and intimidation. He plays this sport scared. He plays like a coward. – he’s an fool. Nobody’s gonna take heed to him. And it can be easy as that. That is what he does. That is the sport he performs. You noticed he did not cometo me he got here after you. That just shows what acoward piece of he’s. If he ever brings thegame as much as you again, just be like "i am no longer speakme to youabout this, goodbye" – that is what I wish to understand. You’ve gotten a facet of you thatwants to intimidate persons into doing what you wish to have them to do. And i felt such as you weregetting like that with her. And it is like hear dude if you happen to had been to only came as much as me we might’ve been on the same level a very long time in the past.But when i have my companion telling me that you’re strolling aroundthe residence telling folks "i’m gonna deliver you to finish, you’re trustworthy. "good, Bananas is an x aspect." who are you to run round like you’re the shot caller dude? Every game you come intothe politics are one of a kind? And also you gotta switchup the sport every time. However me and Wes harborresentment from earlier indicates. – All I used to be trying to tellher was i do not respect the way in which you play the gamebut you are excellent at it. – How do you appreciate the wayhe’s enjoying the sport though. What’s wrong with it? – well considering I’vedone several challenges with him earlier than and we haven’t gotten– – This game – stop! Discontinue no. – do not talk like that– – When having conversationsyou do not go out pronouncing shut up, and you do not go on announcing discontinue.- ok. – ok you have got accomplished thatto me several instances, and i am looking to have a dialog with you like a normal individual. We did not have to be heretalking to you correct now. – Go, just get to the factor. – [Johnny] that is that. Let’s go Camila.- that is what you desired. – [Wes] that is what I desired style of. – [Johnny] As a lot as I hate Wes as a lot as I feel he’s a bit of (beep). He is a vet. Most commonly in these video games the newbies are the primary ones to go in. I don’t know what my decision is. – So congratulations to Johnny and Frank. (cheering) You guys made the finals. CT and Wes, first-class to havecompany knowing you guys are going to be goingagainst them or what? – Yeah just throwingup after three minutes i’m fully cool with it. – [Johnny] you don’t have any (beep) rationale to assert (beep) mom(beep).You got carried up have thelast venture by Kenny. – [Kenny] Come on, stand up. (screams loudly) Do you need me to hold you? – [Wes] Oh my god. – That one don’t matter. – good factor you got CT as you are partner due to the fact you can havebrought one title bro. – [CT] however Johnny thatwas a very long time ago. – do not matter. – you are no longer virtually in shapeas you were previously. – you can’ve made itthrough week one bro, if that. – excellent good fortune to each ofyou guys, excellent success. (applauding) – He perpetually goes back to the identical factor. – The prior. – I do, that’s all you haveto go on is your file, Wes. What else do you ought to go on? – Johnny dude. – What else do you need to go on? – What else do you have got to go on? – Get out of his face Johnny. – he is a person he can preserve himself. – i do know he can. – [CT] Johnny can provide ajoke, however can not take it.And you understand what. That is now not gonna happenon my watch anymore. You mess with Wes you mess with me too. – he’s my teammate, nowyou’ve gotta care for me now. – We tried to be fine toyou and talk about it. – that’s all you got to head on. – Johnny, Johnny! – rattling it Wes and CT. Are not able to you guys allow us to haveour spotlight for 10 seconds? – No, don’t forget he is on my team. We preserve every other. There isn’t any teams that oneand you went dwelling proper away. – How about six years in the past? – You aint the shapeyou was Johnny. – You suck! (laughs) – Oh, there we go. – You mad Johnny? What you long gone do now bro? – You aint the shape you used to be man. – you are the sort of loser. – hey what are you gonnado the relaxation of your existence? – we’ll see! – We’re gonna (beep) you up. – You damn good we are going to see. That is right. What, what? We do not ought to be great no more. – What? – Yeah that is what I idea.- Why is this occurring proper now? You guys are both in the fails calm down. – [CT] I guard my teammate. Yeah that’s correct, stroll away. – good luck with therest of your lifestyles Johnny. Excellent success with that. – that’s what I concept. – This mother (beep) can dishit, but he can not take it. – No he can’t, a (beep) child. – he is a loser, i don’t care. – What do you’ve? – you’ve cheated on everygirlfriend you will have ever had? – I’ve a BMW, a Porsche,a monster truck, a house and 30 organizations. (beep) my (beep). (laughs loudly) – Uh huh, are these matchbox cars or do these in reality (beep) exist? Are these parked for your garage? – i would like him to understand that i’m here to makehis lifestyles residing hell.And when he goes dwelling hewon’t have a paycheck. Since i’m gonna take it. And he might definitely have got to get a job, or have his mom maintain paying his hire. This is the victory lap. – [CT] this is the laststretch for us to win. It can be correct there. (upbeat music) – [CT] we know the secondwe throw the smoke bomb, and it makes a giganticboom, Johnny and Frank, they are going to comprehend this recreation is over. (upbeat track) (horn blowing) – [ Frank] I hear the hornand that in actual fact means that we are stuck here on Nightmare Island in second place, and doesn’t consider excellent. – You gotta decide what couple you want to ship into the dome to faceoff in opposition to Leroy and Nia. So who’s it gonna be? – Nany and Bananas. – All proper Nany and Bananas come on up.(audience applauding) – the way in which at present wentdown is Wes’ wet dream. He can’t stand Leroy, he hates me, so getting an possibility to put the 2 of us in together. Wes maybe peeing his pants as we communicate. – [Woman] preserve going Leroy! – [Wes] Go Lee! (bell rings) (viewers cheering) – [Wes] Oh my god! – Yeah! – any person’s going house tonight! – it’s like hell iced over over. Every person is undoubtedly speechless. This is the burden of theworld leaping off of my back.- [Wes] Oh (beep) it is social gathering Time! That’s enjoyable. – yes! – Oh man,that is fun. I want Bananas to listen to me cheer. Nobody needs to look Bananasgo to a different final. Nobody wants him round any longer. – [T.J.] Zach and Johnny. Tonight you guys aregonna be competing against the reigning championsthe battle of the exile. They are no joke. – Who do you consider it can be gonna be? – I suppose it’s Brittany and Adam. – think it is gonna be Bananas. – Or Reilly and Averey. – bring them out. (dramatic song) – here they come. – Holey moley.- Oh my god! – Yeah, boy! (cheering) You guys had been here this entire time? (applauging) – What’s up champ? – Why the purple face Wes? – [Contestants] Ohhhhhhh! – You appear like anyone justwalked over your grave bro. – first-class to see you guys too. – The banana that you love to hate is back to set the file straight. And we’re about to turnthis situation the wrong way up man. – I simply pinched myselfand this isn’t a nightmare. I am unsleeping proper now. – just right luck you guys. (viewers applauding) – We must go up first.At this factor I believe like wehave a 2nd rent on lifestyles. I mean the feeling is indescribable. I think Wes feels likesomeone took a big huge dump on his birthday cake. – So Sara and Bananas, you guys have got to pick two groups to enter the jungle to faceoff with Tony and Camilla. – I without a doubt for once had hopes of history would not repeat itself. – I hate his little speeches. However uh this character is stilla spineless piece of (beep). So my vote is gonna be for Wes and Nany. – So who’s the first group. – [Nany] however… – [Wes] i don’t want to hear it i do not must hear it.It is a bunch of bologna. Well it can be Wes and Nanyso we made that one effortless. – [Nany] you’re an fool. – Who’s the primary teamthat you’re nominating. – Nany and Wes. – [T.J.] You and Nany aregoing in opposition to Dario and Nicole. And for the primary time everwe have bloodlines dealing with off in an removal round. (upbeat track) – [Woman] Go, go, go! – Wes get going! – Oh my god! – Go Dario Go! – Gotta go rapid! – maintain going! – Dario! – Come on let’s go! – hold going! – You bought it on Dario! You received it Dar! – You bought it! (bell rings) (horn beeping) (screams) – Let’s *beep* go! – Let’s go! – Wes and Nany.We have visible you guys do someamazing matters over the years. But tonight you cameup a little bit bit quick. This ends your time right here in Mexico. Take care of your self. (viewers applauding) – So Wes, now it is as much as your staff, to select your opponent. Camila, who you are vote casting for? (soft hiphop song) – Wanna question me who i need? – Who do you want? – i want Bananas. (audience cheering) – the only transfer to make is to go as colossal as viable. As early as viable so the entire sport will also be flipped on it is head. – So yeah i am gonna tobe going up against Wes. The gingerbread man.The human spring roll. I can’t say i am amazed, ‘purpose nothing on achallenge ever surprises me. It’s been a very long time coming. If i can select my best removing it’ll be whatever bodily. It is going to be whatever thatinvolves pads, helmets, and Wes caught to the bottom of my shoe. – All correct guys the sport is tied. Wes one, Bananas one. Next play wins, losergoes residence, champs capable? (upbeat tune) – Left, left, stop moving. – correct slightly bit, proper there.- Wes, transfer to the right. – he’s right in entrance of you. He’s correct in front ofyou about 5 feet. He’s right in front youand he is closing in. (upbeat track) (viewers cheering) – Wes wins. – guy you rock! – Wes today was once your day. Will the contention proceed? – Yeah. (viewers snigger loudly) – All correct Bananas lamentably this ends your time on Champs vs execs. (viewers cheering) – just right job. – losing never feels just right. Losing to Wes feels worse, but from here on out it is gonna get a lot more vicious, and a lot more brutal. – All proper Bananas. – america’s favorite Ginger, Wes Bergmann. – What, let’s go! (audience applauding) – That was once dumb.- it’s really dumb. – [Morgan] i have fullconfidence in my ally. I think this contention between him and Wes is gonna mild alittle hearth below your ass. – [Bananas] Wes and myrivalry is extra famous and extra well identified than the Capulets and the Montagues. Except Wes was once kinda just like the ugly little one that was once banished fromone of the households. – i like being referred to as out with the aid of Bananas. He’s received blinders on in terms of me. He hasn’t like stopped and paid awareness and realized that I’msubstantially enhanced and notably higher cardio than him.And i don’t think that he’schecked out my partner quads. – Quad squad proper right here. – Quad squad. (laughs) – All right guys you in a position? (horn beeps) (dramatic song) – [Woman] Go, go, go, go! (grunts) – You Wes! You piece of (beep). I just wanna beat Wes. All right I took a very bigrisk by calling him out. And that is rather gonna set the tone I believe for the following few days. (rock music) – Being partnered with Bananas like this can be a project legend. Like i don’t want to be the screw up accomplice who does not do just right. So the place’s the monstertruck? It’s now not coming. My arms have turned into whole noodles. (engine revving) – ok guys first-rate task, best work. (applauding) – Monster of a mission. – there have been three teamsthat were above the rest. These three teams aregonna type the Tribunal.So, those groups are: Cara Maria and Theo, Bananas and Morgan. – I’ve lost to Bananas, God that feels so unhealthy to even say. I don’t need to seeBananas in the Tribunal. I certainly not need to see Bananasin a role of vigor. Oh that just makes my skincrawl eager about it. – Wes’ self worth right now is at an all-time low. Which is pronouncing a lot for the reason that I believe like each time Wes appears in the mirror. It’s a blow to his self worth. – So Wes and Dee, Ninja Natalie, Paulie and Kam and Beast. You three groups kind the tribunal. Congratulations you guys. (viewers applauding) – pleasant try Bananas. I did not fly all the approach from Kansas metropolis to now not throw in Bananas. I’m an inch far from beingable to get this achieved.It can be gonna be an absolute blast. – [Bananas] Morgan andI stood no risk at present. The majority of thehouse made definite of that. But the fact that Zach went out of his option to help Wes win it’s fantastic. – it’s looking pretty tight. Tighter than i need it to be. – [Woman] Over, left. – it’s rough to assert who has more flags, and so i am biting my nails. (applauding) The winner of tonight’s elimination circular, will stay in the game, butalso take control of the relic. So Bananas and Morgan,you guys received 15 correct. Zach and Zahida. (suspense music) You guys got 18 correct. (cheering loudly) – Bananas, Morgan unfortunatelyyou couldn’t get it carried out. So this ends your timehere on the mission.Care for yourselves. (applauding) – it can be one thing going onto a undertaking and figuring out who your enemies are. It can be another factor when you have enemies for your own camp. We had been in opposition to quite a bit offorces we’re simply gonna must regroup andhopefully come back better sound, intellect, and physique subsequent time. (upbeat song) – You Bananas, you deserve this. You are aware of it. I hate you. I bought you once more.I am never gonna discontinue going for Bananas until he formally retires. So long. – i do not vote for learners. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to throw my vote away and throw it on someonewith a good humorousness. – Wes desires to eliminate me asap. Final season we did not get on. I do know for a fact this seasonwe’re now not gonna get on too. – so long as i am right here andas lengthy as Wes is here. He’ll not ever ever (beep) with us once more. – Yeah. – Wes is still gonna goaround and try and fake or at least give the impressionthat he has more vigour than he clearly does. He’s doing the identical gamethat he’s every season. And he’s best going for theguys that he can manipulate and get them to (beep) do.And do his grime bro. But this season becausethey’re so different he doesn’t be aware of what the (beep) to do. You provide him sufficient rope he is gonna turn out to be striking himself. – Did I tell you how I used to be drowsing? – Yeah. – And he clearly explainedhis entire plan in entrance of me, at the same time he notion I was sleeping. And that made me mad. As quickly as I aroused from sleep and that i went over to Josh and that i was once like, What if we throe Wes in? After which he picked me up andspun me round in circles. – Yeah. – Wes and i’ve never andwill never be on the same page. We’ll by no means work collectively. We will in no way see eye to eye.Disposing of Wes from thisgame is more fundamental to me at this point than profitable a ultimate. – I just hate how he is perpetually like, " i’ve so much power." Or like look at me and how… He’s so sneaky. – he is no longer although. – No but I don’t need any one to grasp. What I imply? Some thing we do, it’sgonna be, its gonna be Bananas (beep) shock to every person’s system. – Wes, I think you shouldcome down with me mate. I consider it can be handiest fairthat you come in opposition to me. – this is my moment to show to every body that I need to be taken severely.And via me calling out the largest and baddest participant in venture history shows how much guts I really have. (cheering) Wes come down right here Wes. – undoubtedly no longer. – you have been gift inevery single (mumbles) right here. – I’ve proved myself. – No you haven’t. – I’ve won greater than everyone. – good beat me then. – This is not a call out recreation. I will all hear you out, and i am gonna let every person, whooo, but i am now not silly I’mnot coming down there, i am now not prepped, i’m not able. I don’t have to do this.I’ve already proven myself. – [T.J.] So pay attention. No more talking guys. Now, Tribunal, you guyshave to ship one guy from both group to face bear.Zach, who’s your vote for? – i’m gonna vote for Theo. – [T.J.] So Laurel, whoyou’re gonna vote for? – Wes. (viewers cheering) – No more hiding Wes. – Wes. (viewers cheering) – If the man clearly had a soul, I believe it could have lefthis body at this factor. – you may have just threw downone of our quality avid gamers over some emotional bull (beep). And i are not able to aid but consider entirely and totally betrayed by way of him. You went towards our teamand just grew to become on our possess. – All right so Wes howdo you believe about this? It can be time entertain them is it not? – deliver the smoke Wes carry the smoke bro.- i’m going to carry the smoke and if not– – How does it think. Gonna be ferged on residence. I am sending you home child. – I mean I both beat you or I– – it’s a protracted flight residence Wes. – Yeah it is. – it can be an extended flight dwelling. – Yeah i do know. I am mindful of the rules. – We’re just really style still in shock. I really suggestion I used to be simply gonna watch an elimination tonight and now i go into an extraordinarily physical one towards an extraordinarily traumatic man. I mean I’ve received a gigantic targeton my back in every recreation that I play partly considering of my mouth.And i am just a little cocky, very cocky. Undergo is an interestingone to go in towards considering that it’s like if I beat him i’m gonna get no credit. If I lose to him i am gonna get made enjoyable of for a minimum of 1/2 a decade. (upbeat tune) – it can be get real. Now we’re fighting in real lifestyles. If any person hit my head with this part. I’ll go away the ball and i will ruin his bones.Each bone. – hiya, you gotta go for the ball there. (rock track) – There it is! – Get the ball, get the ball! – endure retailer your energy! (upbeat track) – grab the ball, it’s out of his hands. – Go, it is still alive. It’s still alive, stand up! Stand up, it is nonetheless alive. Stand up, get up! – take hold of the ball and run! (grunts) (audience cheering) – [Guy] (beep) yeah! (applauding) – undergo practically justpulled down Wes’ panties and spanked him in entrance the whole apartment. It was a gorgeous impressive website online to look. Tonight simply could not get any higher. (applauding) – Suck this up Wes. – pay attention, i know people kinda blame Laurel and Josh for what happened. I do not. Now not one percent actually zero percentage it is not their fault. It’s all Bananas’ fault and he’ll pay. (all laugh loudly) – [Justina Valentine]at the finish of the day, you are aware of it’s only a gamethis time they received the first-class of you Wes, but i’m sureyou’ll be again sliding in DMs and making all varieties of alliances and doing all of your Wes factor.- Wes are you gonna send me a DM? – Yeah, thank you. I am gonna ship your mother a DM. (all snort loudly) – best, superb, perfect. That is a , that is a Wes..


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