Zoey & Chase’s Relationship Timeline

Here is the full story of Chase and Zoey. From the primary 2nd he saw her,Chase had a enormous crush on Zoey. [groaning] Are you adequate? Checking the flag. It’s a flag. Um, I think your arm’s bleeding. Oh yeah, uh… Sorry, you realize, that is what happenswhen I get wounded. – Um, i’m Zoey.- Chase. And it was greater than only a crush.Chase and Zoey were first-rate friends too. However Chase’s crush used to be obviousto everyone, besides Zoey. He and that i are simply friends.Fa-rends. And you’re fa-loopy. – How long have you ever two idea this?- everyone thinks it. No, they don’t. [sighing] – Uh, Jeanie?- What’s up? Clean is in love with Zoey.Fill within the blank. – Chase.- Thanks for taking part in. If every person suggestion that Chasewas in love with me for see you later, why didn’t you guys say so a yr ago? We had been ready so that you can seize on. Nobody idea you would beso clueless for goodbye. So everyone knew howChase felt about Zoey, however how did Zoey suppose about Chase? He did not comprehend becauseshe actually buried her feelings. So i guess you is not going to knowwhat Zoey thinks about you for an additional two decades. We gotta dig up that time capsule! Man, it’s two o’ clock within the morning. I’ve obtained to understand what Zoeysaid about me. I would like your help! I bought it! Eventually, I acquired it! I acquired it! – What now?- is that this flawed? Is what flawed? I mean to observe Zoey’s DVDwithout her permission.Is it incorrect? Does it consider fallacious? Type of. Then you do not need to ask mewhat you recognize. It seemed like Zoey would neverfind out about Chase’s crush. Unless a Tech Mate twist of destiny. Seem man, I wrote:"For the billionth time, no." "If I tell Zoey i like her,it might smash our friendship." Let me see. You didn’t ship that message to me. Then who did I ship it to? Zoey. Z– Zoey? Zoey? Oh my God. What was once the messageyou sent to me by means of mistake? – was it mean?- No. God, no.It was nothing like that. I might not ever say whatever imply about you. Then what could you will have writtenthat used to be so foremost to cover from me? What was once the message? That is it. The moment Zoey finallydiscovers how Chase feels. Correct? [music playing] just devastating. And when Zoey is justgoing to ask Chase… Chase, I gotta– i’m sorry… Zoey, that is… That is Rebecca, My girlfriend. Great to satisfy you. Can these two everget their timing proper? Everyone can see they’remeant for each and every different, even Chase’s female friend.Seem, Chase,I talked to a couple folks round here. I do know you used to love Zoey,is that proper or not? I am over it. Just right. Since i’m your female friend now and also you are not able to be all chum-buddywith a woman that you simply used to love. Go tell Zoeyyou can’t be associates together with her anymore! Rebecca has a giant problemwith you and me being pals. Did you give an explanation for to her we’re simply pals? – Yeah.- and she stated… I can’t… I are not able to hang around with you anymoreor speak to you. So I dumped her.[music playing] Uh-uh, dumped, as in… See ya! Oh, my God, used to be she relatively upset? Uh-huh. Excellent, that little skunk bag. Zoey Brooks, such language! So, hello, can we make a p.C.? Next time I get a girlfriendor you get a boyfriend, can we promise each otherto by no means let it affect our friendship? Promise. So they’re again to being quality friends. Until a misunderstanding sendsZoey the entire approach to England, in all likelihood for just right. Um see, my mothers and fathers aremoving to England for a while. When are you leaving? – that is all you have to say?- Um… Oh yeah, they pressure onthe left in England so watch out crossing the avenue. Thanks, recognize the recommendation. Any time. And simply when it appears she’ll neverfind out how Chase feels, a webcam confession saves this ship. You are proper.The whole thing you guys mentioned is right. We all know you leave out Zoey, man. I do not just omit her. I am in love together with her. I’ve been in love with Zoeyever for the reason that I met her. I noticed her standing there. I rode my bikeinto that stupid flagpole. I was once in love with Zoeybefore I hit the ground. I don’t think that feeling’sever gonna go away. So Zoey transfers backto PCA to be with him. Good, sooner or later! Only to find out that Chase transferredto Covington to be along with her. Zoey transferred back to PCA? Chase moved to England? Ugh, these two.I can’t even. At least they subsequently knowthey like each and every other. So it’s the excellent time for…Zoey thus far James? After the whole thing that happened with Chase? Really? Where did James even come from? James Garrett went toWoodcliff middle institution in Santa Fe.Whatever, Zoey and Jameswere a thing for like five seconds. However she broke up with himright before promenade. So Zoey’s skipping the PCA promand feeling beautiful terrible, when a detailed any person offers her a name. [phone ringing] – hi there?- hiya, Zo. Chase. Wait, I concept PCA washaving their promenade tonight. We’re, I blew it off. How come? Seeing that I didn’t wish to go on my own. Oh… Then flip around. Chase. Chase! [screaming] Chase! Are you adequate? I believe so. Your arm’s bleeding! It’s adequate, um… I think I misplaced all feelingin this arm anyway. Can you suppose this? Kinda. How about this? [music playing] finally! In any case the key pining, the blended messagesand neglected texts, the drama that literallyspanned the globe, everything fell into placefor Zoey and Chase. Had been you cheering forZoey and Chase the whole time? Tell us in the feedback..

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