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7,000 years dynamics of the system sir out by way of instruments right here mr. Dodgson are a better start touch none deduction [Music] prior and reward in the Vimal republic the ideology of ethno-nationalism used to be popular and finally grew to be the groundwork of the Nazi regime the severe correct in Germany today is evidently drawing upon this ancient focal point ideology this ethno-nationalism was right-wing extremists today are stoking fears of immigration and what they name the high-quality alternative osius the high-quality replacement has win the bulk populace the native populace is displaced and replaced by means of a minority when the ethnic composition of a populace is turned on its manage and as soon as again the brand new rights ethno nationalist strategies are accompanied by racism and anti-semitism every body is aware of which historical parasites we’re speakme about [Music] the new right rejects trendy Germany and believes the time is ripe for a national transformation via a world there may be a belief I consider it is a delusional one at the time has come to overthrow the system they hate to overthrow democracy do it some Crona [Music] [Music] [Music] what does the Germany of today need to do with the vemma republic of practically a century in the past what do they have in usual what parallels do we draw to a time just before the Nazi regime seized vigour sweeping away hope freedom and peace [Applause] in the scripture there may be this easy and catchy slogan Berlin is not Vai mark that’s a trivialization of history historical constellations do not repeat themselves on this one-to-one type of way the slogan additionally offers a kind of false reassurance it implies we don’t need to give much idea to anti-democratic traits that probably underway suggests that this assessment is meaningless but I believe that a few of what’s going down now requires us to do just that to undertake this comparison the same type of assault on democracy that happened within the Vimal republic is being revived in a enormous method history would no longer repeat itself but we are able to still learn from it pupils at a high college in Cologne are rehearsing a play about Holocaust survivor Tamar Dreyfuss who misplaced a lot of her loved ones in the Nazi awareness camps working with Germany’s organization for information and counseling for the survivors of Nazi persecution they want to show how her story continues to be significant to the modern-day we think it’s a stroke by means of performing this piece we possibly competent to get persons interested in the entire difficulty again the prior is principal we are able to be trained from it in order that we don’t make the equal errors in college you realize that jokes about Jews have emerge as humorous once more these sorts of jokes are suitable again tamadra fus has also discovered the reemergence of racism and anti-semitism and believes that something needs to be achieved now to counter the pattern you once stated remembering is not sufficient we need to act what if that doesn’t happen that will be bad then it’ll develop we must maintain repeating this message day in and day out some humans may just say we do not need this we do not want to hear this anymore it can be over however you have got to do not forget with out remembrance there is not any future Lynne in 1929 during the Weimar Republic eleven years after the end of the primary World conflict Germany had been a democracy for ten years however now its enemies have been circling rallying on the streets and even in Parliament now we have seen that this new German parliamentary and social gathering procedure is hypocritical and socially corrupt it is an enemy of our fatherland octet hoobin back was chairman of the German country wide persons’s get together and a leader of the correct vomits water geek on the time political parties within the Vimal Republic were below attack there used to be a standard feeling that Germans did not need multiple political events all they needed was a single proper consultant of the individuals a robust leader a strong single party that’s what we’re seeing again today the populist or radical correct are announcing we’re the actual folks we symbolize the men and women everyone else is being manipulated and is performing against the individuals’s pursuits does the essential events were preying on the state and grew to become the federal government of our nation and men and women into an area for ideological experiments the AFD is our country’s last danger to conform within the right course or else we ought to put together to fight today’s cow bits is leader of the AFD in brandenburg and has wide contacts with neo-nazi adolescence businesses the celebration is placing its faith within the more youthful generations many within the vemma republic additionally well-known the significance of youth organizations churches legitimate associations physical activities golf equipment and political parties all anticipated the put up-struggle generation to grab the reins and form the country’s future by the time the Nazis had seized power it used to be no longer simply the Hitler early life who had been transformed many young persons believed that democracy had grow to be out of date tarnished via the older generation that had led Germany into the first world battle recommendations of race and ethnicity had come to be the hallmark of national solidarity the man or woman used to be nothing the humans the whole thing their bond to blood and soil was to be purged of alien factors leaving at the back of only the pure physique of the individuals what it is the phrase there would be no contradictions inside this supposedly biologically pure national group the body of the individuals it couldn’t countenance any type of plurality conflicts of curiosity competing interests had to be quashed all of these matters that we now be given as a part of modern-day math society were rejected as fundamentally hostile [Music] Germany’s pupil fraternities have been part of this formative years action through 1924 their writings were drawing on these recommendations the ethnic nation is the supply of political action every citizen is obligated to behave in the country wide curiosity their moves ought to be guided best with the aid of the want to keep and promote the ethnic lifestyles method of our people the traditions of the German fraternity can be draw on the ethno nationalist and anti-semitic ideologies of the Twenties and 30s then as now fraternity serve as a breeding ground for radical proper-wing parties and suppose tanks and for the whole proper-wing apparatus the Germans paternity czar still the elite colleges of Germany’s extreme correct their traditions are unchanged however how so much of this ethno nationalist ideology nonetheless stays we meet the fraternity spokesman Philip Stein in Halle Ghana what i need is for peoples and populations to preserve their relative homogeneity their traditions how is that one of a kind from Nazi racial thought good racial conception is based on something very distinct ethnicity doesn’t mean all people is blonde everyone has wonderful straight tooth or a targeted shape of cranium a folks is made of a sort of features which have advanced organically over the centuries i’m asking about this tradition of racial conception seeing that it additionally worried this fear of intermingling good as I’ve defined kinship and identity along with language and devout confession are probably the most matters that outline a nation and of path kinship and identification entails some matters that don’t have anything to do with racial idea however just with types of expression with human types kind as a this is like what good take a appear round it’s beautiful handy for me to peer that you’re a German or European before so it is pretty clear that detailed physical traits outline a men and women well at the least most of what i might call the folks that’s virtually a sexy ordinary truth and Omata fucked but that’s a racist or racial point of view Valle large Y racial i do not want to in some way outline men and women by the form of their skulls or the type of loopy stuff that the national Socialists propagated it just goes with out announcing that precise characteristics are what outline the identity of a persons so the place are these recommendations coming from Jesus existence this existential racist mode of proposal has been a part of radical right-wing ideology for some 200 years it’s always discovering new language and new terminology for its ideas like substituting the word race with words like tradition or identification they need society to be homogeneous alongside ethnic strains to vary the matters that define Germany as a state today many persons who are definitely German residents will not be perceived as Germans via the prism of ethno-nationalism that’s what they need tomorr force who’s witnessed how racism and anti-semitism gave upward push to segregation persecution and murder she and her loved ones lived within the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius in 1941 when she used to be three years historical the German navy occupied the town her mom hid her however then she and her moms and dads were rounded up and despatched to the town’s Jewish ghetto in the future her father was taken away in shot now not lengthy afterwards Tamar and her mom had been placed on a train to a death camp along the best way the teach made a quick discontinue her mother saw a risk to escape because it with the aid of a miracle they bought away neglected and went underground for years and survived tamadra paz has been residing in cologne for a long time today she feels that she’s witnessing a revival of the earlier a resurgent racism and hostility in the direction of immigrants nourished via the very same ideology she feels an duty to inform her story men and women and warn them my destiny is most commonly to remain here and do what I do I imply this is sort of a drop of water on a sizzling stone however many drops could make stone soften and i hope I’ve amassed a lot of drops in my time in these days nationalism has returned to Germany streets below the guise of a correct-wing protest movement fears of a nation below danger of country wide decline are being whipped as much as justify the anger the odor of decay from a death democracy is wafting by means of the nation in this trouble dear buddies and that i say this is a citizen loyal to the state our duty is to not remain calm our civic duty is one in every of courage anger defiance and civil disobedience we have got to take our country again the superstar ability is in Japan in ads on state for them up gold that’s fog details rifled venison snitched killings heating and shade and to venden than lacking be a 12 months the hope doom of an annoyed Archer who would be grabbin in a nom de huracn to the novel proper both within the Twenties and today regards liberal democracy as a process of decline and decay it supposedly leads to crime to infiltration by way of foreigners and different mess ups view doesn’t have a lot to do with truth for those who took battle in the Weimar Republic monarchists and supporters of a one-social gathering method noticed Parliament and the Democratic events because the enemy the Social Democrats with their ideas of liberalism have been especially hated the Communists had been agitating from the left the dnvp and more and more the Nazi get together from the correct they called for Parliament and political parties to be abolished [Applause] today the AFD is making an attempt to say the mantle of savior they see the federal government and other political events as enemies of the individuals average political events are trapped of their multicultural Republican matrix their musty outdated cowardly dear acquaintances the Chancellor wants to create a fait accompli before she resigns she needs to make the quality substitute irreversible don’t ask me what her factors are for some cause she has some thing against the German individuals in CFS snowboarding that starts a combat Eschete in n’doul and they need to create another country a nation with out immigrant families a country and not using a liberal tradition and a cosmopolitan globalized economic system they’re very nearly speakme a few form of national socialism natsu nines or solicitors within the german parliament the Bundestag the AFD serves as a trap-eager about the far-right it survives via whipping up discontent and anger many AFD voters have lost faith in the state and political system just one to 4 percentage of voters from the mainstream established parties say they’re disenchanted with democracy in Germany however amongst left-wing voters that figure is 31 percentage amongst AFD voters forty-one percentage this dissatisfaction with the democratic method paired with ethno-nationalism has also drawn reams of core-category voters many of whom share these views even before the AFD was founded a distinctive phase in German society held far more conservative if not to say correct-wing at even racist views van have been mirrored in Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic party however there used to be no one on the stage who stated this brazenly or with an air of credibility and legitimacy elector and rate aft has succeeded in doing simply that yeah and now racist values and worldviews aren’t just being concept but brazenly expressed these excellent men should not pondering dothis mizuka all screened off almost always emitted detailed right wing extremist beliefs additionally exist in the middle of society that we wish to believe of as a type of bastion a line of safeguard we are likely to suppose of correct-wing extremism as taking position on the political fringe whatever you could get back on to control in view that it can be just an remoted minority that’s but that is no longer relatively proper these attitudes are popular you can to find them as many segments of society correct-wing extremism and persist over generations that is proven by means of a be taught carried out with the aid of the tuition of Munich which examined rhineland-palatinate and baden wouldn beg to federal states where immigration has been much less of a factor they found that areas that voted for the Nazis in 1933 proven right here in crimson gave a greater share of their vote to the AFD within the 2017 parliamentary elections shown here in blue as in Estonia conv are outstanding continuities in electoral behavior that return to the time of national Socialism this suggests us that the political culture radical right-wing attitudes do not abruptly disappear or exchange in a single day there is continuity these attitudes are handed down in families and communities the brand new some distance proper and the AFD cut their enamel on the streets that is the place they recruit their followers identical to the Nazis and the bimah Republic in the beginning the Nazis had been an irrelevant fringe movement however they have been determined to end up a noticeable force and to grow the national socialist news is can urge for food him i’ll take lesions in adidas Marcus is an above a goof dizzy some silly Gazette that does melanoma sidestep aside in Al’s and and lessened tendon below the cannot listen to inch women to preclude betraying its mentioned mission the AFD has to remain a motion in other phrases it continuously must be obvious on the streets and it needs to maintain close contacts with other affiliated actions being a obvious drive on the streets in protests is fundamental to radical traits it makes a statement right here we are become a member of us comply with us we’re in the forefront and in a position to battle London come for its award this tactic used to be also deployed within the vemma Republic fiery rhetoric soon was violence road brawls grew to be the order of the day the radicals got down to disable eyes the state and reveal its powerlessness 1931 saw the Nazis committing their first anti-semitic attacks hunting down Jews on one in all Berlin’s major looking boulevards September 2018 in Chemnitz open hostility on the streets attacks on journalists a hunt on persons perceived as foreigners or migrants racism was once openly flaunted and hatred spilled into violence this tendency in the direction of violence is not only an summary thought it can be being acted upon I suppose we overpassed the truth that we now have had a militant subculture with an affinity for terrorism in this scene for a long time they have been ready within the wings for the right moment to place their violence into motion on the streets the a ways-left shares these tendencies as was once on evidence on the g20 summit in Hamburg two years in the past additionally they resorted to violence but there is a crucial difference the novel left is not trying to overthrow democracy but to overthrow capitalism the unconventional correct wants to cast off democracy and human rights this difference can also be apparent in their behavior on the streets traditionally left-wing violence is directed particularly towards objects and signifiers of the state proper-wing violence also objectives the state nevertheless it also tends to hunt down minorities and assault folks now not objects the AFD and their allies are still a minority however they declare to symbolize a silent majority they openly expressed racial ideologies and notions of ethnic purity they themselves admit that the up to date arrival of refugees in Germany used to be a boon to their movement of course the nice migration situation that began in 2015 has been a variety of catalyst for patriotic or right-wing suggestions or anything i don’t feel anybody would deny that there was once a second when these opinions had been ready to gain momentum when what people were willing to say out loud particularly multiplied which you can talk about matters now that have been more tricky a number of years ago defining young legal on the boundaries of what can also be said openly and in public without immediate sanction have shifted appreciably in Germany over the final few years I consider every body concurs on that it’s worrying that radical slogans including a variety of rhetorical violence at the moment are not simply restricted to social media where it can be long been an actual obstacle it’s left the digital world and long gone analogue into the public sphere who wishes together with far-correct groups akin to pegida and the identitarian movement are relocating on to Germany’s streets [Applause] the identitarian motion is also a throwback but as this promotional video suggests it grants itself as hip younger and forward-thinking like their different allies on the far proper they want to draw young humans into the movement the identitarian czar skilled at attracting attention like at this 2016 protest on the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and their campaign on the French Alps for a Mediterranean mission to keep refugees out rather than to rescue them mountains anna has mounted campaigns in Austria Germany and across Europe proclaiming the supposed downfall of society he additionally performs down the crimes committed through the Nazis claiming that normal democratic politicians have end up mired in what he calls a cult of guilt for years this elite has been searching for a sword to fall on to now they determined one the migration drawback this can be a society a generation of dying and voluntary liquidation the identitarian ‘s need to be a force of existence so we are saying this to that elite you are welcome to sacrifice yourselves to wreck yourselves along with your cult of guilt that is your correct however you wouldn’t have the proper to drag the leisure of us into this the identitarian action is being monitored as an extremist organization via Germany’s security services the identitarian say they wish to protect the purity of supposedly homogeneous ethnic companies the best replacement is its unifying narrative and aspects prominently in a manifesto by means of one of the most movements leaders the ethnic German population shall be displaced within the coming many years replaced by way of migrants who do not share our culture the twenty first century is set nothing not up to the survival of our humans and the entire of Europe before the lengthy dusty befo name the concept that the population can be supplanted that there’ll be some thing like a great replacement as the new correct calls it’s trendy and county this can be a core element of a new radical proper-wing ideology it’s a response to migration the globalization of the populace and demographic exchange the focal intimal Karthus alexander kleiner who calls himself alex malenky is the leader of the identitarian motion in leipzig his goal is to persuade young individuals that the quality replacement is real he and Philip tala run the right-wing YouTube channel loud Gaddafi or considering out loud stuffed amid lava by using now each person must have realized that any person who would not follow the green eco mainstream or who’s no longer desirous about immigration is instantly branded a Nazi they’re trying to marginalize us the best substitute I’ve obvious that a lot in your literature what is it the best substitute is when the bulk the native populace is displaced and replaced by way of others when a populations ethnic composition is upend complex so if we take Germany as a concrete illustration then the fine alternative would imply that folks born and bred in Frankfurt would no longer be the bulk in their possess city and who decides who’s German and who is not it is no longer a resolution there’s no choice and no authority can make one it is a procedure but you have got made up our minds who’s German and who is not and if Frankfurt has tons of immigrants you say no they are not German and we don’t want to are living this manner yes we don’t need Germans to come to be a minority of their possess nation so men and women whose households came right here from somewhere else don’t seem to be Germans sorry what people with a migration heritage don’t seem to be Germans in a method it is dependent upon exactly the place they came from and your definition of what is a German sure no avid Eagles however the monstrous majority of humans with migrant backgrounds in Germany are Germans they’re German residents but can a bit of paper be the ultimate phrase in defining who is a German and who isn’t Deutsche particular the Swedish preached on these stats what they are announcing violates our inspiration of citizenship and the values of our structure when they say that folks are usually not German on the grounds that of their heritage that’s a today’s form of racism a German is a person who’s a German citizen and that is what the new proper is unwilling to receive the ideology of the quality alternative unites proper-wing extremists all over the world on March 15 2019 in Christchurch New Zealand a correct-wing extremist shot useless 50 people who have been praying in two mosques the killer filmed his rampage and streamed it live on the web harvesting clicks and likes from proper-wing extremists earlier than the attack brenton tarrant penned the manifesto claiming that the white race in Western international locations was being replaced when you consider that of its lessen beginning cost it was titled the nice alternative the equal ideology that underlies the identitarian motion and there was additionally a right away connection to Matins Elna mouthpiece of the identitarian martin zelma used to be compelled to admit that Tarrant had donated 1500 euros to his personal account a year earlier than the attack the terrorists donation to the identitarian movement demonstrates ideological sympathy or proximity he additionally stated that he donated to different nationalist movements this is a very clear indication that the Christchurch killer was once keen on the identitarian movement Christchurch i am Finn Haugan our identity our babymoon van the identitarian movement has mounted what it calls a patriotic bar behind the barred windows of this condominium in hala a few a ways-right activists are keeping a meeting right here we are allowed within however are not allowed to ask any questions Alex Bernanke says The Killers donation to mountains Elna was once no enormous deal this entire factor is a farce it might occur to any person the next day any person could throw 10 euros into your mailbox simply saying was this just a random donation unsolicited and unwanted it seems that zelner answered to Brandon Terence electronic mail I need to thank you in my opinion to your super donation that is my private electronic mail handle if you need which you can contact me right here Matins Elna continues to color himself because the victim however he does not seem to reject violence in principle only for strategic explanations non-violence and activism does no longer imply being defenseless in my view it will have to be coupled with a actual willingness to fight we do this as a aware resolution for Metta political and strategic reasons we understand it’s higher and extra amazing abuse so keeping off violence could handiest be a transitority tactic an event attended by means of countless AFD officers the speakers brazenly profess the doctrine of the fine substitute individuals in this league the federal executive wishes us to work for the immigrants so that they are able to preserve bearing children and whole the population exchange these conquerors disguised as refugees just want to prey on our society our dear people are deeply divided and now the declining birthrate and mass emigration is posing a main risk to their existence the idea of an existential threat to the German people was once also put forth through Nazis during the Weimar Republic Hitler propagated his racial ideology early on directing it in opposition to any one he noticed as alien to the German nation but at that time many humans failed to see the threat in it in he divided in enmity discomfort see betrayed is another time within the aramid vida and annoyed after a victory within the crimson Rio Rancho de Paris for its motive in Nazi ideology this supposed physique of the nation was once made up simplest of what they called Aryan Germans Jews did not belong even supposing their households had been in Germany for generations [Music] once I used to be dwelling he’s a excellent boy if a Muslim on this country doesn’t like oh no and if a Muslim on this country does now not need to receive our No then pricey pals he is free to roll up his prayer rug clamp it under his arm and depart our country he’s a high-quality Buddha’s and Damas each then and now the predominant enemy beneath this ideology are Jews who are perceived as robust as infiltrators that hasn’t transformed but migrants Muslims are also painted with the same brush painted as unworthy impure and violent lights on the German humans d-does for such good German fraternities spokesman Philip Stein has his place of work on the primary flooring of the identical apartment in Halle where the identitarian action has its bar he additionally says that the German people will likely be displaced through immigration then if 2 3 or 4 million individuals emigrate and live in Germany for a lot of many many years then of path a shift within the social majorities will at some point come to be a probability simply take a look at demographic facts you do not have got to be correct or left wing it can be comfortably a truth the demographic development here in Germany is sincerely happening to the detriment of the majority population of nacht i’m going to tell me I had to perform dis focus function on account that so the descendants of humans who are living here now regardless of how lengthy they reside right here will invariably be immigrants and no longer Germans they’re citizens but now not a part of our persons decks nifty the trick in the back of this is to present demographic trade as a larger hazard that’s then dressed up in racist gob there’s no approach to come up with the proposal of a nice substitute until you’re thinking in terms of ethnicity and using racist classes the pupils at the Lessing excessive college in Cologne will soon be performing their play for them being a migrant or not is nothing special yes whose handiest German by using three and who isn’t everybody else they do not see that as a situation to the opposite the zingia elephant we all came from someplace else settled here after which developed up our nation in the event you look at it that method we’re all strangers right here none of us are the true true natives that’s something that everybody has to decide for themselves whether or not they see themselves as German or no longer but it surely’s no longer significant as to if you belong or no longer it can be very sad we’re everybody the fact that these prejudices still exist is particularly a pity we will be past that within the 21st century however Europe is just not earlier that here in Austria a ways-proper events have received an ever-bigger following in recent years in could 2019 Heinz Christian stafa needed to step down as vice-chancellor and chief of the correct-wing populist Freedom occasion after a scandal that exposed underhanded political practices and their plan to limit the Independence of the media in Hungary this system is good underway the proper-wing populist Fidesz get together underneath viktor orbn has nearly abolished the Free Press percent television stations with its own persons and closed down complete editorial places of work and he’s manipulating the media for his electoral campaigns in Italy the far-proper lega Nord led by using anti-immigrant firebrand Matteo salvini have a strong affect on coverage their isolationist insurance policies are one rationale why hundreds and hundreds of refugees have drowned within the Mediterranean [Music] the AFD on the campaign trail for the ecu elections AFD chief York Morton met with different European a long way-right leaders to discovered an intensive pan-european alliance the proper is on the upward push throughout Europe when you compare European countries you’ll find the far-correct is rapidly gaining floor in a lot of them in some right-wing extremists are now even a part of governing coalition’s at the national stage extreme the finval after the end of the cold warfare right-wing populist and a ways-right events performed very little function in Europe most effective achieving the ten% threshold in a few nations at the turn of the millennium but in 2019 a ways-proper events have turn out to be a force to be reckoned with in some international locations they’ve even been part of the federal government a an identical development took position after the primary world struggle which had ended in the emergence of a quantity of democracies in Europe twenty years later most of them had reverted to authoritarian methods or dictatorships the bimah Republic resisted this tendency however the Nazis were biding their time waiting for a threat to overthrow democracy and set up a totalitarian regime for a while the financial system was once on the upswing inflation was once falling and unemployment was once lessen than it had been in years in October 1929 the worldwide monetary concern introduced that to a crashing halt until then the Nazis had been a fringe get together then unemployment exploded bringing with it popular poverty voters flocked to the Nazis with little social protection many Germans misplaced their homes and went hungry the Nazis seized on this preferred discontent and won the protest vote from 1924 to 1933 the Nazis had made some enormous electoral good points however these did not come on the fee of the other political parties as an alternative voter turnout used to be rising rapidly and it seems that many men and women who mark their ballot for the Nazis had previously been non voters the NSDAP the Nazi get together used to be what they referred to as a persons’s social gathering the occasion of protest it used to be the one social gathering that was once amazing throughout the vimar Republic the AFD can also be a combo of socially centered voters from the middle who’ve drifted to the proper and new voters protest voters who see it as a auto to express their dissatisfaction and we can hold this revolution going until politics on this nation has been reversed via 180 levels the AFD additionally capitalizes on protests and it attracts men and women who did not vote before almost a quarter of AFD supporters were beforehand non-voters there’s a transparent parallel to the former Nazi party this additionally implies that no longer all Nazi voters round 1932 had out of the blue turn out to be satisfied racists and anti-semites and national Socialists the Nazis had been harvesting the protester vote and the AFD is doing that too even in these economically stable times the AFD has succeeded in sparking protests on the streets unemployment and Germany is low than the economic system reputedly amazing however the risk is still there German society is becoming increasingly fragmented we’re now not a society that is getting poorer we’re a society that is getting richer someone can in conception grow rich but the upper 60% in our society maintain getting richer while the decrease 40% haven’t made any gains in the final 15 years and that’s a quandary even with the growth of opportunity social inequality has grown this 40% is 32 million people in Germany persons who’ve seen no economic features or who have even misplaced floor this state of affairs has turn out to be a danger to social stability what would occur in the occasion of a brand new global economic trouble if Germany experienced runaway inflation and mass unemployment the brand new radical correct is pursuing a policy of ratcheting up social tensions they wish to push it to the factor where tensions will erupt and ruin liberal democracy it’s a Schlag angrily at the back of a McCarty’s did the bimah republic went from a peaceful democracy to a brutal dictatorship in simply 14 years in attendance the trend is that we’re very step by step seeing a return to those matters social polarization correct-wing extremism the rise of an anti Democratic social gathering the upward thrust of right-wing violence a state and a executive that no longer appeared to be equipped to cope with this hindrance but all of those factors existed in avemar Republic we’re no longer repeating that historical past but we have to draw on our abilities of what occurred to the Vimal Republic to ensure it doesn’t happen once more [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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