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Environment Of Zero Gravity

Welcome to Visus. Michael is with you. “How many people are in space now” tells us That answer is six. Since the first person climbed into outer space at all Yuri Gagarin 52 years ago, more than 500 people left the land And they went so far to the moon, amazing distance. I mean the space stations that we use today in outer space Very impressive, but by analogy, they just stay in orbit About this distance from Earth. While the moon, where the Apollo astronauts went, exists

Here. In the last 12 years, There is a continuous and uninterrupted presence Of people living in space. Different people at different times, Specifically since November 2001. But until now, all of us, All human beings who were ever born were born here on earth. Of course, the Earth is a giant accumulation of matter that has gathered together in space, And clinged to each other by their own gravity, so in practice, We were all born in space. But I want to talk about outer space. What is our relationship with him and what is inside him? How our biological structure fits into the vast universe Where we were born? More specifically, if you were born and raised outside the Earth, How will you look? Most importantly important.Where is outer space? Well, outer space is about 100,000 meters away “Space starts 62 miles up!” Over your head. At that point, the atmosphere is very thin So much so that you can hang in space, The aircraft must fly very quickly Equal to the orbital velocity. The orbital velocity is so great that without crane power, And while you fall, you don’t, Because the earth literally bends away from you as fast as it falls In its direction. That’s really what astronauts are doing In the International Space Station.

They are falling. It’s a common misconception that astronauts roam around Weightless in space due to zero gravity there. But there is a huge amount of gravity. In fact, There is some degree of gravity they are exposed to “About 90 percent of what you’re experiencing now!” Roughly equal to what you’re exposed to Now you’re watching this video. Believe it or not, if we built a tower At a height similar to the distance at which the International Space Station With a height of 370,000 meters, “230 miles!” And went out to the top of that tower, You will feel that way. You’ll walk all around just as I am now. You won’t feel any difference at all, But the International Space Station will go by your side At 17,000 miles per hour. 28,000 kilometers an hour You have to do it, because they fall. So to say that astronauts roam around in orbit, Because they are in unattractive … To say very misleading. In fact, what they feel is a lack of acceleration of gravity The acceleration of gravity is accelerated to weight.

Translated into weight because of some other force of the earth, Seat or elevator operated reverse gravity acceleration The acceleration of gravity severely hurts, because the effect of gravity is restricted to us Ensures our growth is healthy and healthy. After all, it’s what we were born to grow up in. So the question of what a person would be like, if he was cheated He was born, born and raised in a space orbit, It seems to require discussion of weightlessness. Realistically, humans who grow colonies on extraterrestrial planets Or traveling through space for long times,

And expect new human beings, They will use techniques that help simulate living conditions here on Earth. But until artificial gravity becomes perfect And are easily implemented, It is important to understand the effect of weightlessness On our biological structure and other things. For example, In an environment of zero gravity, hot air does not rise. So the shape of the candle flame is not a stretched ball Of glowing gas and pulled upward. It is just like a round ball of hot gas. “Flame under the influence of microgravity or zero gravity (event horizon)” We are not sure that we can make children in space. The mere planning and implementation of the hugging is difficult enough. A recent invention called the “double suit” may make the process easier. The double suit offers effortless intimacy in a weightless environment, Such as outer space or low-gravity planets. “Mars relative to Earth” But will it be enough to ensure pregnancy? The enzyme responsible for stopping the movement of the tail of the sperm Does not work well when gravity is zero. In space, sperm swim faster. One thing we know about children inside their mothers in space Relates to the development of the vestibular apparatus.

The ducts in the inner ear that use liquid flow inside them To determine the movement and the upper direction of the bottom and the equilibrium. In an environment of zero gravity, the liquid in the vestibular apparatus Only floats like this. He is confused. This can lead to motion sickness And visual illusions and confusion. It’s called space adaptation syndrome, It affects about 50 per cent of astronauts. Motion confusion may make you vomit, feel nauseous, get dizzy or have zero gravity, For the sake of survival. Motion sickness, caused by clutter around acceleration, is known Similar to the effects of intake Poisonous plants, where vomiting can save your life in that situation. Pregnant female rats taken into space I was born young on the ground struggling to determine trends. Unlike the little rats that were carried here on Earth, Those carried in space have trouble correcting their position When you throw it into the water. They tend to be better at adapting to circumstances Common during weightlessness, It is a good sign for the human beings who carry them “Space kids!” They are born and thrived in space, but it is one very good news. Vestibular fluid is not the only liquid Which is affected in an environment of zero gravity. All your body fluids are affected.

On Earth, gravity pulls those liquids down, but in space orbit, The liquid is free to be evenly distributed, The astronauts give their distinctive characteristics of bird legs and full faces. Cosmetically, it’s kind of a problem. All that pressure from excess fluid in your face can jeopardize vision. Of the 27 astronauts studied after long spacecraft Nine of them had excess fluid around the optic nerve, Six of them flattened their eyeball from behind because of fluid pressure “Before exposure to zero gravity” “After exposure to zero gravity” Four of them had their optic nerve swollen. Excessive pressure from fluids in your head causes a misleading message That your body inevitably contains too much fluid. So bodies that travel at zero gravity respond by producing less blood. Astronauts can lose up to 22 percent of their total blood volume They are in space, leading to weakness and atrophy of the heart muscle. Far from protecting the earth, Radiation coming from the sun and the rest of the universe Very dangerous, and we still don’t know exactly The best way to protect it. Mice exposed to predicted levels of radiation During interplanetary flights Showed signs of blood flow in the brain in a different way And cellular plates are larger than those found in patients Alzheimer’s.

environment of zero gravity Psychologically, feelings of isolation in space, Think about the distance between you and the rest of humanity Can affect you organically. Scientists working at the South Pole developed their bodies Immune systems are at risk with fewer T cells. About the strength of your body, the adult astronauts in orbit, Who did not suffer the pressure of the natural force of gravity They had a spinal stretch, which sometimes grew by three percent Before they return to Earth. A person who is six feet tall can go into space and return a piss along “1.8 meters” “Five centimeters taller!” Six feet and two inches. Without normal and necessary stress, Bones in space atrophy by one percent every month. “Similar to Osteoporosis” In sufficient time, the percentage of total bone loss It can reach 40 to 60 percent. And when you are weightless, you do not need much muscle strength To move. ‘Before and after a 17-day shuttle trip’ This makes the muscles of the weightless people in space Atrophy. Those muscles that you use to resist gravity Can contract by five percent every month, With a total muscle loss of 20 percent. It’s all scary and sad. But don’t try to cry on him, because without gravity to pull them down, Tears don’t work the same way in space.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield makes excellent environment of zero gravity videos About the different behavior of objects in orbit. For example, tears only gather on your face due to surface tension. “Tears in space (do not fall)” You can cry in space, but he says, tears don’t fall. We know that adults face these problems in space. Theoretically, it will affect On the growth of children in space even more. There are similarities between the way a child’s skeleton grows In space orbit and diseases that cause weakness And osteoporosis here on earth. Bones break and heal Because of different forces from that of traditional land, Like rickets. It is acceptable to say that without proper precautions And exercise and care, like the astronauts are already doing, “The bungee cords mimic the force of gravity” The growth of children in space can be like this. Not because of rickets or vitamin D deficiency, But rather because the usual forces and activity required For healthy bone growth will not be there. In addition to other threats, imagine an object on this body But with thinner legs, thin and weak muscles, The face is full, the eyes are weak, The tendency is higher than usual for dementia later in life. It doesn’t look good at all, does it? Remember, however, that much of this is assumptions.

Few studies have been done on the subject Few studies have been planned for the future. We don’t even know if a healthy fetus can grow from the ground up Or even fertilization can happen in space. When I think carefully about how little we know about our bodies And how our bodies can grow and develop in the vast universe Extraterrestrial, I love thinking about … Plankton. These tiny organisms live in the ocean in amazing numbers. So many varieties are so small that they can’t be seen individually, But collectively, they can be seen from space. Estimates the numbers of plankton present In the Earth’s oceans with a larger number Of the number of stars in our galaxy. There are more plankton on the ground Than there are galaxies in the visible universe. These organisms hang around in the midst of ocean currents. They are assholes. In fact, they have gained their name from the meaning of the word Rambler in Greek, The name they share with objects That are also hanging around in space. environment of zero gravity Planets.

Plankton on a planet. Assholes on rambler. Maybe like an ocean plankton, We humans are destined to hang around and everywhere Eventually we become more stars In our galaxy. It is within the scope of what we can accomplish. But before we start feeling so excited and proud, I know we know very little About how our bodies grow and develop Outside this lounger, this planet. Although, we know a lot of old words Like the word “body”, In fact, we don’t even know why we call these things The word “objects” of the foundation. As always, thanks for watching.

Environment Of Zero Gravity

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